Referrals can be
                       MULTIPLE DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES made by a parent, school
                                                               administrator, teacher, vision specialist, or medical

 What is Multiple Disability Support?
                                                               Referrals can by made by a parent, school,
                                                               administrator, teacher, vision specialist, or medical
 The   services offered as part of Multiple Disability
                                                               agency. The Multidisciplinary Team (or MDT), is a
 Support are designed to meet the educational needs of         group composed of family members; an occupational
 students with significant, multiple disabilities which        therapist; physical therapist; speech, hearing, and/or
 adversely affect their educational performance.               vision specialists; and other appropriate school
                                                               personnel. The MDT conducts evaluations of the child,
 What do Multiple Disability Support Services                  while the IEP team is responsible for determining
 look like in Pittsburgh Public Schools?                       eligibility.
 The Multiple Disabilities Support program is tailored to
                                                               Where are Multiple Disability Support Services
 each eligible student’s needs.      An Individualized
 Education Program (IEP) is written each year by a team        delivered?
 of family and school personnel.        The IEP team
 determines what the student needs in order to be              Depending on the type and severity of the child’s
 successful in the school environment, at home, and in         multiple disabilities, services take place in a variety of
 the community. Often, the team will decide upon a             settings. Students, in many cases, receive support
 community-based functional curriculum, one that uses          services in their home schools. If more extensive
 the various community settings to teach real-world            services are needed, resource rooms are available at the
 skills.                                                       elementary, middle, and high school levels. There are
                                                               also center-based options for students who need more
 Although a variety of options exist for students with         intensive support, as well as more restrictive
 multiple disabilities, most students’ IEPs are carried out    environments. The support setting for students with
 by using a team approach with family members and              multiple disabilities is another decision made by the
 professionals from a variety of other fields. Most            IEP team members.
 services attempt to integrate activities within the school,
 home, and community.                                          Program for Students with Exceptionalities
                                                               Pittsburgh Public Schools
 Who is eligible for Multiple Disability Support               Overbrook Administrative Ce nter
 Services?                                                     2140 Saw Mill Run Blvd.
                                                               Pittsburgh, PA 15210
 Any child of school age residing in the city who has
 multiple disabilities and is in need of specially-designed    phone: 412.323.3950        fax: 412.323.3992
 instruction may be eligible.
                                                                        We are an equal rights and opportunity school district


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