Minutes of the Research Ethics Board March 20, 2006 by tre72542


									                         Minutes of the Research Ethics Board
                                    March 20, 2006
                                  Strand Hall 3171
                                   1:30 – 3:30 p.m.



Bruce Whittlesea, Psychology (Chair)
John McDonald, Psychology
Felix Breden, Biological Sciences
Bill Melville, External Member
Margit Nance, External Member
Margaret MacDonald, Education
Maureen Hoskyn, Education
Joan Hu, Statistics and Actuarial Sciences
Steven Kates, Business Administration
Sandra Wong, Reference Division, Library
Sasha Uhlmann, Faculty of Health Sciences, student representative
Barb Ralph, Ethics Officer
Hal Weinberg, Director, Office of Research Ethics


Charles Krieger, Kinesiology

1.    Approval of the Agenda

      Moved and Seconded,

      “That the Agenda of March 20, 2006 be approved as circulated.”


2.    Approval of the Draft Minutes of February 20, 2006.

      Moved and Seconded,

      “That the Draft Minutes of February 20, 2006 be approved as circulated.”

Minutes of the Research Ethics Board
March 20, 2006
Page 2.

3.     Report from the Chair

       There was no report from the Chair

4.     Report from Board Members

       There were no reports from Board Members

5.     DORE Report

       The Director, Office of Research Services from UBC has approached SFU to
       request to harmonize the ethics application forms with all universities in B.C.
       This would result in a considerable modification of SFU’s consent forms. The
       V.P. Research does not agree with harmonizing the forms.

       The NIH Policy:
       The National Institute of Health has informed SFU that it is the responsibility of
       the researcher to ensure the biological safety of the protocol. The new
       procedure is to send to Occupational Health and Safety, any questions that
       might be related to the safety of the participants. NIH has relinquished
       responsibility for the safety of any procedure and is now identifying the
       researcher and the responsible individual. The risks must be identified by the
       researcher and conveyed to the participant. This statement came as a result of
       the REB’s request to NIH following up on a faculty member’s protocol. The
       consensus of the members was that no request will be made to the V.P.
       Research regarding inclusion of responsibility on the Terms of Reference of the
       BioSafety Committee.

       Update on submission of revisions to Policy R20.01.
       There is no update to report.

       H. Weinberg reminded the members that the Office of Research Ethics is
       moving toward a new database system, 4D. J. McDonald reported that the
       application will continue to include the Information Document which would be
       an additional part to the Consent Form and would reference the Consent
       statement. The Chair will set aside ½ hour at the next REB meeting for the
       review of these documents.
6.     Other Business

       There was no other business.

Minutes of the Research Ethics Board
March 20, 2006
Page 3.

Moved and seconded,

“That the meeting adjourn”

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

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