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									Invited Speaker                                       Accommodation
                                                      A limited number of rooms with shared accommoda-
Prof. A Chakraborty, GNIDSR, Kolkata                  tion are available in the institute guest house at a
Dr. A Dinda, AIIMS Delhi                              reasonable charge. A good number of hotels are
Dr Annie John, SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram            also available in the city with the tariff ranging from
Dr. A Sinha, NML, Jamshedpur                          Rs. 400 to Rs. 3500 per day. Confirmed accommo-
Prof B. Basu, IIT Kanpur                              dation for delegates / participants can be arranged
Prof D. Bahadur, IIT Bombay                           by the organizing committee either in the NIT guest
Dr. G. Banerjee, IFGL Bioceramics Ltd                 house and /or in the hotels on specific request ac-
Dr. H. K. Verma, SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram          companied with demand draft.
Prof P. Bhargava, IIT Bombay
Prof. R N Bhattacharyya, RGKMC, Kolkata
Dr. S. Dhara, IIT Kharagpur                           Contacts
Prof T. S. Sampath Kumar, IIT Madras
Sponsorship                                           Dr. J. Bera, Head
Industries, R&D organization, Government and non-
government organizations are requested to sponsor     Ph. 91 661 246 2201 /2204(O)
this seminar on advanced materials and depute dele-       09437246159 (M)
Principal Sponsor         Rs 2, 00, 000 (5 dele-      Convener:
                          gates free)                 Prof. S. Bhattacharya
Principal Co-Sponsor      Rs.1,00,000/- (3 dele-
                          gates free)
                                                      Ph. 91 661 246 2205 (O)
Co-Sponsor                Rs. 50,000/- (2 delegates         09437343058 (M)
                          free)                       Fax: 0661-2472926/2462999
Advertisement Tariff
Back Cover                          Rs. 20,000.00     Prof Ritwik Sarkar
Front and Back Inside cover         Rs. 15,000.00
Full Page (Colour)                  Rs. 12,000.00      09040511044 (M)
Half Page (Colour)                  Rs. 9,000.00
Full Page (B&W)                     Rs. 6,000.00      Chairman, Technical Committee
Half Page (B & W)                   Rs. 4,000.00      Prof S K Pratihar
Registration Fees                                     Ph. 91 661 246 2206 (O)
                                                          009437391103 (M)
Students/ Research Scholars         Rs. 1000.00
Delegates from Acad. Institutions
/ Govt. R & D Organization          Rs. 3000.00
Delegates from Industries           Rs. 5000.00       Prof B.B. Nayak
Cheque / DD should be drawn in favour of    
“Convener CBMA” and should be sent to                 Ph. 91 661 246 2209 (O)
“Convener, CBMA 2008, Department of Ceramic               09861422166 (M)
Engineering National Institute of Technology,
Rourkela – 769 008, Orissa”
                                                           aspects of bioceramic, research, the medical and the ethical        well as research scholars of the department also avail
  Ceramics in Bio-Medical                                  aspects of this material’s application etc. The present confer-     the opportunity through collaborative projects, short
                                                           ence thus aims to provide a common platform for a fruitful          term visits to the industries etc.
   Applications (CBMA)                                     discussion and sharing of ideas among various groups of
                                                           researchers, and medical professionals actively involved in         Themes:
                                                           the research, development and application of different bio
           January 21-22, 2010                             ceramic materials.                                                      •     Ceramic scaffold and Tissue Engineering
              Organized by                                                                                                         •     Dense Bio ceramic implants
   Department of Ceramic Engineering
                                                           About NIT Rourkela:                                                     •     Ceramic nano particles and drug delivery
    National Institute of Technology                       National Institute of Technology, Rourkela (NIT) is one of the          •     Bio ceramic composites
          Rourkela – 769 008                               premier central government institutions for imparting quality
                                                           technical education in the country. The institute is situated at    Patron:
Objectives:                                                the eastern end of Rourkela steel city, beyond Sector-1 over
                                                                                                                               Prof. Sunil K. Sarangi, Director, NIT, Rourkela
                                                           an area of 262 hectares of land provided by the Government
Ceramics materials are linked to the ancient human         of Orissa. Surrounded by hills and greeneries, it is a beautiful
                                                                                                                               National Advisory committee
civilization when the early men could make earthen         residential campus offering accommodation to faculty, staff
pots from clay. Starting from that humble beginning,       and students. The campus has all the amenities for develop-         Prof B. Basu, IIT Kanpur
ceramic materials have become one of the most              ing personal, social and academic skills of the student com-        Dr C P Sharma, SCTIMST, Trivandrum
fascinating materials in the world with its application    munity. The institute has 10 engineering departments, 4 basic       Dr D. Basu, CGCRI, Kolkata
areas reaching in space. During the last four dec-         science departments as also the social science department
                                                                                                                               Prof D Bahadur, IIT Bombay
ades, ceramic materials and composites have also           The city of Rourkela came into prominence in the year 1954-
                                                                                                                               Prof D. Kumar, IT, BHU, Varanasi
caused a major revolution in the medical science           55, with the decision of the Government of India to set up the
by improving the quality of human life through the                                                                             Dr G Banerjee, IFGL Bio ceramics
                                                           first Public Sector Steel Plant in this locality in collaboration
use of artificial bone, eye, dental fixtures etc. Tailor                                                                       Prof G K Roy, NIT Rourkela
                                                           with the then West Germany. The city is a huge metropolis
made synthetic ceramic parts not only serve as an                                                                              Prof. H. S. Maiti, CGCRI, Kolkata
                                                           connected with all parts of the country by railway and road.
additional support but also as an internal prosthetics,                                                                        Prof N R Mohanty, NIT Rourkela
                                                           Domestic air services are available from Ranchi, Bhubanes-
which when integrated into the human system, fully         war and Kolkata which are about 4- 6 hours journey by rail          Prof S K Jena, NIT Rourkela
perform the function of the skeletal materials they        from Rourkela. The population of the city is about 6 lakhs.         Dr S Adak, TRL Belpahar
replace. These special classes of tailor made bio          The climate during the third week of January is pleasant with
ceramic materials perform specific biological / func-      temperature ranging from 110C (min) to 250C (max).                  Local Organizing Committee
tional / chemical activities in living systems. Treat-
ment procedures through reconstructive surgery                                                                                 Prof J Bera
                                                           About the Department:
have resulted in marked improvement in the quality                                                                             Prof S Bhattacharyya
of life of a rehabilitated person.                         Although started in 1994, within this short time the Depart-        Prof S K Pratihar
                                                           ment of Ceramic Engineering has established it self as one of       Prof R Sarkar
Depending on the implant-host response the bio             the centres of excellence for both undergraduate and post-          Prof D Sarkar
ceramic materials can be bioinert, bioactive or biore-     graduate teaching in Ceramic Engineering as well as for re-         Prof B B Nayak
sorbable Till date, the focused research and devel-        search programmes in the field of traditional and advanced          Prof S K Pal
opment on bioceramics is being carried out only in a       ceramics. The faculty members are young, dynamic and they           Prof R Mazumder
limited number of research laboratories and aca-           are well qualified and trained for carrying out active research     Prof A Choudhury
demic institutions and less so at other places.            in the field of bio-materials, advanced refractories, nano sci-     Prof H B Sahu
                                                           ence and technology, electronic materials, etc. The depart-
The present situation thus calls for close and col-        ment has already established its research capability in differ-     Theme Speaker
laborative interactions, dissemination of knowledge,       ent areas and awarded with various prestigious projects from        Dr C. P. Sharma, SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram
deliberations and exchange of ideas on the different       DST, CSIR, UGC, MOEF, etc. It has also linkages and active          Dr D. Basu, CGCRI, Kolkata
mon platform for a fruitful discussion                     collaboration with different industries in India. The students as   Prof S K Guha, IIT Kharagpur

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