Human Trafficking Sunday – Intergenerational Worship Helps by tre72542


									         Human Trafficking Sunday – Intergenerational Worship Helps
There are 27 million people in the world today in some form of slavery. They are forced to do
what others tell them. They must work long hours, are given no money, very little food and
clothing, and are treated and sold as objects rather than God’s children.

Community Life Question
(People greet each other and spend time engaging the topic of the day in small groups.) How
does God call us to respond to slavery?

Responding to Human Trafficking
Set up stations described below throughout your worship area and invite the congregation to
explore each one. Suggest a time when you will re-gather. Explain that this time of response is
also a way in which we worship God.

       Station 1: Potato Peeling Prayer Station
       Needed: Instructions, large bowl, wastebasket, potatoes, peelers, napkins or towels to
       wipe hands, butcher paper or some sort of large paper for covering a table, candles,
       chains, a glass container for loose change.

       Instructions: Cover the table with paper. Place potatoes in a bowl and place the
       wastebasket in a visible location. Place the peelers on the table with a sign that says they
       are sharp. Place the pens on the table and decorate the table with chains and candles.
       Tape a label to the glass container that says “loose change.” By the end of the worship
       service, the amount of money in this container will be more than most of the 27 million
       enslaved people will see in a year and more than some of them will see in a lifetime.

       Peel a potato and imagine being a servant or slave who has to work long hours with little
       or no pay. Put any change you have into the glass container as an offering to help those
       who are enslaved.

       You may also wish to display pictures of or include data on human trafficking. Resources
       are available at

       Station 2: Postcard Action Station
       Needed: Instructions, pens, template for letters to congress, handouts, bright orange
       envelopes, a list of congressional member names, candles, chains. To locate your
       representative or representatives in your area visit or to find
       your senators. Templates for adult letters can be found at

       Instructions: Write letters to your representatives, address the envelopes, and mail them.

       Station 3: Map Station
       Needed: Instructions, pens, map, poster, labels with countries.
      Instructions: Label places on a world map where slavery and human trafficking is
      prevalent. (India, China, Haiti, Cote D'Ivoire, Napal, Thailand, Bolivia, Burma,
      Cambodia, Cuba, Ecuador, Jamaica, Kuwait, North Korea, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan,
      Togo, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela are some. You may also want to view the
      interactive map at for more ideas.)
      Encourage people to sign their name to a country and pray for the victims, captors, and
      governments there.

      Station 4: How We Use Our Resources
      Needed: Instructions, pens, paper or 3x5 cards, candles, slave free chocolate, craft items
      from Third World Nations, handouts with information on slave free chocolate options
      and buying crafts from Third World Nations. You may also wish to include information
      on or fair trade products by searching the following websites:;;

      Instructions: Write a prayer on the paper or 3x5 cards for those enslaved across the
      world. Take a piece of slave free chocolate. Consider buying products that will directly
      help to diminish human trafficking.

      Station 5: Children’s Service Project
      Needed: Instructions, 2007 Children’s Service Project (India, Caring for the Children)
      booklets and posters. These are available free through

      Instructions: Read one of the stories in the booklet. Pray for the rag picker children.
      Consider contributing to the human trafficking project.

      Station 6: Control
      Needed: Instructions, blindfolds, an area where persons can be led by one another.

      Instructions: Find a partner. Choose one of you to be blindfolded while the other leads
      you around the room.
      Discuss: How does it feel to have no control and to be lead around by another person?
      How would it feel if you did not know that other person and they didn’t care about you?
      How would it feel if this is how you would spend your whole life? This is what it’s like
      for those who are enslaved.

Responsive Reading
Leader       We know that all we have comes from you Lord.
People       Thank you God for food, for shelter, for money, for living in a place where
             we are free to make our own choices.
Leader       God you have given these things to us that we might share them with others.
People       Show us O Lord, how we might share what you have given us with those in
Leader       God, remind us each day of those who are enslaved through circumstances
             beyond their control.
People       We promise to pray for and to continue to speak out on behalf of our
             brothers and sister who are enslaved.

                              Department of Christian Formation
                          Template for Letters to Congress
Paragraph 1: Identify yourself and the issue to which you are referring
          Name
          School (if a student)
          Tell how you learned about human trafficking (“I learned about human

Paragraph 2: Raise Your Concerns, here are some ideas…
          Half of the people in slavery being trafficked from country to country are
          27 million people are in slavery today.
          People in slavery are forced to work without pay and are sometimes badly hurt by
             the people who enslave them.
          Or, share something else you have learned about human trafficking.

Paragraph 3: Closing remarks
          Thank your congressperson for their time.
          Thank your congressperson for their attentiveness to human trafficking.
          Ask to be kept informed on the steps the government decides to pursue.

                                Department of Christian Formation
                            Slave Free Chocolate Options

             Chuao
             Denman Island Chocolate
             Divine Chocolate Co.
             The Endangered Species Chocolate Company
             Equal Exchange
             Green and Black’s
             Health by Chocolate
             Ithaca Fine Chocolates
             Lake Champlain
             L.A. Burdick Chocolates
             La Siembra Cooperative
             Malagasy
             Max Havelaar
             Mayordomo
             Montezuma’s Chocolates
             Newman’s Own Organics
             Omanahene Cocoa Bean Company
             Original Hawaiian Chocolate
             Plamil Organic Chocolate
             Rapunzel Pure Organics
             San Francisco Chocolate Factory
             Shaman Chocolates
             Sweet Earth Chocolates
             Terra Nostra Organic
             Theo Chocolate
             Tony Chocolonely
             Trader Joe’s Organic Chocolate Bars
             Yachana Gourmet

This list can be found at Chocolate Work.Com.

                                  Department of Christian Formation
                      Buying Crafts from Third World Nations
Buying fair trade goods from Third World Nations is a great way to give unique gifts while
making a dent in global poverty. You can check out one of the recommended companies below
or search for other companies that sell fair trade crafts. Many companies will state on their
websites how much goes back to the producers, so do your research.

           Go Fish Clothing and Jewelry – purchases goods from people around the world
            who would otherwise unemployed.

           WorldCrafts Village – a non-profit ministry of the Women’s Missionary Union
            which partners with over 60 artisan groups, all of whom are required to abide by
            Fair Trade Federation Guidelines.

           Friends of the Third World – works for economic justice through fair trade
            development of goods and food stuffs.

           Ten Thousand Villages – is one of the world’s oldest and largest fair trade
            organizations and works with over 130 artisan groups in 38 countries.

                                      Department of Christian Formation

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