Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force by tre72542


                 Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force Meeting
                               January 25, 2010

                                 Conference Call

 Task Force Member                  Present               Organization
George H. Sheldon                      X             Department of Children
                                                     and Families
Gerald M. Bailey                       X             Department of Law
Anne M. Gannon                         X             Tax Collector, Palm
                                                     Beach County
Representing Alex Sink

Emery Gainey                           X             Office of the Attorney
Representing Bill McCollum
Jan Davis                              X             Department of Health

Representing Ana. M. Viamonte
Ros, M.D.,M.P.H
William Shepherd                       X             Statewide Prosecutor,
                                                     Office of the Attorney

John Powell                            X             Department of
                                                     Business and
Representing Interim Secretary                       Regulation
Charlie Liem
Terry Coonan, J.D.                     X             Florida State University
                                                     Center for the
                                                     Advancement of
                                                     Human Rights
Ana Vallejo, Esquire                   X             Florida Immigrant
                                                     Advocacy Center
Representing Cheryl Little,
Julia Perkins                          X             Coalition of Immokalee
                                                     Farm Workers
Representing Laura
Luz Estella Nagle, J.D.                X             Florida Coalition
                                                     Against Human
Representing Anna Rodriguez                          Trafficking
Suzy Cop                               X             International Rescue
Kathlyn Mackovjiak                     X             Gulf Coast Legal
Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force
Minutes of 01/25/10 Meeting – DRAFT

Representing John P.
Jennifer Dritt                           X             Florida Council Against
                                                       Sexual Violence
Nino Zollo                               X             Florida Coalition
                                                       Against Domestic
Representing Tiffany Carr                              Violence
Gerald M. Monahan, Jr.                   X             Port Orange Police
Maria Lorts Sachs                        X             Florida House of

The meeting was called to order at 9:09 by Co-chairmen Secretary George
Sheldon and Commissioner Gerald Bailey. Secretary Sheldon then asked Ms.
Regina Bernadin, Statewide Human Trafficking Coordinator with the Department
of Children and Families, to start the roll call.

Members acknowledged their presence on the line.

Secretary Sheldon then asked if anyone else wanted to identify themselves since
this meeting was being held on a conference call. Many individuals from law
enforcement agencies and social service providers introduced themselves and
their respective agencies.

Secretary Sheldon then asked for a status report on assignments given out prior
to the call.

Chief Gerald Monahan spoke first. He mentioned that he had arranged training
for the Police Chiefs Association. He also talked about working on putting
together a training curriculum for law enforcement.

Ms. Jan Davis from the Health Department spoke next putting together planning
teams and going over the strategic plan and how it incorporates trafficking. She
mentioned that they would be adding a link to their website on trafficking. She
also informed us that they were looking for funding for additional training,
including possibly an online format.

Mr. John Powell mentioned that the Department of Business and Professional
Regulation created a link on their website that would lead visitors to the
Statewide Task Force website. He also mentioned working with their training unit
to incorporate trafficking information.

Mr. Emory Gainey mentioned that the Office of the Attorney General had also
added the Task Force’s Trafficking website link on their webpage. He also

Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force
Minutes of 01/25/10 Meeting – DRAFT

mentioned that his office was working on training on the issue of human

Mr. William Shepherd mentioned that he had reviewed his cases to see if there
were any on human trafficking ones and he found that there were no filed cases
at that time.

It was also mentioned that at the February 26th meeting of the Prosecutors
Association, they were going to discuss how to work on these cases. Secretary
Sheldon said that the judges also needed to be onboard.

Ms. Bernadin then gave an update on the work of the Department of Children
and Families (DCF). She mentioned that the Task Force’s website had been
created and that the link for it was
She also mentioned that they would be updating it with new information. She
discussed how the Department had looked at the FSU strategic plan
recommendations for the agency and had started to implement most of them.
For example, they had created training material for their staff and they had also
put together contact information for the local human trafficking service providers
to encourage linkages with the community.

Lastly, Ms. Bernadin informed the Task Force of a training Ms. Robin Thompson
had provided the senior management staff and policy personnel from DCF.

Secretary Sheldon then talked about the committee selection which had been
sent to all Task Force members. William Shepherd moved that the
recommended committees and their respective chairs be accepted. Mr. Terry
Coonan seconded the motion.

Commissioner Bailey informed the group that Task Force staff would be in touch
with the committee chairs in about 2 weeks.

Secretary Sheldon then asked Ms. Bernadin to speak on two pieces of proposed
human trafficking legislation that were being presented in the 2010 session.

The first one was SB 966 which was being sponsored by Senator Arthenia
Joyner from Tampa. The purpose of the bill was to provide law enforcement
agencies and the Health Department the means to investigate, arrest, and/or
prosecute people who engage in the trafficking of human beings under the
pretense of providing massage services.

The second piece of legislation, called the Safe Harbor Act, proposes that law
enforcement agents take a sexually exploited child into custody and deliver them
for services as opposed to arresting them and processing them as a criminal. It

Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force
Minutes of 01/25/10 Meeting – DRAFT

also calls for the creating of long term safe houses and appropriate services for
this population.

Ms. Bernadin then mentioned that a copy of the two bills could be found on the
Task Force website.

Secretary Sheldon then asked if there were any announcements.

Mr. Terry Coonan provided a brief update on the strategic plan. He stated that
FSU was creating a map of all the trafficking cases in the State of Florida. He
also mentioned that they would be reaching out to more community partners and
that they were looking forward to collaborating with providers in filling the gaps.

Secretary Sheldon then mentioned that the next meeting would be sometime in
May and that it would be in person. He asked that people send in the dates in
which they would not be available.

Secretary Sheldon then opened the floor to the public.

Ms. Trudy Novicky, Executive Director from Kristi House, spoke. She mentioned
that she was the author of the Safe Harbor Act. She also informed the group that
the bill had no fiscal impact and that State Representative Freeson was going to
be sponsoring the bill.

After, Commissioner Bailey mentioned that the meeting should be moved to
Central Florida so that it would be more accessible.

Before adjourning, Secretary Sheldon asked that the minutes of the meeting in
October 31, 2009 be approved. Mr. Gerald Monahan and Mr. Terry Coonan

The conference call adjourned at 9:50 AM.


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