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									Name of Advertiser or Business Name_________________________________________

Include only information below that you want listed on the web site.


Phone # ____________________________ Fax#_______________________________

E- mail______________________________ Web Site____________________________

Area of coverage for services or deliveries (Example: Within 50 miles of Salem, or Serving all of
     Washington County…)

Please write any brief descriptions you may want listed next to the category
(Example: Blue ribbon winner at the Bla Bla County Fair or available in 1 and 2 pound

FREE ______ Swarm Call Listing
*$4.00 ______ Apitherapy
*$4.00 ______ Bee art and cards
*$4.00 ______ Bee removal
*$4.00 ______ Bees for sale
*$4.00 ______ Candles for sale
*$4.00 ______ Custom Extracting
*$4.00 ______ Honey Buyer
*$4.00 ______ Honey for sale, gallons containers or smaller
*$4.00 ______ Honey for sale, buckets or drums
*$4.00 ______ Pollination 1 to 20 hives
*$4.00 ______ Pollination 21 or more hives
*$4.00 ______ Pollen for sale
*$4.00 ______ Propolis for sale
*$4.00 ______ Queens
*$4.00 ______ Wax for sale up to 20 pounds
*$4.00 ______ Wax more than 20 pounds
*$4.00 ______ Any other service or product not listed here

Total_________       *Non-me mbe rs of the OSBA pay $6.00 per ad.
Please make checks payable to OSBA. Your ad will appear starting in January at
     This ad will run for one year and will be able to be renewed from year to year. Contact the
     site webmaster for changes within the year. There will be no refunds if you decide to drop
     the ad before the year expires.
Mail form and payment to: Herb Brasington, 1881 NE As hberry Dr, Hillsboro, OR 97124

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