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									           West Hanningfield VDS – Conformance Checklist

To the recipient:

This checklist represents a judgement of the conformance of a formal or informal
planning proposal to Guidance supplied in the West Hanningfield VDS. It has been
provided by a resident of the Parish of West Hanningfield. The VDS was approved
as Interim Planning Guidance by the Cabinet Meeting of Chelmsford Borough
Council on 27th June 2007.




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              General Guidance
1     9       A void int rusive development in bot h Natural and
              Historical Character Areas
2     9       A void removal of trees and hedges where possible
3     9       Buildings should generally be set back from the
4     9       Maintain reasonable spaces between properties
5     9       Keep rooflines low enough to ensure that the tallest
              items in the landscape are trees
6     9       Preserve footpaths and other rights of way
7     9       Maintain pattern of hous es fronting the road. A void
              buildings to the rear that go against the established
              pattern and distribution of houses
              Settlement Pattern
8     11      Maintain the existing pattern of multiple small
              building groups
9     11      Maintain the green spaces between communities
10    11      Maintain the existing linear pattern in the siting of
              any building growth.

          West Hanningfield VDS – Conformance Checklist

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11   11      To accommodate growth, spread new development
             around the Parish through in-fill and community
             extension rather than large one-off expansions
12   11      Incorporate green areas into new developments to
             maintain an open look and feel
13   11      Protect natural and man-made green areas as
             community assets by enhancing them with seating,
             wildlife habitats and landscaping
             Landscape Setting
14   14      Development on arable land should be avoided
15   14      Destruction of ponds, copses, trees, greens and
             other landscape features should be avoided
16   14      When new development is planned, brownfield
             sites should be considered first
17   14      Archaeologic al surveys should be considered prior
             to development of any sites
18   14      Where new hedges or trees are planted these
             should preferably be sustainable native species
19   14      Ensure existing access is maintained to all natural
             amenity areas
20   14      Consider provision of new amenity areas, and
             greater access to existing amenity areas, as part of
             any new developments
21   14      Any further encroachment onto existing woodland,
             especially ancient woodland, should be avoided
22   15      LDF Guidance on development in the Green Belt
             should be strictly adhered to
23   15      Any development should blend in seamlessly with
             existing buildings on plot and with nearby dwellings
24   15      Traditional materials and colours should be us ed
             for new buildings and refurbishments
25   15      Door and window styles should complement those
             of nearby properties
26   15      Properties should be of a similar size and scale to
             those nearby
27   15      Landscaping and boundaries should be kept
             consistent with rural location
28   15      Flat roofs should be avoided
29   15      Outbuildings should be preserved or
             sympathetically converted to retain character
             Residential Buildings
30   16      Builders, developers and planners should
             complement the existing style of surrounding
             properties by the use of similar materials, colours
             and finishes.
31   16      Developments should be sensitive to the
             immediat e surroundings and should not dominate
32   16      Roof heights should not clash with those nearby
33   16      Preserve views by staggering heights of new

          West Hanningfield VDS – Conformance Checklist

No Page Guidance                                                       Complies Does   Not
                                                                                not    Applicable
34   16      New builds and major alterations should be used
             as opportunities to incorporate forward-thinking
             designs, materials from renewable sources and
             sustainable build practice
35   17      Character should be maintained through the us e of
             similar styles of coverings, colours and detail to
             surrounding properties
36   17      Flat roofs should be used as a last resort and only
             in un-overlooked locations
37   17      Extensions should be consistent in scale to the
             parent building and should not cause the combined
             building to overfill the plot
38   17      Extension rearwards is preferable to forwards or
             sideways including addition of dormer windows
39   17      Attic or roof conversions should be sympathetic to
             the size, scale and design of the parent property
40   18      Respect the size of plot and relationship to
             neighbouring properties - large properties on small
             plots are not common in the Parish
41   18      Ensure buildings do not fill the width of their plot to
             allow for gaps between buildings on adjacent plots
42   18      Closely match the building line of homes in the
             near vicinity when developing any new buildings
             including garages and outhouses
43   18      Where possible protect existing boundary trees
             and hedges and landscape with native species
44   18      If walls, fences and gates must be used, ensure
             they are of a rural style
45   19      During renovation and extension building,
             windows, doors and other fittings should closely
             match those of the parent building
46   19      Windows and doors which are appropriately
             designed for the age and style of the property are
47   19      Developers should avoid mixing historical styles in
             the same building
48   19      Careful attention should be paid to the colours
             used on the outside of buildings to maintain
49   19      Security floodlighting should be sensibly placed
             and movement sensitive, not constant
50   19      Cons ervatories and porches should adhere to the
             same guidance as for extensions
51   19      Cons ervatories on the rear of homes are both more
             attractive and more practical
52   20      Adequate off-street parking should be provided fo r
             individual buildings
53   20      Blocks of garages for multiple properties should be
             avoided since these are often hard to maintain. If
             used they should placed behind properties and

          West Hanningfield VDS – Conformance Checklist

No Page Guidance                                                      Complies Does   Not
                                                                               not    Applicable
54   20      Driveway design and surfacing should maintain
             rural feel e.g. bound gravel
55   20      Where developments require them, car parks
             should be screened to be hidden from the road
56   20      New builds and major alterations should be used
             as opportunities to incorporate sustainability
             features such as energy and water conservation
             and recycling
             Commerce and Industry
57   21      Agricultural land should be preserved for
             agricultural use
58   21      Farm buildings should be preserved for agricultural
             or similar use
59   21      Commercial needs should be considered when
             larger developments are planned, particularly of
             family housing
60   21      Industrial development should be restricted to the
             existing industrial areas along Stock Road
61   21      The siting and design of all new developments, or
             improvements to existing industrial buildings,
             should be sensitive to the environment and
             appropriate to the ambience of their location
62   21      Clear boundaries must be defined around industrial
             developments to discourage creeping
             encroachment outside those areas
63   22      Screening and landscaping of industrial units with
             sustainable native trees and hedging species
             should be encouraged
64   22      Industrial units should not be taller than two stories
             or taller than the surrounding tree line
65   22      Where Commercial Signage is required it should
             be tidy and within the site
66   22      Light and noise pollution should be minimised both
             through building design and site screening
67   22      Where possible, radio equipment should be sited
             on existing masts and pylons and / or disguised
             Transport and Communication
68   23      The rural style of village lanes should be protected
69   23      Informal verges should be maintained and
             urbanising features e.g. fences, walls and bollards,
70   23      Village approaches should have appropriate rural
             signage e.g. rustic "gates" either side of the road
71   23      Passing places should be kept informal on narrow
72   23      Where kerbs and pavements are necessary for
             safety reasons, they should be carefully designed
             to ensure rural ambienc e is protected

           West Hanningfield VDS – Conformance Checklist

 No Page Guidance                                                    Complies Does   Not
                                                                              not    Applicable
 73   23      Street lighting should be sensitively placed and the
              minimum necessary for safety purposes

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