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Scottish Non League Review
The current edition, the Review of 2007/2008 (£3) is the 21st in the series and like the
previous editions includes details, league tables & results and cup results from each of
the Junior regions and the Highland, East and South of Scotland Leagues.
The following back issues are still available, many sold out but now reprinted and some
reduced in price :
1987/88         (first issue - reprint) £1.50        1998/99        £1.50 (half price)
1988/89         £1.60 (reprint)                      1999/2000      £2.25 (reprint)
1989/90         £1.70 (reprint)                      2000/2001      £1.50 (half price)
1990/91         £1.80 (reprint)                      2001/2002      £2 (£1 off)
1991/92         £2.25 (reprint)                      2002/2003      £2 (£1 off)
1992/93         £2.25 (reprint)                      2003/2004      £2.25 (reprint)
1993/94         £1.50 (50p off)                      2004/2005      £2 (£1 off)
1994/95         £2.25 (reprint)                      2005/2006      £2 (£1 off)
1995/96         £1.25 (half price)                   2006/2007      £3 (reprint with
1996/97         £1.25 (half price)                                  colour cover)
1997/98         £1.50 (half price)                   2007/2008      £3

                       Add 60p postage for each back issue
Order the 2008/2009 edition (available July 2009) now for £3 plus 65p postage

Scottish Non League Histories
A sister publication to the REVIEW, six volumes were published over almost a decade.
It contained, as the title suggests, historical articles on the game in Scotland, many of
which are short histories of clubs, both past and present, as well as histories of cup
competitions etc. Each has around 50 pages.
Volume 1 (reprint)       £2                     Volume 4 (reprint)  £2
Volume 2 (reprint)       £2                     Volume 5            £2
Volume 3 (reprint)       £2                     Volume 6            £2
                                   Add 60p postage for each
(all six editions for £12.75 including postage)

A Short History of LIVINGSTON UNITED                    £1.50 (50p postage)
By John Weir, this 32 page booklet tells the history of the club, formed in 1970, as well
as details of their juvenile period prior to this. In addition, there are some details of the
earlier clubs in the town as well as United’s final league positions and their Junior Cup
record. Published 2007.

Graduating with Honours - A Short History of Spartans FC £1 (50p postage)
By Archie MacGregor Jnr, this 16 page booklet is a short history of the east of Scotland
league club who have shot to prominence in recent years. Published 2007,
Miscellany series
This is a new series of small publications (envisaged to range from 16 to 40 pages) on
various aspects of mainly junior football. A little different from the earlier “HISTORIES”
series, these will be on a varied range of subjects, many collated from my own records
built up over the years.

The first two publications in this new series were published in February 2006 :
The first looks at the last ten years of the Lanarkshire Junior FA, through excerpts from
the minute books of the Association. This booklet has 20 pages.
The second of these includes excerpts from the minute books of the Lanarkshire
League, as well as the winners and runners up from the league and its cups throughout
around 80 years of competition. This also runs to 20 pages.
The Lanarkshire League and Association went through a number of changes during this
period, with many of the member clubs going out of the game, and these booklets give a
great insight to the major problems faced as well as some of the more unusual.
The third, published in June 2006 is Scottish Junior Football Cup & League
Competitions – a Historical Guide. This has 28 pages, and includes snippets of
historical information on many competitions from the past, such as when they were
founded, main points of interest, highlighted seasons, why they were founded etc.
These cost £1.50 each plus 50p postage each.
The fourth, published in October 2007 is Scottish Sport 1894. This is extracts from
the first six months of the 1894 volume of Scottish Sport, the twice weekly Scottish
sporting newspaper of the late Victorian area. It covered the latest happenings, news
and views from around Scottish football, in a period when junior and senior clubs were
just starting to participate in a set-up we would now recognise, with leagues starting and
the major cups becoming established. The idea of producing this is to highlight the
good reference to the daily goings-on of football in Scotland in the late 19th century that
this, and similar publications of the era can provide to football researchers, as well as
give the general reader a different viewpoint on Scottish football Copies of this 44
page booklet are available from me at £3 (includes UK postage).
The fifth in the series is A History of Junior Football in Dumfries-shire.
Despite there being no league there since the early 1950s (and even this being a short
post-war burst of enthusiasm following a near 20 year break after the late 1920s), the
area has quite a junior history, going back to the 1890s. This booklet includes final
tables, cup winners, many cup results (including all Dumfries-shire matches in the
Scottish Junior Cup) as well as a club directory of every club to have participated over
the years. This opens up a whole new part of the country to published junior football
history. Published in October 2008, this has 56 pages and costs £3 plus 65p postage.

Should you wish to purchase all five editions of Miscellany, please send £10.50
(includes £1 towards postage costs)

Past Members of the Scottish League
Although there are currently 40 clubs in the Scottish League, there are a similar number
of ex-members. These range from those clubs which lasted one season to the likes of
Third Lanark who were members for over 70 years. This series of 5 books looks at these
clubs, giving the following details, where known: grounds (including the first match
played on each of them), club colours, other leagues competed in, honours (including
local competitions), their Scottish League year-by-year performance, and a list of players
capped. The main part of each clubs section contains ALL their League results, divided
into each opponent. ie Abercorn v Aberdeen, v Airdrie, v Albion Rovers etc.
Part 1 was originally £2 and Parts 2 to 5 were originally £3 each when published in the
early 1990s – now only a few originals left. Mostly reprinted photocopies.
         50p postage for each part should be added - £2 postage for all 5

The total series has around 350 pages, an average of 70 pages for each volume.
Volume One (SOLD OUT, £2 for photocopies)           Abercorn, Armadale, Arthurlie, Ayr,
Ayr Parkhouse.
Volume Two (SOLD OUT, £2.50 for photocopies) Bathgate, Beith, Bo`ness,
Broxburn United, Cambuslang, Clackmannan, Clydebank, Cowlairs, Dumbarton Harp,
Dundee Hibernian, Dundee Wanderers, Dykehead.
Volume Three (SOLD OUT, £2.50 for photocopies) Edinburgh City, ES Clydebank,
Galston, Helensburgh, Johnstone, Kings Park, Leith, Leith Athletic
Volume Four (a few originals left, some staple damage £2.50) Linthouse, Lochgelly
United, Mid-Annandale, Nithsdale Wanderers, Northern, Peebles Rovers, Port Glasgow
Athletic, Renton, Royal Albert
Volume Five (SOLD OUT, £2.50 for photocopies) St Bernards, Solway Star, Thistle,
Third Lanark, Vale of Leven

                     All 5 parts for £13 including UK postage

Scottish Qualifying Cup 1895-1995
Published in May 1995, this contains ALL the results for the Qualifying Cup in its various
formats over the years, including cup final scorers etc.    Additionally, the results of the
Preliminary Rounds of the Scottish Cup (early 1890`s), Scottish Consolation Cup and
Victory Cup are also detailed. This impressive statistical book (210 pages) is vital to any
historian.   An update since 1995 as well as some additions and corrections will be
sent with each order, at no extra cost          Now £5.00 (originally £6.95) (£1 postage)

An update booklet (28 pages) to the original Qualifying Cup book with all results since
1995 to 2005 as well as details of additions and corrections, and a statistical analysis is
now available        £2        Post free when ordered with the original book

Senior Non League Football In South West Scotland
The first book to cover League football in this area. Leagues have been in operation in
the South for 100 years and there are many long-running cup competitions. As well as
all the final tables and cup winners, individual club histories of all current and past
member clubs and results of all Scottish Cup ties are given. An invaluable addition to
the history of Scottish football        Now £4 (Was £5.95) (£1 postage)

    Other books for sale -                        from SNLR address
Scotti sh Junior Football - The Early Years (originally published in 1991)
This 28-page booklet looks at the pre-1900 Junior Football scene, with listings of clubs
etc. Reprinted copies now available.     £1.50 (50p postage)

The Central League     1931-1991
Originally published in 1991, this has been reprinted (photocopies) and contains details
on each club as well as who has competed over the years and much, much more.
£2.50 (65p postage)

                   Scottish Junior Cup - results booklets
1989-2001      Contains all the results during this period, plus a run down on which
rounds each club has reached during the period. In A4 size and printed one side only
£3 (£1 postage)
The period 1968-1989 is covered by Paul Crankshaw’s publication from the late 1980’s.
This is sold out, but Paul has allowed me to sell photocopies - £3 (£1 postage)
A volume covering the 1960-68 period is also now available, published in December
2002. Cost is £3 plus £1 postage.

                       All 3 booklets cost £11.25 including postage

A Scottish Football Review of 1877/78
Published in 2002, this Includes all cup results (national and county), international details
and reports, club match results, a club directory and more, giving a flavour of the game
125 years ago      £2 (50p postage)

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