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#7203   50 Mosaic Murals
        Take your mosaic work to a new level with these 50 large scale mosaic
        projects! Instructions and patterns for creating a mosaic focal point in any
        room. Designs include numerous floral, nature, figures, and children’s motifs
        which are fun and challenging. Full color, hardcover, 128 pg.

#7222   The Mosaics of Louis Comfort Tiffany
        Over 700 full color photos showcase Tiffany’s magnificent mosaic art,
        highlighting over 70 installations in mansions, public buildings and churches.
        Many of the photos are published here for the first time, and include details of
        Tiffany’s mosaic techniques and the unique glass he used in them. Enjoy this
        unexplored aspect of Tiffany’s work! Hardcover 32 pg.                                     #7203             #7222             #7322
#7322   Glass On Glass Book & CD                                                             24.95 / 22.46 (6) 99.99 / 89.99 (6) 24.95 / 22.46 (6)
        Create mosaic stained glass patio table tops that glow with sunlight! 14
        patterns for tables 20” to 48” in dia., with detailed novice instructions for
        choosing glass, cutting, grinding, gluing and grouting. Bonus CD contains
        each design as .eps and .pdf files to enlarge & print from your PC or Mac.

#7550   Tiffany Garden
        The book that started the mosaic stepping stone craze! Includes four 16” hex
        patterns & ten 4” x 8” brick patterns that can be used with our mosaic forms to
        make your garden a Tiffany Garden! Detailed photos & instructions.

#7552   Tiffany Garden Book II
        Thirteen 8” x 8” double brick patterns and eight 14” round patterns with
        instructions. Great designs for mosaic garden tables! Including tulips, water
        lily, geraniums, watering can, butterfly, sun & moon, daffodils & more!                   #7550             #7552             #7562
#7562   The Mosaic Book
                                                                                             14.95 / 13.46 (6) 14.95 / 13.46 (6) 19.95 / 17.96 (6)
        Stunning 128 pg. full color book of wonderful mosaic projects and techniques!
        Tips for using glass, ceramic, stones and found materials for creative mosaic
        decoration! Wealth of information & inspiration with 16 step-by-step projects!

#7569   Birdbaths & Borders
        Make your garden a Tiffany Garden! Five full size birdbath designs can also be
        made as 14” round stepping stones. Plus 5 patterns for the 8” x 16” border form.

#7578   Backyard Mosaics
        Over 50 projects are featured for your porch, patio, garden and backyard.
        Table tops, chairs, stepping stones, gazing balls, statues, door stops, planters &
        more are all decorated with colorful mosaic glass & tile.

#7743   Mosaics Unlimited                                                                         #7569             #7578             #7743
        Creative techniques combining fusing and mosaic work. Create stunning                12.95 / 11.66 (6) 14.95 / 13.46 (6) 17.95 / 16.16 (6)
        mosaic designs from photos & enhance projects with ‘found’ items.

#7807   Mosaic Pots - All Shapes & Sizes
        Learn to create bowls, vases, pots & fountains of stunning beauty! Step-by-
        step instructions and dozens of ideas for combining floral motifs and random
        mosaic backgrounds into gorgeous containers.

#7853   Mosaics For The First Time
        112 full color pages of detailed instruction, 19 great projects using stained
        glass, mirror, ceramic tile and found objects!

#7881   Mosaic Table Art
        A step-by-step design book for creating your own mosaic glass table tops,
        using any of the existing table bases on the market. 16 full size floral patterns
        are included for round, hex, and square table tops.                                       #7807              #7853              #7881
                                                                                             17.95 / 16.16 (6)   9.95 / 8.96 (6)   17.95 / 16.16 (6)
#7933   The Mosaic Artist’s Bible of Techniques
        This compact full color manual takes numerous techniques of the mosaic craft
        and describes them clearly and simply, so that they are practical and useful as
        well as stimulating! Hardcover, 256 pages lay flat spiral binding.

#7937   Tiffany Garden Borders
        15 patterns for the 48” dia. border form & coordinating patterns for the 8” sq.
        form. Repeat pattern to make a mosaic circle around a flower bed, birdbath,
        tree or pond. The 8” square can extend your border into ovals & other shapes!

#7976   Tiffany Garden Benches
        Build the ultimate mosaic accent for your garden! Six exquisite full size
        patterns for a 39” x 17” garden bench. Plus 9 complimentary designs for
        using a variety of stepping stone shapes. Complete instructions and photos.               #7933             #7937             #7976
           Mix & Match Six (6) Books for Quantity Discount!                                  24.95 / 22.46 (6) 12.95 / 11.66 (6) 14.95 / 13.46 (6)
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