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                           Technical Details
      • Struggle on an epic scale as your civilization repels the onslaught of an
                                    unrelenting army
   • Unleash your might through large-scale battles that span across both the sky
                                     and the ground
    • Turn the tides of war with your ferocious dragon - Scorch the ground with
                flames and command the skies against vicious enemies
     • Immerse yourself in a living, breathing world of voracious beasts, a deep
                            storyline and visceral gameplay
           • Fully supports the PlayStation 3 motion sensitive controller

                         Product Description
                                     LAIR PS3

                          Customer Reviews
                 "Lair is a good game if you're patient!" 2009-12-03
                           By Dustin Mealor (Baldwin, GA)
 So a friend of mine has had Lair for quite a while, and he never played through it.
 The main gripe, like many others, was the fact that the controls sucked. He knew
  there was a PSN update which allowed analog controls, but decided to stick to
Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls regardless, and who can blame him? This is where I
 come in. I borrowed Lair from my friend a couple of weeks ago, and sat down to
                                play it yesterday.

At first glance, Lair is beautiful! Running at 1080p, and using eye candy galore, Lair
    obviously was not spared on the production value for graphics side of things.
   Although the ground units all are fairly simple and not very detailed, the main
 character models and cut-scenes are amazing! Although the camera can get a little
crazy at times, it isn't a huge deal if you're patient with the game, and in my opinion
              doesn't have any affect on the shear beauty of this game.

 On the controls front, I'll admit I did get frustrated at times. When doing a lock-on
the camera goes into a cinematic view which really makes it harder for one to keep
 a bearing on where you are afterwards. Sometimes I would lock onto catapults to
  fire at them; instead, my dragon would swoop down and clamp on to them. This
 would require I shake the Wii-mo, I mean PS3 Dual Shock up and down vigorously
  so my dragon could basically rip the catapult from its base so I could toss it. The
fairly bad lock-on system coupled with the fact that your flight controls are inverted
no matter what definitely make the controls part of this game bring down it's overall
                                     rating from me.

Gameplay to me in a game like this is very important. I liked the fact that there were
  a few different things one could do with the dragons, not just basically "dog-fight"
  with other dragons. There were the rhinos, warbeasts, catapults, ships, and other
miscellaneous objectives that were set to be destroyed. Allowing three lives per level
   made it fairly easy to complete each level, but you still had to complete the level
    well if you wanted to receive medals for it. The game only has about 14 levels,
 though, so there really isn't much replay value. I think all-in-all it took me MAYBE 5
hours to complete the entire game, which just isn't acceptable. I expected the game
      to be fairly short, but not this much so. The absence of PS3 trophies also
  discouraged me from wanting to go back and do more, although there are online

 Overall, I think this is a fairly decent game that got a very bad initial review due to
 the hype disappointment. The graphics and sounds are stunning, the controls are
 just meh, and the replay value is meh as well. I would say borrow it from a friend
  like I did, or buy it on [...] for under 10 bucks. It's definitely worth at least a look
                         before writing it off as some others have.
                                   "Lair" 2009-11-29
                                 By Mr. Big (Tacoma)
This game is not a lot fun, it's hard to understand what your supposed to do to get
               to the next level, I got tired of it and didt't finish it.

                    "Innovative. Amazing. Awesome." 2009-11-28
 When I first got this game, I was blown away. Though other reviewers called this
  game on the SIXAXIS controls, I liked them. It is easier to play with the analog
                                   patch, but still.

  GAMEPLAY: This game should be played for the experience of it not being like any
   other. Each level seemed different from my personal favorite, Blood River, which
involves crushing the opposing Mokai troops with your awesome strength to Serpent
 Strait, which involves protecting mantas (huge flying stingrays) from Mokai dragons
                         and a creature called the Coral Snake.

SOUND: Very realistic war sounds, great on surround sound. The music is the most
amazing I've ever heard in a game and also tops a lot of movies. I can sit there just
                       listening to the music on the menu.

    GRAPHICS: Lots of earthy tones, the graphics themselves are really realistic.

 OVERALL: 10 out of 10 if you aren't impatient and just want a game that involves
     shooting the crap out of aliens. Which, by the way, is really, really fun!

                          "Not a good game." 2009-11-06
                          By Varnis54 (Manchester, CT.)
  I bought this game at a convention quite a while ago. The way that the people
where talking about it seemed like it was such a good game and was one of the best
                          at the time. They where wrong.

The controls are horrible (Especially if you have tourrets), and it was NOTHING from
 what it seemed it would be. I played it for nearly an hour as well, and got close to
beating it but I just put the controller down after a bit as it was just too bad for the
                                "Van Foster-USAF" 2009-10-27
                         By LaVandant W. Foster (Mildenahll, UK)
     I love games that are set in a mythical time set and mode and this game definitely
    kept my interest and the way the gameplay was set up, only added to the challenge
      and mad it more worth while playing for me. I think that anyone that has a slight
    fascination with dragons or anything of that nature would like to play this game and
                                  at least take a peek into it.


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