InFamous and DualShock 3 Controller Bundle by vaharaon2


									   InFamous and DualShock 3 Controller Bundle

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                         Product Description
    From game developer Sucker Punch, creators of the award-winning Sly Cooper
  series, and publisher Sony comes inFAMOUS. The first open-world title exclusively
for the PlayStation 3, infamous is a single player action/adventure that places you in
   the role of once regular guy, Cole, who in the aftermath of a horrific catastrophe
 finds himself not only alive, but developing a fantastic array of superpowers. Going
 from ordinary to extraordinary overnight isn't something to take lightly. With these
powers does one exact revenge? Protect the innocent? Or perhaps, dabble in a little
                       of both? The choice is yours in infamous

                          Customer Reviews
                           "One incredible deal." 2010-06-20
                    By Ted Logan (Richardson, TX United States)
   Considering that a controller is about $55, you're getting this game for $5. And
Infamous is quite a game. Great action, huge amounts of freedom while never really
   losing sense of the plot, beautiful graphics, and awesome powers. If you need
        another controller and don't have this game, this is an incredible deal.  

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