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									           APCO Member & Chapter Services Monthly E-Newsletter
                          October 2009

Greetings to the APCO Chapter & Affiliates that I support as part of my duties
with the APCO Member and Chapter Services Committee.

Kansas Chapter
Oklahoma Chapter
Texas Chapter

                            *****CHAPTER OFFICERS*****
Please present this information to your chapter members electronically and at
meetings or presentations.

                             2010 Membership Renewal

The 2010 membership renewal is about to begin. Please encourage your members to
renew online. The more members renew online, the greater the cost savings in the
processing of invoices by reducing labor, postage and printing costs.

                             Chapter Membership Lists

Just a reminder to all Chapter Presidents and Secretaries it is now possible to download
your chapter membership list at any time. This capability will replace the monthly
chapter listings you have been receiving. For more information or questions contact
Jackie Bender at benderj@apco911.org

                Membership Numbers as of October 6, 2009.

   As of: October 6, 2009    This Year      Last Year     % Tot    Ann % Monthly % chg
   Commercial                 1,367         1,452          9.9% -5.9%     0.4%
   Active                     8,207         8,551          59.1% -4.0%    0.3%
   Members                    4,303         4,364          31.0% -1.4%    0.4%
   TOTAL                     13,877         14,367                0.4%    0.3%

             46 New members during the month of September 2009.

           Top new individual categories:            Telecommunicator/Dispatcher 52%
                                                                          Other 10%
                                                                       Manager 10%

       Professional Communications Human Resources Taskforce

The Professional Communications Human Resources Taskforce (PRO-CHRT) was
established by the APCO Board of Officers to gather information, study and prepare
reference materials on 9-1-1 public safety communications human resources and
recognition issues throughout the country such as certification requirements and
retirement benefit eligibility. This is an APCO association wide undertaking and to
assist PRO-CHRT complete these objectives the taskforce is looking for websites
and/or links to the following information:

      Are there 9-1-1 public safety communications training standards in your state?
       If yes, where can we find them? (Website, link, etc.)

      What are the labor laws for your state? Where can we find them? (Website, link,

      Are Public Safety Telcommunicators covered by the state or local Public safety
       or general government employee retirement program? Where can we find this
       information? (Website, link, etc.)

      Are Public Safety Telecommunicators in your state considered Public Safety
       employees and/or First Responders?


            Upcoming 2010 Regional Conferences and Events

                          2010 Western Regional APCO Conference
                                    January 20 – 22, 2010
                     Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center
                                       650 15th Street
                                      Denver, CO 80202

                 The Colorado Chapter of APCO invites you to the
                       2010 Western Regional Conference.

The conference will be held in Denver, the Mile High City, at the Denver Convention
Center Hyatt Regency Hotel January 20-22, 2010. Register for the “Last Dispatcher
Standing” comedy competition. Show off your skills and compete against other
dispatchers in a standup comedy competition. If you are really funny you could win your
attendance at the next national APCO conference in Houston, TX. For information on
how to register for the conference and the comedy competition visit the conference
website at: http://www.apco-co.org/WRC2010/

Hotel reservations for the conference are now available online. Single/double rooms for
all attendees and exhibitors are just $149.00 per night.

To access the group reservation page, go to the following link:

                          2010 Eastern Regional APCO Conference
                                     April 25 – 29, 2010
                   Embassy Suites and Conference Center Charlotte-Concord
                              5400 John Q. Hammons Drive NW
                               Concord, North Carolina 28027

              The North Carolina Chapter of APCO invites you to the
                     2010 East Coast Regional Conference.

The conference will be held at the beautiful Embassy Suites and Conference Center in
the greater Charlotte, NC area April 25-29, 2010.
You can view the hotel and amenities at www.embassysuitesconcord.com.
The room rates are $154.00 per night and includes a full buffet breakfast each morning
and a cocktail reception each evening.

The link for registering with the hotel is:

                        APCO International Winter Technology Summit
                                    January 25 – 27, 2010
                                  Orlando Airport Marriott
                                 7499 Augusta National Drive
                                   Orlando, Florida 32822

 Explore New Technology at the APCO International Winter Technology Summit

APCO’s only technology-focused event of the year provides expert knowledge for
executives, operations and technology professionals working in public safety
communications. It’s information you won’t find anywhere else!

Make plans to attend the APCO Winter Technology Summit today!
Find all the Summit details and register at www.apcointl.org/wintersummit2010.


  APCO International Public-Safety Communications Award Program
It is never too early to start thinking about nominations for the APCO International Public
Safety Communications Award program! The Awards committee needs your help in
spreading the word to be sure to recognize those who have served so well.

The award categories are:

              Telecommunicator of the Year
              Communications Center Director of the Year
              Line Supervisor of the Year
              Radio Frequency (RF) Technologist of the Year
              Information Technologist of the Year
              Trainer of the Year

   Nominations for 2010 will be accepted from January 2 through April 1, 2010.

To avoid confusion there will only be one nomination form accepted this year.

For up to date information go to: http://www.apcointl.org/new/membership/awards.php

                  Public Safety Communications Needs You!
Everyone has a story to tell. Is your chapter planning a conference, a banquet to
celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, an awards ceremony or
training event? Tell us about it.

APCO members want to celebrate your achievements and milestones with you. So let
us know what your chapter is up to. Please include us on your chapter mailing list, add
me to your listservs and send us photos and short captions.

If you've got a longer story to share, check out our full author guidelines at

Remember, Public Safety Communications is your magazine, and we want to tell
your story. Contact Keri Losavio, Editor of APCO’s at Public Safety Communications
at psceditor@apcointl.org or by phone at 800/266-5367 x6574.



On July 1, 2009 a press release was issued by APCO for comments to the revision to
the P33 standard to identify minimum training requirements for public safety
telecommunicators. The revision includes information for those typically charged with
receiving, processing, transmitting, and conveying public safety information to
dispatchers, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, emergency medical and emergency
management personnel. This document seeks to define training in certain knowledge,
skills, and abilities to be provided to telecommunicators by the agency, allowing different
agencies to comply with the portions of the standard applicable to the functions within
their agency.

The revisions were facilitated by APCO International's Call Center Standards
Committee, which is made up of public safety communications subject matter experts
from across the U.S. The final draft will be presented to the APCO International
Executive Council for ratification. Following their approval, the final document will be
facilitated through APCO International's American National Standards (ANS) process to
become an American National Standards Institute- (ANSI) approved standard. The final
standard is tentatively planned to receive approval in December 2009.

To read more on the latest revisions go to:

                                APCO Institute News

New Training Courses

Public Safety Communications Staffing and Employee Retention

It is common knowledge that the public safety communications industry has suffered
from an inability to effectively recruit and maintain employees. This in turn has required
Communications Centers across the country to invest millions of dollars in a vicious
cycle of continuous recruitment, training new hires and overtime that merely addresses
the symptoms of this issue and not the core problem.

Designed to provide guidance and information to Communications Center employees at
every level, this course provides over 300 tips, guidelines and effective practices on
subjects ranging from creating effective shift schedules to candidate recruitment and
from maintaining staff to employee recognition.

This course will be offered 3 weeks online beginning 12/1/2009 and will be available for
co-hosting beginning 1/15/2010.

Contact Vicki Menzel at 888-272-6911 or menzelv@apco911.org

Customer Service in Today’s Public Communications Center

Providing satisfactory customer service in the high energy, often high stress field of
public safety communications, is paramount to successful performance in this
profession, both for the individual telecommunicator as well as the agency they
represent. This course addresses all aspects of customer service and how it impacts
our industry. Although intangible, it is a critical component that must be understood and
applied in excellence to every situation.

3 week online classes begin on 11/1/2009 and 12/30/2009.

To register go to: http://www.apcointl.com/institute/schedule_registration.htm

The Response Network (TRN) is now offering a breakthrough and very affordable In-
Service Online Training Program, available exclusively for one simple annual
subscription fee of $74.95 per-user.

For more information go to: http://policecommunity.net/documents/TRNBrochure.pdf

               APCO Institute Leadership Certificate Program (RPL)

Thinking about becoming a Registered Public Safety Leader? RPL recipients receive a
certificate of acceptance into the APCO Institute Registry of Public-Safety Leaders, a
formal and prestigious acknowledgement of excellence within our industry.
The RPL Program is a series of online courses offered by APCO Institute, in
cooperation with Flexstudy.com, the American Management Association’s e-learning
provider. You’ll learn how to Communication with Authority, Build and Manage High-
Performance Teams, Break Down the Barriers to solid Interpersonal Negotiations, and
Enhance Team Performance.

Lead with Confidence and Integrity; Make a Difference Within our Association and our

For information on scholarships and an application go to:

                    The next RPL class starts January 20, 2010.

                         Currently Scheduled Web Seminars

Your Policies & Procedures Manual:
The Most Critical Tool in Every Telecommunicator's Toolbox

For more information and registration go to:

                        Order Your APCO-oply Game Today!

                           Place your order for APCO International's 75th Anniversary
                           Edition of APCO-opoly! Download our order form today at
                           opoly%20Order%20Form.pdf to have your order shipped by
                           December 1st. APCO-opoly will be available in time for the
                           holidays and makes a great gift for communication center
                           personnel or your Chapter Officers. The cost is: $24.99 per
                           game for order quantities under 20, $22.49 per game for
                           order quantities under 50, $19.99 per game for order
                           quantities 50 or more.

                               Chapter Conferences

When your chapter conference is coming up, please use the Chapter Event Assistance
Form to request APCO brochures and give-aways. This form ensures that we’ve got the
correct shipping information and understand the quantities you need. Also, have your
chapter conference listed on the APCO calendar by contacting Ann Russo in
Membership services.
For more information go to: http://www.apco911.org/new/membership/calendar.php

                           Chapter Officer Information

We know that many chapters hold their election of officers during the autumn and winter
months. Please use the Chapter Contact Info Update Form to help keep leadership
records current.
You can download this form at: http://www.apco911.org/new/membership/chapters.php

                      Chapter CCAM Representative Info

Many chapters have changed their CCAM’s recently. Please confirm and pass along to
your MCSC representative your current CCAM representative info so that the records
can remain current and your chapter has access to this vital resource.

Here to serve.

As your Chapter Representative on the Member & Chapter Services Committee please
feel free to contact me with any questions or issues you feel I could be a help with. If
there are any upcoming events or other information you would like posted in this
newsletter, do not hesitate to forward the information to me and it will be forwarded to
the committee for review and inclusion in upcoming newsletters. I may not know all the
answers but I can certainly help to get you headed in the right direction.

Judith Weshinskey-Price, RPL
Amarillo Emergency Communications Center
PO Box 1971
Amarillo, TX 79105
806-378-9035 ofc
806-206-6415 cell


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