WORKING OVERSEAS

        Recogniti on of qualifications

        Qualifications approved for registration in the UK, namely the Diplo ma of the Co llege of Radiographers (DCR)
        (previously DSR) and BSc (Hons) in Radiography, are recognised virtually world wide for the practise of radiography.
        However, the princip le of full mutual recognition of qualifications, recip rocity, should not be assumed since the detailed
        requirements for reg istration as a radiographer may vary between countries. Therefore, if you are considering working
        overseas you will need to make specific enquiries to the designated authority/regulatory body of that country
        surrounding the need for registration and any other emp loyment requirements. You will find it helpful to state your
        qualifications and eligib ility for registration in th is country. If you are not yet qualified you will need to state the
        qualification for wh ich you are studying and the anticipated date of qualification.

        As far as possible, regulatory bodies attempt to establish appropriate procedures to facilitate the expedit ious
        consideration of overseas applications. However, the process may sometimes take a nu mber o f months and
        consequently early applicat ion is reco mmended.

        Confirmation of qualifications

        The College of Rad iographers offers a service to radiographers to provide confirmation of qualifications. A transcript
        of marks for qualifications awarded by The Co llege of Radiographers can also be provided if required. If t ranscripts are
        to be forwarded by The Co llege of Radiographers direct to the university, or similar institution, to which application is
        being made a written request must be received (including con tact details). This service is included as part of the advice
        and information service provided as a benefit of membership of The Society of Radiographers, but for wh ich a fee
        (£60.00 sterling) is chargeable to non-members of the Society.

        If you require such a service you should forward your details - name at time of qualification; radiography education
        centre; date of qualificat ion (and a contact name and address for the specific university should a transcript be required) -
        to Professional Support at The College of Radiographers.

        Job opportuni ties and salaries

        The appropriate overseas organisations may also be able to give you advice on job opportunities and salaries. A major
        problem in gaining emp loyment in some overseas countries could be language d ifficult ies and it will be important to
        reassure prospective emp loyers on this issue.

        Professional indemnity insurance

        If you have membership of The Society of Radiographers, your professional indemnity insurance will cove r you in any
        country apart from the United States of America and Canada.

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        Produced:                  October 1997
        Revised:                   November 2000
Working within the European Economic Area

With respect to work within the European Econo mic Area, radiography comes under Directives 89/ 48 EEC and 92/ 51
EEC on mutual recognition obligation.

Working in the US A

The American Registry of Radio logic Technologists (ARRT) Board of Trustees announced in May 1997 that with
effect fro m 1 January 2000 their eligib ility applicat ion process would be discontinued. The Board reco mmends that
foreign trained technologists who wish to pursue ARRT certification seek advanced placement in an accredited program
acceptable to the ARRT. Technologists who seek advanced placement in an accredited program must meet the
admissions and graduation requirements determined by the program director. Upon graduation and the program
director’s final endorsement the individual may apply under the regular eligib ility process for examination.

Working in Ontario, Canada

The College of Med ical Rad iation Technologists of Ontario (CMRTO) has announced that with effect fro m 1 January
1998 rad iographers who trained outside Canada and wish to practise in Ontario will be requi red to successfully
complete the Canadian Association of Medical Rad iation Technologists examination in his/her speciality in order to be
elig ible for registration with the CM RTO, provided that the applicant meets all the other requirements for registratio n.
For further details of the registration process contact the CMRTO, 130 Albert Street, Suite 1510, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P

Working in Australia

With effect fro m 1st September 1998 all UK trained Radiographers/Radiation Therapists, Nuclear Medicine
Technologists and Sonographers are required to apply for individual assessment of their qualifications at a cost
determined by the Australian Institute of Radiography.

The Australian Institute of Radiography comp letes assessments on overseas trained Radiographers on behalf of the
National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR) and unless the applicant is successfully assessed and a
“Statement of Accreditation” is issued by the AIR then employ ment as a Rad iographer/Radiation Therap ist or
Sonographer will not be available in Australia.

Applications for visas to enter Australia fo r migrat ion purposes will be withheld pending the outcome of the
assessment. Holiday/work visas will be affected in that Radiographers who take advantage of this visa for a 12-month
working/tourist visa will not be employable as Radiographers unless they have been successfully assessed.

Assessments take between 12-16 weeks fro m the date of receipt of all documentation required including the payment of
the assessment fee. Fo r further details of the process contact the AIR, PO Bo x 1169, Collingwood, Victoria 3066,

Produced:            October 1997
Revised:             November 2000

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