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									    Office of the State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan-Karnataka.
     New Public Offices Annex Building, Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore.-1
       No.SSA/C.W/RFP/QATA/BF-55/2008-09                     Dated: 29-11-2008.

       Proceedings of the Pre-bid meeting held with Consultants on 22-11-2008.
       at 4.00 p.m. in the meeting hall 4th floor SSA, Bangalore.

           Sub :Tender for The Consultancy Assignment for 3rd party Quality
                Assurance & Technical Audit for the Civil works undertaken by
                SSA for the year 2008-09 through Community Participation
                               *     *     *
Members Present:
  1. N.H. Sathyamurthy Director(P), SSA, Bangalore.
    2. B.S. Jagadeesh Kumar, Executive Engineer, SSA Bangalore.
    3. K.S. Shashidhar, C.A.O. SSA, Bangalore.
    4. Manjunath .e-Goverance, G.O.K. M.S. Building, Bangalore.
    5. A.N. Gopal Krishna Rao, D.L.E. (SL) SSA, Bangalore.
    6. Smt. Girija, (Po) SSA, Bangalore.
       Consultants Present.
Sl.No.         Name                            Agency                      Phone No.
1      M. Manjunatha              D.G.M. Agricultural Finance         23125188
                                  Corporation Bangalore               9449811382
2       R.L. Shastry              Mars Planning &Engineering          9343830497
                                  Services Pvt. Ltd. Ahmadabad
3       G.M. Shadakshara          J.S.S. Consultants, Mysore          9448128368
4       Manoj K.R.                Manager, S.A.S. India Pvt., Ltd.,   26789025/9845444157
                                                                      / 9844163711
5       Smt. B.L. Sujatha         Senior Engineer, Somat,             23535988 / 89
                                  Infrastructure India Pvt., Ltd.,
6       M. Rajashekar             Premier Technical Consultants,      9449596101
7       a) Rakesh Oream           IRS Inspection Services             9880779555 -
        b) K.G. Subbaraja                                             22208660 /59
        Shetty                                                        9845150119
8       a) Subramanyam. R         GQIC Mysore                         9449841773
        b) A. Devaraj                                                 9449841777
9       Tayappa. D                Shanthala power Research
                                  corporation, Hubli

       At the outset, Sri. Jagadeesh Kumar, Executive Engineer, SSA invited all those
present to the Pre-bid meeting.

        After Introduction of the members present in the meeting, the Executive Engineer,
briefly explained about the present tender and invited the consultants present to seek

       Director [Progremme] SSA, invited             Sri. Manjunath of e-governance, G.O.K. to
explain about the e-procurement procedures to all those present in the meeting. Sri.
Manjunath explained in detail about the e-procurement details, Registration norms,
online payment of E.M.D. etc., and he also informed that for any further clarifications
in this regard, the consultants can approach the concerned officials at e-governance
section at First Floor, Room No. 108Gate No. 2, M.S. buildings, Bangalore. They were
also advised to visit to the web site : for all the details
about e-procurement. He also intimated that regarding any queries they can also contact
help line of e-proc :          22485867 from 9.00 A.M to 9.P.M. on all working days. And
for obtaining necessary Digital signature certificate the following venders can be
Shambhu : 9739975076 and                   Encode(Pavan): 9880481023
       After deliberations, the following decisions, clarifications regarding the RFP for the
3rd Party QA & TA were issued.
   1. The entire Tender process is through e-procurement[electronic tendering] only and
       no manual tendering is permitted.
   2. The consultants have to obtain necessary                 Digital Signature certificate by
       empanelling in the e-governance Department of G.O.K. Application fees,
       registration fees, E.M.D. etc., have to be paid through electronic mode/
       e-governance norms.
   3. As the Technical bid contains lot of supporting documents like experience
       certificates, C.V.s, etc., as desired by the consultants it was agreed that the
       consultants can submit both Hard copy and Soft copy of the Technical bid.
       However, the Financial bids have to be submitted through e-procurement
       [electronic mode] only. Submission of hard copies of documents it self will not
       decide   the     eligibility   of    the   firm/consultant   in   the   Technical   bid.   As
       e- procurement has no provision for acceptance of package –wise differential rates
       of E.M.D. the following procedure should be adopted for payment of E.M.D.
   a) Rs.2 lakhs as E.M.D. for one or more or all the packages through              e-procurement
       mode of payment and to be paid online as per prescribed procedure.
   b) For the remaining amount, D.D., from any scheduled Bank should be drawn in
       favour of “The State Project Officer, SSA, Bangalore.” and submitted either in
       person or through post and should reach this office on or before the date and
       time prescribed for submission of bids.
   4. E.M.D. : In the RFP [page.6], the E.M.D. to be submitted by the consultants is
       notified at 1% of the estimated cost for different packages. However, as per the
         revised norms, E.M.D. is revised to 2% of the estimated cost for different packages
         as follows.
 PÀæ.                                      MlÄÖ CAzÁdÄ            F ªÉÆzÀ®Ä ¸ÀÆa¹zÀAvÉ    ¥ÀjµÀÌøvÀ EMD zÀgÀ
             ¥ÁåPÉÃeï / «¨sÁUÀ
¸ÀA.                                    ªÉÆvÀÛ [®PÀë gÀÆUÀ¼À°è]     EMD[gÀÆ.UÀ¼À°è]       (Revised EMD)
          ¥ÁåPÉÃeï-1 ¨ÉAUÀ¼ÀÆgÀÄ
 1                «¨sÁUÀ                     647.25                    1,31,370             2.00 Lakhs

 2      ¥ÁåPÉÃeï-2 ªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ «¨sÁUÀ         241.64                     99,250             2.00 Lakhs
 3      ¥ÁåPÉÃeï-3 ¨É¼ÀUÁA «¨sÁUÀ           1096.01                    2,65,130            4.00 Lakhs
 4      ¥ÁåPÉÃeï-4 UÀÄ®âUÁ𠫨sÁUÀ           716.29                    2,25,440            3.40 Lakhs
                   MlÄÖ                     2701.19                    7,21,190            11.40 Lakhs

         The Bidders have to submit the revised E.M.D. as noted above along with
         their Technical bid. E.M.D. in the form of Bank Guarantee is not acceptable.
     5. The consultants were intimated about the revised schedule of dates of tender
         process as follows.
         a) Last date and time for receipt of tenders               : 12-12-2008 at 15.00hrs.
         i.e., [submission of tenders]
         b) Last Date & time for opening of Technical bid :17-12-2008.at15.00 hrs.
         c) Date and time of opening of Financial bid will be intimated to all the bidders
         separately well in advance.
     6. Some of the consultants desired to know the names of the districts
         covered under different divisions / packages. Accordingly, the E.E. SSA,
         read out the names of the districts as follows.
          Package-1                       Package-2                        Package-3               Package-4
  Bangalore Division                   Mysore Division                 Belguam Division       Gulbarga Division
Sl     Name of the               Sl                                  Sl     Name of the       Sl   Name of the
                                       Name of the District
No       District                No                                  No       District        No     District

   1 Bangalore Urben              1 Udupi                              1 Belgum                 1 Bellary

   2 Bangalore Rural              2 Chamaraja nagar                    2 Haveri                 2 Bidar

   3 Ramanagara                   3 Mysore                             3 Dharwad                3 Koppal
   4 Kolara                       4 Mandya                             4 Bijapur                4 Yadgir
   5 Chikkaballa pura             5 Kodagu                             5 Bagalkot               5 Gulbarga
   6 Tumakur                      6 Hassan                             6 Uttara Kannada         6 Raichur
   7 Chitradurga                  7 Chikkamagalur                      7 Gadag
   8 Davanagere                   8 Dakshina Kannada
   9 Shivamogga
        Total -9                                Total -8                       Total -7                Total -6

FINANCIAL BID: Some of the consultants wanted clarifications regarding breakup of
expenditure pertaining to            1). Reimbursable expenditure 2). Office supplies 3).Reports
and Document printing etc., as mentioned in page 39 & 40 of Financial bid [price bid]
format 12A. After deliberations, it was decided to delete the following break up of cost
as mentioned at page 39& 40 of RFP.
III. Transportation (Reimbursable]
IV. Duty Travel to Site (Reimbursable]
V. Office rent (Reimbursable]
VI. Office supplies, Utilities and communication (Reimbursable]
VII. Office Furniture and Equipment (Reimbursable]
VIII. Reports and Document Printing.
               However, details of Breakup of cost towards remuneration of local staff should be
furnished as per Format 4C at page 38 of RFP.
               It was also clarified that Financial proposal [Price bid] as per Form F2 at     page
36, and break up of cost as per Form F12(A) at page 37 remain the same.

Evaluation [points] : Evaluation criteria [points] as mentioned in page 9 shall be read
as mentioned in page 21 of RFP. [30+30 +30+10=100 points]

Rates {Price bid}
       1. It was clarified to the consultants that the rates quoted shall be inclusive of all
               taxes, duties, Except service taxes.
       2. In the price bid the service charges shall be read as service taxes.
       It was intimated to the consultants present that the above clarifications/ decisions
       are binding on all and will form part of the tender document.
       The above proceedings will be hosted on the web sites :            and

       The Director (programme], SSA thanked al those present and the meeting concluded.
[As per Orders of S.P.D.]
                                                                          Director (P)
                                                                      Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan,

D/poo/G.K./proceedings (QATA)


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