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2 / The Pavement, December 2009

                       “Sorry, I’d love to help you out but my bonus
                                   has been deferred”
                                                                                         The Pavement, December 2009 / 3

  Issue 47 (London) / December 2009
                                           The Editor
               Published by                Surviving the Festive Season
              The Pavement
  Registered Charity Number 1110656        We try not to smother readers with Christmas, partly because we acknowl-
              PO Box 60385                 edge that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but also because the next issue
                 London                    comes out in February, so this one will have to last a little longer than usual.
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                                               But there’s no getting away from it, so the humour of this issue
      Telephone: 020 7833 0050
                                           is seasonal. Whether you’re planning the New Year or just coping
                                           with Christmas, we hope our seasonal advice columns will help. And,
                 Editor                    obviously, we’ve the final update on Winter Shelters in The List.
             Richard Burdett                   If you’re in receipt of benefits, we’ve an interesting piece that may be
                                           of importance to your future claim. Alan Murdie, a barrister with Zac-
        Sub Editor / Web Editor            chaeus 2000 Trust, has written about changes to the benefits system
            Val Stevenson                  (pages 8–10) and how it might affect our readership in particular. Read it
                                           and find out how to navigate the system. As a reader recently reminded
              News Editor
            Catherine Neilan               us in a letter, commenting on council policy, “forewarned is forearmed.”
                                           If possible, we will produce an appeal form early in the New Year.
                Reporters                      January is one of our two annual publishing breaks. We need time to
 Rebecca Evans, Theodore Kermeliotis,      catch up, but we’ll be back in February. In the meantime, the website will be
 Jim O’Reilly, Amanda Palmer, Clarissa     updated, and you can check news and services at
  Sebag-Montefiore, Carinya Sharples,          Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    Giedre Steikunaite, Carlo Svaluto
   Moreolo, Claire Nevill, Katy Taylor,
            Rebecca Wearn
                                           Richard Burdett
 Rufus Exton, Jenny Hägglöv Benjamin,
     Katie Hyams, Hugh O’Malley

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4 / The Pavement, December 2009

Drive thru homeless
US homeless are growing in cars

More than 300,000 people made           laugh at me and my sign. They say            In Cleveland, Ohio, foreclos-
homeless by the credit crunch in        they don’t think I’m 97 years old.”     ure accounted for zero arriv-
America are living in their cars,           Larry Berger added: “They           als at the West Side Catholic
new figures have revealed.              ask why we aren’t able to get           shelter in 2007. But this year,
    According to a report pub-          her off the street. But we can’t. I     the number has reached four.
lished last month by a coalition        have no income whatsoever.”                  One of these is mother-of-
of housing charities across the             Night time is the hardest part of   three Sheri West, who spends
country, more than 18 per cent          Bessie’s day. She sleeps fitfully in    her nights either in her Hyundai
of America’s 1.6m homeless are          the front passenger seat, cramped       sedan or at the shelter after her
not on the streets but are living       and hunched under blankets, with        house was repossessed last year.
in their trucks and cars after their    her two sons squashed in the back            She said: “No one could have
homes were repossessed. Entitled        and driver’s seat, next to a tool       told me in a million years I’d
Foreclosures to Homelessness            box, clothing, boxes, food and          wake up in a homeless shelter.
2009, the study has highlighted         other possessions. Once a week          I’ve always had this dream of
how the recession has created a         they drive to Hollywood, where free     doing better. I always wanted
rising number of “mobile home-          showers are available at a drop-in      to own my own house.”
less”, who spend their days trying      centre. Sometimes, free hot meals            Most people who become
to sleep in their cars and trying to    are served from a food truck.           homeless because of foreclosure
avoid getting a parking ticket.             They live mostly on Ms              had been low-income renters whose
    In Ventura County in Califor-       Berger’s $375 monthly Social            landlords stopped making their
nia, the government has tried           Security check, Mr Wilkerson’s          mortgage payments, leaving them
to help the situation by creat-         $637 disability payments, Mr            scrambling for new housing with
ing “safe sleeping lots” where          Berger’s $300 food stamp alloca-        little notice and scant savings.
cars can safely and legally camp        tion and cash from bottles and               But in recent months, there
under police surveillance.              cans they collect and recycle.          has been a visible increase in the
    Bessie Mae Berger, a 97-year-old        Rick Cole, city manager in          number of former homeowners like
mother-of-eight has been living         Ventura, California, said: “We’ve       Sheri, 50, showing up at shelters.
in a 1973 Chevrolet Suburban            seen a rise in people sleeping               Ms West, who fell into arrears
with her two sons Larry, 60, and        in their cars. Some are fore-           with her mortgage after her
Charlie Wilkerson, 62, in Los           closed former homeowners, and           husband left her, added: “It
Angeles for more than two years.        some couldn’t afford their rent.        just took the life out me.
    They insist on living together,     People will give up their house              “I was in a very bad state, a
so local authorities have so far        before they give up their car.”         very depressed situation. Things
failed to re-house them since               University of California law        just kind of went downhill. I
their landlord sold their home and      professor Gary Blasi said: “There       just didn’t care anymore.”
evicted them. Their days are spent      is a predictable path for those              Larry Haynes, director of the
in public car parks, shopping centres   who lose their jobs and can’t pay       Mercy House shelter in Santa Ana,
and occasionally begging, which is      the rent or the mortgage. “First        California, said: “These families
when Bessie will sit by the side of     they live with friends and rela-        never needed help before. They
the road with a cardboard sign that     tives, but they’re poor, too. Then      haven’t a clue about where to go,
reads: “I am 97 years old. Home-        they live in their cars until the       and they have all sorts of humilia-
less. Broke. Need help please.”         cars get towed or break down.”          tion issues. They don’t even know
    Ms Berger, who was born in              Only three years ago,               what to say, what to ask for.”
March, 1912 – six weeks before the      foreclosure was a rare factor
Titanic sank – said: “I don’t mind      in people becoming homeless             Rebecca Evans
living at the mercy of the public       in America, but according to
because some of the public is good      the report from the National
– they’re nice to me. But there are     Coalition for the Homeless, it
some that are nasty. Some of them       now makes up 10 per cent.
                      Advertisement, December 2009 / 5

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6 / Advertisement, December 2009
                                                            The Pavement, December 2009 / 7

                                                            Howard Crawford
                                                            Age at disappearance: 45

                                                            Howard      has  been
                                                            missing from Central
                                                            London since 14th
                                                            October 2009, but it is
                                                            thought that he might
                                                            be in Scotland.

                                                            There is great concern
                                                            for as his safety and
                                                            wellbeing. He is urged
                                                            to call our confidential
                                                            service Message Home
                                                            on Freefone 0800 700
                                                            740 for advice and

                                                            Howard is 178cm tall
                                                            and of medium build.

                                                            If you have seen Howard
                                                            please call the 24-hour
                                                            confidential      charity
                                                            Missing People on
                                                            Freefone 0500 700 700

“Spare a Christmas pudding with some spare change in it?”
8 / The Pavement, December 2009

Appealing benefit cuts
If you’re on benefits, this could affect you – forewarned is forearmed

Thousands of people could lose         to receive benefit. Sanctions may       ments from the Social Fund and
some or all of their benefit under     also be imposed where you have          Christmas bonuses will be excluded.
changes being introduced in late       been fined for certain offences, or     Sanctions may be imposed for any
2009 and early 2010 in the way         have suffered a penalty, including      period from one week up to 26
benefits are paid. This is part of a   offences for which you may be           weeks. Different rules will apply
crackdown on work-shy claimants        cautioned. These include alleged        for couples with joint JSA claims.
that the Government is calling         criminal acts committed towards
“the biggest shake-up of the           benefit staff and could potentially     What about pensioners?
benefits system for 60 years”.         include things as minor as little as
    You can already have your          making a noise in the benefit office.   Pensioners may be treated more
money cut (or “sanctioned”) for a      The sanction may be imposed in          lightly, as the Secretary of State
number of reasons, but the Depart-     response to a caution, so you may       has a wide discretion. Perhaps
ment of Work and Pensions (DWP)        not even be convicted of an offence.    with a view to media reaction and
is gearing up for sanctions on a                                               calls of ‘Scrooge’, the Christ-
grander scale than ever contem-        What about drug testing?                mas bonus is omitted from the
plated by any Government. The                                                  list of sanctionable benefits.
danger is that many thousands of       Included in the Welfare Reform Bill
wholly honest, innocent and job-       are regulation-making powers to be      Are there risks?
seeking claimants may find they        used where a claimant is suspected
and their families are left with no    of abusing drugs or alcohol.            Yes. A DWP officer may make a
money, perhaps for weeks at a time.        Ultimately, the Government          mistake, get your name confused
    If your benefit is cut, you        wants to test claimants who are         with someone else’s, misunderstand
have a right of appeal. Wherever       suspected of drug or alcohol abuse,     the facts, or lose your documents
possible, you should get help or       and sanctions could be imposed          and details. You could simply fall
advice with a tribunal, but people     where you refuse to be tested. Just     victim to a careless or even a plain
can win them by themselves.            how qualified job centre staff or       nasty individual who shouldn’t be
                                       hirelings will be to conduct such       in the job and takes it out on you,
What types of sanction are there?      assessments remains to be seen.         the claimant. A sanction could be
                                                                               imposed out of incompetence, prej-
You can have your benefit cut          What benefits are at risk?              udice or spite. There may even be
for failing to look for work, for                                              targets of how many people each
missing meetings or checks at the      Sanctions will be mainly aimed at       centre is meant to reach, and cuts in
job centre, or for failing to follow   unemployed claimants receiv-            DWP staff are likely. Sanctions may
steps that an adviser recommends.      ing Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA)        be imposed upon someone who is
Sanctions follow for convictions       or Employment and Support               already subject to deductions – for
for certain offences such as benefit   Allowance. (Income support is           example, for a Social Fund loan.
fraud. Benefits may also be cut off    being abolished.) Under the Bill,
where you fail to supply informa-      “sanctionable benefit” can include      How many people will be affected?
tion you are asked for or expected     housing and council tax benefit.
to supply. This happens when the                                               Impossible to say, but it is likely
DWP or local authority lose the        Which benefits may                      to be thousands. Tom McNulty,
information you send them.             not be sanctioned?                      DWP minister, told Parliament
                                                                               last year that his Department had
What will be covered in                Certain benefits are likely to be       sanctioned 280,000 claimants up
the new sanctions?                     excluded. These may include             to July 2008. When this happens,
                                       joint-claim JSA; retirement pen-        the person sanctioned disappears
Soon, a policy of workfare will be     sions, disability living allowance,     off the unemployment register,
introduced whereby claimants           attendance allowance, child benefit     giving an impression in statistics
will be compelled to work simply       and guardian benefit. Certain pay-      that unemployment is falling.
                                                                               The Pavement, December 2009 / 9

                  “Sorry, the stables been converted into a holiday let”

Who makes the decision                What should I do if I am             What happens when I appeal?
to sanction?                          wrongly sanctioned?
                                                                           Sometimes the DWP will reverse
The initial decisions are made        You must appeal in writing           their decision on receiving your
officials at the DWP, usually based   against the decision. Put a letter   appeal letter. If they reject your
on information from the adviser       into the DWP office stating that     appeal, then the matter will be
who works on the claimant’s case.     you wish to appeal. Keep a copy      sent to the Tribunal Service,
                                      and telephone them afterwards        which arranges hearings.
What if you get a sanction?           to check they have received it.
                                      In practice, DWP rules require       What happens next?
The first thing to establish is why   that any letter that mentions an
you are being sanctioned. The         appeal should be treated as such.    The Tribunal Service will write
DWP should issue a letter explain-                                         to you asking if you want to
ing the reasons for their decision.   How long do I have to appeal?        go ahead. You should reply in
                                                                           writing and the Tribunal Service
                                      You must appeal within one           will list a date and place for the
                                      month of the DWP letter.             Tribunal to be heard near you.
10 / The Pavement, December 2009

What will the DWP do if the              What happens at the Tribunal?             ately. Sometimes it will be later
case goes to Tribunal?                                                             and a copy is always given in
                                         Appeals are heard before a single         writing. If your appeal succeeds,
The DWP sends a bundle of                judge and can be dealt with quite         the sanction will be cancelled
documents to you via the Tribunal        quickly. The DWP often do not             and any money restored.
Service. Don’t be put off by its size.   turn up for the hearing. Tribunals
The bundle will give details only        concentrate on finding the facts.         Are there further rights of appeal?
of law that is favourable to the         They tend to be informal, being held
DWP. It will not include cases or        sitting round a table at the Tribunal     Yes, on points of law beyond
points that are favourable to you,       office, and are thus different to         the Tribunal, and cases eventu-
nor any facts in your favour. It is      courts. However, they are serious         ally can reach the Courts. If you
important that you tell the Tribunal     proceedings, and the Judges have          are appealing, get legal advice
the facts and your point of view.        wide powers to correct DWP errors.        or guidance from any advice or
                                                                                   support agency wherever pos-
What is the Tribunal?                    Can a friend come with me?                sible. Useful books on all aspects
                                                                                   of social security law are issued by
Social Security Appeal Tribunals         Yes, a friend or relative can come        the Child Poverty Action Group.
are now known as the ‘Lower Tier         along to advise or represent you              The Government ought to be
Tribunal’. Tribunals used to have        as what is called a “McKenzie             worried about the impact not just
three members but they are now,          friend”. S/he can help you take           on claimants but also on how DWP
increasingly, heard by a legally-        notes and present your case, and          centres will cope if they get lots
qualified judge, who sits alone.         give you confidence and support.          of appeals. One DWP employee
                                                                                   recently said that his office
What arguments can be used?              What evidence should                      would struggle with more than
                                         the Tribunal look at?                     six appeals in a month. In fact, it
There are lots of potential argu-                                                  seemed to collapse with just one!
ments; and, in most case, there              The judge will look at your
will be an issue which the DWP           appeal letter and the documents           Alan Murdie LL.B
has overlooked, known as “failing        from the DWP and then ask                 Barrister
to consider a relevant fact”. In a       questions. Anyone who knows               Zacchaeus 2000 Trust
number of cases, sanctions should        about your circumstances can
not be imposed where there is            give evidence. A lot of evidence
what is called “good cause” for          is given by simply answering the
the claimant doing what s/he did         questions from the Judge. However,
– in other words, there are reasons      the Tribunal should look at any
or mitigating circumstances.             other evidence you bring along.
    For example, if you are sanc-
tioned for being late at an interview    What sort of evidence
or not turning up, you may have          can be considered?
good cause for not having done
what you were told or what was           A wide range of evidence can be
expected of you. In one recent           considered. You can bring witnesses
case, a person sanctioned for            who can confirm what you say or
missing an interview was actually        talk to the judge direct. If you are on
undertaking a DWP-approved study         medication, bring a doctor’s letter,
course at the time. The DWP may          hospital letters and examples of all
simply lose the information you          your medicines to show the tribunal.
have sent and cut off benefit.           Potentially any document, film or
    “Good cause” is not defined          photo can be used as evidence.
in law, so there may be all kinds
of good reasons why you should           What happens at the
not be sanctioned which the DWP          end of the hearing?
decision maker did not know about.
                                         Sometimes you will be given
                                         the judge’s decision immedi-
                                                                                  The Pavement, December 2009 / 11

The national and international homeless news

                                             Professor Davies is reported to       However, Church of England
London churches could                    have replied: “The [Department of     spokesman Steve Jenkins said
                                         Communities and Local Govern-         there was no mention of using
shelter homeless swine                   ment] is advising local authorities   churches as shelters in the guide
flu sufferers                            to consider use of B&B placements,    and that the church has received no
                                         single rooms in hostels, emergency    information about the proposals.
Rough sleepers suffering from            beds in day centres or churches           A meeting to explore the propos-
swine flu could be forced to rely on     etc. PCTs [Primary Care Trusts]       als was held by Ms Leigh and Alistair
churches for shelter and care, the       may need to provide support/          Murray, from Housing Justice; Maff
Department of Health has said.           advice, should larger numbers         Potts, from the Salvation Army; and
    The national director of pan-        of rough sleepers become ill.”        Mick Clarke, from The Passage.
demic flu preparedness, Professor            She also drew attention to a          Although they accepted that it
Lindsey Davies, said local councils      short guide for people working        would mean rough sleepers with
were being advised to consider           with rough sleepers, titled Faith     swine flu had somewhere to go,
using churches as shelters for           Communities and Pandemic Flu.         they also highlighted a long list of
homeless swine flu patients when
the second wave of the pandemic
hits, according to an article from the
British Medical Association (BMA).
    However, serious concerns
have been raised about the
proposals. Sally Leigh, London
Coordinator for Housing Justice,
said: “Rough sleepers with swine
flu should be treated with dignity
in medically-led provision. It is
inappropriate to stow them away
in side rooms of church halls to
be cared for by well-meaning but
medically untrained volunteers”.
    She added, “We [Housing
Justice] do not have the facilities,
people, funds, training or medical
expertise necessary to provide
24-hour medical care in an infec-
tion-controlled environment. The
NHS must take the lead on this,
not the church and its volunteers.”
    The proposals were outlined in a
letter from Professor Davies to BMA
public health medicine committee
chair Richard Jarvis, in response to
his letter raising BMA’s concerns
about where rough sleepers could
stay after contracting swine flu, a
key issue considering the official
advice for those who contract
swine flu is to stay at home,
drink plenty of liquids and rest.
12 / The Pavement, December 2009

weaknesses, such as the inad-          Readers have voiced concerns            dation, 75 had short-term shelter
equate living/nursing conditions a     that the legislation is more about      and two were in detox or rehab.
church could provide, the difficulty   æsthetics than social support.          Whilst 15 people were unaccounted
of finding volunteers to provide           However, the plans to move          for, only 67 were still sleeping rough.
24-hour care, the health risk to       on rough sleepers could be due to            Paul Anderson, head of London
volunteers, and lack of budget for     wider economic problems in the          at Homeless Link, said: “It’s a
vital equipment and basic supplies.    country – such as high immigration      pretty amazing achievement.
                                       from struggling neighbour states        Local services and the London
Carinya Sharples                       Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and            Delivery Board seem commit-
                                       even people from as far afield as       ted to making this happen.
                                       war-torn Somalia, who come to                “To pull the plug on funding
South African football                 South Africa in search of work, often   now would be counterintui-
                                       as illegal street hawkers, unofficial   tive. It is better to spend money
move on                                security guards and sex workers.        on services that really work
                                           In addition, FIFA itself alleg-     than just spend money. I think
International sporting events          edly publishes rules on host            there is real commitment.”
may be good for the economy,           stadiums in a bid to ensure                  So far, only seven people
but the jury is still out on           they are smart and present-             have been ‘reconnected’ outside
whether hosting big games              able. One rule allegedly states         London and just two have been
helps all sections of society.         that no cranes or building sites        deported, suggesting that in
    The FIFA World Cup is due          should be visible around stadium        contrast with clean-up of other
to be hosted by South Africa in        skylines during the World Cup.          Olympic cities (where the home-
2010 – and last month, human               Critics of the plans have           less were bought pre-games train
rights groups in Cape Town             likened the city move-ons to            tickets out of town), alternative
claimed that South African cities      apartheid era policy, when local        solutions are being sought
are planning to create “concen-        black residents were prevented               Tackling homelessness was
tration camps” to house thou-          from entering white-only dis-           a priority for mayoral candi-
sands of poor people well away         tricts of towns and cities.             dates from all three main parties
from the football stadiums.                However, the Johannesburg           during the election, making for
    According to a report in The       displaced people’s unit has             broad support for plans now.
Times newspaper, charities have        defended the proposals, claim-          It is, perhaps, this as well as
seen leaked documents that             ing they were aimed at restoring        the upcoming Olympics that’s
show plans to clear the streets        “the dignity of the homeless”.          providing the political momen-
of the homeless during the                                                     tum now where it was missing
tournament. Councils in Johan-         Rebecca Wearn                           before, suggested Anderson.
nesburg and Durban have told                                                        Although it may not have acted
charities that street children and                                             widely on those terms yet, the LDB
the destitute will be “compas-         The countdown continues                 has endorsed the tough love policies
sionately relocated out of city                                                of eight charities involved, sanction-
centres” from the end of 2009.         More than half of London’s              ing deporting and sectioning those
    Bill Rogers, from the Addic-       “entrenched homeless” have been         who refuse to leave the streets.
tion Action Campaign, which            helped into housing as the clean             Jeremy Swain, chief executive
helps thousands of drug abusers        up before the Olympics continues,       of homelessness charity Thames
in Johannesburg, said the local        according to Homeless Link.             Reach, said: “Where we think
councils had even asked charities          Working with the umbrella           someone is unwell we will try to get
for assistance with the scheme. He     homeless organisation, the London       them to voluntarily go to a hostel
told The Times: “We’ve been made       Mayor, Boris Johnson, set up the        but ultimately we can have them
aware of the city’s plans to move      London Delivery Board with a            sectioned. This happened in north
thousands of homeless people           pledge to end rough sleeping before     London recently with someone
to shelters away from the city.”       the 2012 Olympics, and they seem        who had been rough sleeping for
    The Pavement has long been         to be delivering on his promise.        a number of years. If there is a
examining London’s hopes to                Recently published figures          foreign national with a criminal
“end rough sleeping by 2012”, the      suggest out of the identified core of   history, they will be deported.”
same year the nation’s capital         205 “entrenched rough sleepers”,             St Mungo’s highlighted the
will host the Olympic Games.           32 had found long-term accommo-         need for mental health services for
                                           The Pavement, December 2009 / 13

“Oh no – that’s the third Santa we’ve lost this week”
14 / The Pavement, December 2009

              “Well, genetics mainly and they will make a nice change
                               from the usual Christmas turkey”
                                                                                      The Pavement, December 2009 / 15

the homeless but have, like other         consortium that will include the         having their own space.”
homeless charities, been very posi-       skills necessary for any successful          Of the 30 new hostel rooms,
tive about the work being done.           building project; the group will have    25 will have their own bathrooms
    Despite all this, people still wait   expertise in land, finance, planning,    and self-catering facilities, which
14 years for council housing in           construction, housing management         Baldwin hopes will encourage
some boroughs and with 353,130            and tenant support. The charity has      residents to stay longer than
homeless families remaining home-         already been offered 10 containers       they sometimes do in dormitory
less in inner London, according to        and now has feelers out for building     accommodation where they may
the latest figures, the problem is        sites. Alison Gelder, chief executive,   not feel as safe. He is optimistic
not going away, even if the more          said: “Our Container City concept        that this will provide more stabil-
visible side is being tackled.            offers a solution to homelessness.       ity for people sorting out drug,
                                              Housing Justice is planning          housing or employment problems.
Katy Taylor                               a showcase small development                 As with all change, though, the
                                          that will demonstrate that re-           improvements are not without
                                          housing homeless people can              loss, and funding and staffing
Dustcart dangers                          be done swiftly and cheaply.”            shortfalls meant the day centre
                                              The cost of producing well-          closed on 3rd July as the improved
resurface after death                     insulated, spacious, double-glazed       temporary hostel opened.
                                          accommodation using decommis-                John Carey, 44, one of the
A homeless man in the Ardwick             sioned containers is dramatically        homeless residents already ben-
area of Manchester has died after         lower than with conventional             efiting from new facilities, told his
being tipped into a dustcart.             building methods. The units are          local paper, the Waltham Forest
    He climbed into the bin to            also mobile and easy to dis-             Guardian, about the reactions of
escape the cold and was unable            mantle, so if the lease on a site        the service users. “A lot of people
to shout a warning before being           expires, they can be installed on        are upset,” he explained. ”There
tipped into the lorry on 25th             a different site within a day.           is a soup kitchen at 8pm, but it
November. Greater Manchester                                                       is a long wait in the day for that.
Police say the 31-year-old died of        Val Stevenson                            And having a drop-in centre keeps
asphyxiation, crushed in the lorry.                                                down crime on the streets.”
    This happens every year                                                            The Forest Road drop-in centre
to readers who seek shelter               New Branches shelter                     previously provided daily support
in bins and skips, although it                                                     and shelter for up to 45 people
usual only results in injury.             North London charity Branches,           who have struggled to find the
                                          which provided 24-hour drop-in           same level of help elsewhere. The
Staff                                     support services to homeless men         Fountain of Peace Church, Staffa
                                          and women in Walthamstow, is             Road, has provided a welcome
• Last year we talked to a major          undergoing a significant revamp          alternative. Since the closure of
waste management company                  to provide overnight accom-              Branches, it has set up a shelter.
about a campaign to explain the           modation for 30 individuals.             and offers cooked meals and
dangers to our readership, and we’ll          The charity is providing an          English lessons to its users.
reopen the dialogue with this death.      already improved service from a
In the meantime, warn any you             new Leytonstone building, while the      Katy Taylor
know who’ve used bins for shelter.        old one undergoes drastic alteration
                                              There is general excitement
                                          about the new building, which will       A homeless man’s castle
Container City                            hopefully be completed by the
                                          end of next year. Peter Baldwin,         Police searching a room within a
Representatives from a number of          Branches chief executive, said:          hostel have been labelled “tres-
homeless organisations have visited       “Users will have their own rooms         passers” by a High Court Judge.
Container City (pictured on our           and there will be no more dormi-             At the hearing last month, the
website –          tory sharing. We are all really          Court heard how police searched
), in the south of England, to discuss    pleased about this. The residents        a room within a hostel without
a pilot project to use containers         have been getting involved by            the occupier’s permission. This
as move-on accommodation.                 doing painting and decorating,           was ruled unlawful, with Lord
     Housing Justice is forming a         and are getting excited about            Justice Elias saying that each
16 / The Pavement, December 2009

homeless individual has “the right       police have reasonable grounds to       few success stories in that time.
to say ‘my home is my castle’            believe the person sought may be.       That’s what makes it all worth-
as much as anyone else.”                 The premises may only be searched       while, when you can see how
    Omar Prince Thomas was living        to the extent that is reasonably        much someone’s changed, that
in the local authority hostel in Lewi-   required to find the person sought,     they’ve got their confidence again
sham, south London, when Metro-          ie, only those parts where a person     and their lives back on track.”
politan Police officers raided it, to    could conceal themselves.”                   Birmingham Council used to
arrest burglary suspect Matthew              Put simply, the police are          provide funding for more than
Hamilton. Mr Thomas objected             allowed to search your room             20 smaller agencies across the
to his room being searched, but          without permission only if they         city, but has now consolidated
officers said they were entitled         have reasonable grounds to think        this to just two agencies provid-
to search the whole building.            someone is hiding in there.             ing accommodation and one
    Blackfriars Crown Court found            The Home Office said it would       for drug and alcohol support.
that the premises were, in fact, one     study the judgment in terms of               SIFA, which has a residential six-
communal dwelling, and therefore         police policy going forward.            bed alcohol reduction facility and a
the police had the right to search                                               residential 21 bed “dry” facility, pro-
the whole of it. However, this was       Liza Edwards                            vides 24-hour care support for those
overturned by the High Court, which                                              battling against alcohol addiction.
ruled that there was a “sufficient                                                    Yusuf, a resident of the dry
degree of exclusive occupation”,         Birmingham funding cuts                 house, said: “I know loads of blokes
as the rooms were numbered,                                                      who would love the chance to come
and each had its own lock.
                                         hit alcohol service                     here – they’re not going to get it. It
    Fellow high court judge Mr                                                   makes no sense to close this place,
Justice Openshaw, said: “Officers        An alcohol abuse centre in Birming-     the wealth of experience they’re
should be treated as though they         ham is set to close after its funding   going to be losing, they’re going
were trespassers and were not, all       was withdrawn by the city’s council.    to have to start all over again.
the time they remained in his room,          SIFA Fireside, a 27-bed volun-      It’s just a short-term financial fix,
acting in the court of their duty.”      tary programme to help people           but they’re not going to save in
    He added: “It seems to me that       - many of whom are homeless             the long run when we’re all back
homeless people living in rooms          - become free of alcohol faces          in hospital with liver failure.”
in local authority hostels are as        imminent closure after losing                Residents and staff at the
much entitled to the protection          out in a bidding process.               centre do not yet know when
of the law as those living a more            Supporting People, the council’s    they will close, which is causing
settled, conventional life. Indeed,      fund-allocation body, aims to help      stress and uncertainty.
they may be particularly vulnerable      “vulnerable people... by providing           Manager Kim Butler said: “Since
and may need more protection.”           a stable environment”. It deter-        the news was announced two
    A spokesperson for the Home          mines which charities receive           months ago, Supporting People
Office said: “Section 17 of the          money through a bidding process.        still hasn’t let us know when the
Police and Criminal Evidence Act             But SIFA claimed the bidding        project is actually going to close.
1984 gives the police a power to         system was unfair, as it did not        They keep changing the date.”
enter and search premises without        reflect the unique nature of the             Supporting People has
a search warrant in order to arrest      service offered at their centre,        defended the decision, citing the
a person for an indictable offence.      which is the only residential “dry      need to “get value for money”.
This includes burglary. However,         house” in Birmingham. This meant
the power is subject to limitations.     that they were put in the drug          Rebecca Evans
    “It may only be exercised if         and alcohol category, and only
police have reasonable grounds           allowed to bid for that contract.
to believe the person they wish              Also, as they offer accommoda-      Tower Hamlets hostel
to arrest is on the premises. If the     tion, their costs were higher than
premises that police wish to enter       the successful bidder who did not       Estate agents in East London are
and search consists of two or more       plan to offer residential support.      seeking new tenants for a 110-bed
separate dwellings, then the power           Carole Powell, a counsellor         hostel. Local Liberal Democrat
to enter and search is limited to any    at the centre, said: “This project      councillor Dr Stephanie Eaton
communal parts of the premises           works. I’ve been here nearly four       contacted The Pavement, hoping
and any such dwelling in which           years and we’ve had quite a             that the property lease might
                                                                                     The Pavement, December 2009 / 17

attract the attention of an organi-     on the famous luxury hotel, The           Manchester hides soup
sation to support the homeless.         Savoy. The contract has now ended,
    But Cllr Eaton warned that          and the estate agency understands
the site will need a lot of work:       the workers have been re-housed or
“It appears to be a generally           have returned home. It is believed        Accessing help has become
sound building, though in need          that DMG Management Ltd had               more difficult for rough sleep-
of maintenance. The rooms are a         used the property for various             ers in Manchester after council
reasonable size, kitchens are OK,       contract construction projects.           bosses changed the loca-
and communal areas are a good                Previously, the building has         tion of soup kitchens for the
size,” she said. “The roof needs        been a nursery and a convent, but         second time in six months.
repairing and the lifts do not work.”   it is hoped it can remain a hostel.           Local charities have accused
    The council believes the building        It has been empty for several        authorities of trying to disguise
could be put to good use to house       weeks, but the estate agents are          the city’s homeless problem.
homeless people in Tower Hamlets,       struggling to find the right tenants.         Peter Green, from Christian
although the council themselves              Stephen Hurford, of Hurford          street group Barnabus, told the
have no plans to take over the build-   Salvi Carr, said that he had received     Manchester Evening News: “We are
ing. “The Council’s official numbers    more than 100 enquiries from              going to bring the soup kitchen into
of rough sleeping people are ridicu-    possible tenants, and has shown           our building on Bloom Street. I still
lously low,” said Cllr Eaton. “But I    more than 45 groups around the            feel it is the agenda of the council to
know there are a number of home-        property. But none, so far, have          be rid of soup kitchens. In the years
less people who need hostel accom-      sufficient hostel experience to           we have been operating, we have
modation, so it would be great if       manage the building well enough.          been moved eight or nine times.”
this could be repaired and put into          The site is to be let on a new 10-       Outreach workers were asked
use to house homeless people. “         year lease, with a rent of £300,000       to shift their mobile kitchens from
    The property, on Commercial         per annum, which equates to               the Mancunian Way skate park to
Road, in Limehouse, was last held       just £7.50 per bed per night.             Hoyle Street. The move follows an
by DMG Management Ltd, who                                                        earlier relocation from Store Street,
most recently let rooms to their        Rebecca Wearn                             near Piccadilly Station, which was
Romanian and Polish contract                                                      being used in the past four years.
workers, employed for renovations
18 / Advertisement, December 2009

    “We have found it unhelpful.         well as training and work oppor-          400,000 into the project, while
Our clients have been confused           tunities for everyone, particu-           Crisis is to contribute in the region
about where to go and it has             larly the homeless or vulnerably          of £200,000 – although both
not helped with planning,” Paul          housed. Like the existing Skylight        figures are yet to be confirmed.
Wenham, manager of the Mustard           centres in London and Newcas-                  Like many other charities, Crisis
Tree charity, told the paper.            tle, there will be both practical         has been hit hard by the eco-
    The city’s authorities said the      and creative workshops, such as           nomic crisis. In its Annual Report
relocation reflected the concerns        carpentry, IT or song-writing.            2008/2009, chief executive Leslie
of neighbours and local business.             The new centre will be located       Morphy noted: “The collapse of
    Susan Triggs, from the               in the Old Fire Station at Gloucester     parts of the financial and banking
council’s adult services, said:          Green, and forms part of a wider          sector has not helped our fundrais-
“We work hard to balance the             redevelopment of the historic             ing effort. Our corporate donations
needs of this type of provision          building. There will also be facilities   have been significantly lower
against a constantly changing            for the local community, including        this year than last, and sponsor-
and developing city centre.”             a cafe/bar and dedicated spaces           ship was pulled with little notice”.
                                         for performances, rehearsals,             Despite this, Ms Devlin told The
Teo Kermeliotis                          social enterprise and exhibitions.        Pavement: “We don’t want to
                                              The project is being carried         hold back. We’re determined
                                         out in partnership with Oxford            to continue with this project,
Crisis, what crisis?                     City Council, with almost £2.9m           despite the economic situation”.
                                         in funding from the Communi-                   In order to help weather the
Crisis is defying the recession and      ties and Local Government’s               financial storm, Crisis increased
its impact on charity donations as       Places of Change Programme.               its reserves by 10 per cent (or
plans for its new Skylight centre             Ciara Devlin, Project Manager        £850,000) between February 2008
in Oxford are set in motion.             of Crisis New Developments                and June 2009 in recognition, noted
     Crisis Skylight Oxford will offer   Team, said Oxford City Council            the annual report, “of the fact that
up to 50 workshops per week, as          will be putting around £300,000-          significant funds will be required in
                                                                                    The Pavement, December 2009 / 19

the 2009/10 financial year to fund
major capita projects including
Oxford”. These reserves will also
help Crisis achieve its other aims,
such as expanding aspects of its
Skylight services into Birmingham.
    The money to run all the
Skylight centres comes from
voluntary donations and, in part,
contracts awarded to Crisis by
further education colleges, local
authorities and the Learning and
Skills Council. However, Ms Devlin
said it was hoped the new Oxford
centre would prove profitable too,
such as through the renting out
of rehearsal space. “We’re always
looking at ways of becoming
more self-funded,” she added.

Carinya Sharples

Camden Closures - The
Council’s Response
                                         They would also be supported to         a homeless shelter because it
Last issue we printed a letter from      move on to other types of housing if    breached new “loitering laws”.
Frank Dobson, MP, voicing his            they wish. Camden Council is com-           The court found in favour
concerns about hostel closures in        mitted to working with all residents    of Rev Jack Wisor and ordered
Camden. Mr Dobson described              in the hostels being considered for     Brookville district council to pay him
Camden’s housing consultation as         closure and will discuss with them      $100,000 (£60,648) and let him
“very faulty”, and criticised their      individually their re-housing prefer-   re-open the Just for Jesus shelter.
closure of several hostels, including    ences. Demand from homeless                 The shelter was shut down
those at Holmes Road, Mount Pleas-       people has fallen in recent years.      after inspectors broke into it,
ant and Gray’s Inn Road. “At a time          “However, we can procure            in order to prove it had vio-
of rising unemployment and repos-        temporary accommodation quickly         lated new zoning laws.
sessions, would a Council that cares     should there be an unexpected               Rev Wisor sued the city last
be closing and selling off accommo-      surge in demand in the future.”         November after officials designated
dation for the homeless?” he asked.                                              the facility as a “group home”,
    For this issue we approached         Jim O’Reilly                            which contravenes new zoning laws.
Camden council to get a response to                                                  In addition to the money,
Mr Dobson’s concerns. The housing        • We will continue to monitor           the council will not place a
department released a statement          developments in Camden’s                limit on the number of people
to The Pavement saying: “The             hostel closure programme. If            who can stay at the shelter.
Council currently has a substantial      you have had any experiences                According to a survey of 200
number of unfilled hostel places.        with closures in Camden, get            cities by the American National
A number of hostels are being            in touch. Address on page 3.            Coalition for the Homeless,
considered for closure including                                                 loitering laws have increased
some for single people that would                                                by 11 per cent, as have clamp-
require a large amount of money to       US homeless case                        downs on public camping,
bring them up to proper standards.                                               which are up seven per cent.
    “Anyone in these hostels seeking     A Pennsylvanian pastor has taken
hostel accommodation will be able        his town council to court after         Rebecca Evans
to go to a hostel in better condition.   they forced him to shut down
22 / The Pavement, December 2009

Health and wellbeing
The Pavement’s health team – a nurse, podiatrist and counsellor – answer your questions

                                          If you can’t get to the dentist            Lastly, if you overindulge over
Dear Nurse Flo                            and you suffer from toothache,          the Christmas period, remember
                                          make sure you’ve got plenty             there’s no cure for a hangover
I have one aunt who writes her            painkillers to see you through.         except plenty water, para-
Christmas cards in July and another           If you become ill over Christmas    cetamol and rest. Have a good
who does her Christmas shop-              and you have access to a telephone,     Christmas and stay healthy.
ping in the January sales. This           then call NHS Direct on 0845 4647.
type of forward planning is a bit         They can call you back and will         Nurse Flo
over the top, but there’s nothing         assess your symptoms over the
wrong with being prepared.                phone, give advice and, if neces-       • To put a question to our nurse,
    Looking after your health             sary, refer you on to the best place    email:
over the festive season can be a          to get treated. In Scotland you         or write to the address on page 3
challenge, but the good news is           can phone NHS 24 on 08454 24
that a whole heap of hassle can           24 24. If you don’t have access to
be avoided if you plan ahead.             a phone, find out now where the         Footcare – practical
    Do you have any niggling health       closest out-of-hours clinic is and
worries? Anything you’ve been             make sure you have a plan if you
                                                                                  podiatry advice
putting off going to the doctor           need medical help over Christmas.
about? Go and get it seen to now.             Accident and Emergency is           We all need feet! They keep us
Sod’s law dictates it will get worse      going to be busy over Christmas         walking the many thousands of
when everything is shut and you           and the New Year, so if you are not     miles we cover in a lifetime, and
can’t do anything about it.               very unwell, you may have a long        when they are working well, we
    Think about your prescriptions.       wait – NHS Direct will generally        give them little thought. When a
Are they up to date? Do you have          sort you out more quickly. However,     problem occurs, though, we soon
enough of any prescription medi-          if you are in intolerable pain, are     notice what they do for us every
cines you use to see you through          bleeding heavily, had an accident       day. Lots of things ‘out there’ can
                                                                                  be a danger to our feet, so let’s look
the Christmas holidays? Remember,         or are taken seriously unwell and
                                                                                  at how to avoid a few of them.
Christmas falls on a Thursday this        feel you need immediate medical
year, so pharmacists will probably        attention, don’t hesitate to call 999
be closed or on limited opening           or go to Accident and Emergency.        Injury
hours until the following Monday.             Although Christmas is a happy
Think about any over-the-counter          time for most people, it has its        I have seen a significant number
remedies you might use – things like      own unique stresses and problems.       of foot accidents as a podia-
paracetamol, cold remedies, laxa-         Often it can bring memories to the      trist. Machinery, lawnmowers,
tives, indigestion remedies, nicotine     surface of people no longer with        buses cutting corners and
replacement therapy or sticking           us or force us into the company         mounting pavements – all can
plasters. If you use of any of these,     of family we have nothing in            crush or damage your toes.
stock up beforehand if you can.           common with. Try not to be alone            Nature also has risks. Dog bites
    How are your teeth? Last year         on Christmas Day, find out what’s       to the ankles; adders waiting for
NHS Direct reported lots of phone         on in your local area and make a        unwary travellers in the Scottish
calls about toothache. Toothache          plan so you’ll be with other people.    hills, wasps and bees that are not
is no joke, so visit the dentist if you   Remember to take care of your           keen to be stood on – all can and
can. Dental services for homeless         emotional health. People with           do cause serious foot trauma.
people vary from area to area, so         mental health issues often find             Dropping things on the feet is
ask your doctor or a nurse for a list     Christmas difficult, so be kind to      common and not a major worry if it
of local dentists who treat homeless      yourself and get help if you are        is a light, blunt item. But knife and
people. You don’t need an address         feeling low. NHS Direct and NHS 24      sharps injuries to the top of the foot
to register with a dentist – you          can help you out with mental health     can and do happen, and if you drop
can use a friend’s or relative’s.         problems as well as physical ones.      something heavy and/or sharp, your
                                   The Pavement, December 2009 / 23

“You’ve got Jingle Bell’s Palsy”
24 / The Pavement, December 2009

feet will bear the brunt. Standing on   to mention broken wrists. Only        Infection and infestation
things in bare feet is also common,     wear heels you can walk in, or
as are splashing or burning the         take a flatter pair with you for      It’s not only big creatures like
top of bare feet while cooking.         getting home. Wear flattish shoes     dogs that are out to get us! Feet
    So: how do you avoid these          most of the time if you can.          and hands can pass on scabies
types of problem? Wear thick                Keep your everyday footwear       mite infestation, which is common
shoes and socks outdoors. Put           in good condition: flapping,          and easily treated by a doctor.
something on your feet if you           detached soles leak and can trip          Signs that you have the mite
are in a kitchen, which is where        you; and if your footwear is really   include itching between the toes,
most foot accidents take place.         worn, it might not offer your foot    some redness around the itchy area
No footwear is bus- or car-proof,       the best support. Tie your laces      and little white trails that show the
so stay well back on pavements.         – lots of people fall because of      burrows where they live in your skin.
                                        the fashion for wearing trainers          Allergies or – more commonly
Footwear                                with loose laces or none at all.      – fungal skin infection can also
                                            Check out your local centres      cause itching in the feet and make
High heels (even if they’re only        to see if they offer good quality     the skin white and soggy, and
an inch or so high) can cause a         second hand shoes or boots if you     maybe peel. Verrucæ are caused by
lot of foot-related trauma, not         think yours are past their best.      a viral infection, and are notoriously

                                   “Well, so much for the internet”
                                                                                   The Pavement, December 2009 / 25

difficult to treat. Prevent all these       “Waking up by myself in a           law that you find Christmas Day
things by keeping your feet covered     hostel on Christmas Day feels like      the most howlingly sad day of the
in communal wet areas if you can,       the loneliest place in the world.       year and that you spend it alone,
and avoid skin-to-skin foot contact.        “Coping with my drug addic-         crying into a bottle of brandy…
                                        tion on Christmas Day really                One survivor of the ghosts of
Too hot, too cold, just right           made things rough on my family,         Christmas Past gave Agnes some
                                        especially my younger sister. It’s      good and straightforward advice:
Try not to let your feet get into       been a long time now since I’ve         remove some or all of the pressure
extremes of temperature. They           been home on Christmas Day. I           by accepting that it’s OK not to
cool quickly, so if you’re sleep-       really miss them on that day, but       celebrate the day. It’s also OK to
ing outdoors, keep your shoes on        I’m not sure how to go back.            not feel good about it. Furthermore,
and pay particular attention to             “I always enjoyed home-             those picture-perfect families
wrapping the feet with what-            less Christmas gatherings like          only exist in the minds of people
ever extra materials you have.          Crisis, because it gives you            who don’t have real families – an
Cold wet feet are even more of          something to do. But it also            enormous number of real families
a risk, so try to keep them dry.        reminds you that you don’t have         feel frazzled by Boxing Day and
    Don’t be tempted to stick           your own family to be with.             don’t speak to each other for days,
your bare, cold feet in front of a          John”                               weeks or months after the 25th!
heat source – warming them too                                                      Agnes is not advising her
quickly can make your circulation       Dear John,                              readers to shut down and assume
protest and lead to chilblains.         Walking around the streets of           a mask of indifference towards
                                        London at Christmas is a journey        Christmas Day. No one will be
Dangers from you                        through a living, breathing Advent      fooled; it takes a rare soul to rise
                                        calendar. Peering into windows          above the universal Christmas glitz
Smoking, drinking and street drugs      on back streets, you see picture-       and goodwill. Perhaps you could
can do harm to your feet, so try to     perfect Christmas trees; families       find a way to mark rather than
cut down or cut out where you can       seated around kitchen tables            celebrate the passing of another
   Have a good festive season, and      smiling, with steaming mugs of          Christmas. It would not have to be
take your feet safely and smoothly      tea; children drawing, lights glint-    a celebration, but it could help to
into 2010. Take care of your pair:      ing off the big piles of presents       keep it positive: a pre-Christmas
keep them covered and protected         in the background; and the other        dinner with family or friends on
as much as you can. (And don’t          domestic comforts that can send         Christmas Eve; a contemplative
worry about the adders – they           the heart of the passer-by into         walk in a place with some personal
cancel Christmas and sleep until        agonies of loneliness or nostalgia.     meaning; a charitable act. What-
about April… alright for some, eh?)         Perhaps you have had family         ever you choose to do, doing it only
                                        Christmases yourself. Perhaps they      once a year will bring a personal
Evelyn Weir                             were far from being so harmoni-         significance to Christmas Day.
Lecturer in Podiatry                    ous. Perhaps you never want to
Queen Margaret University               have another as long as you live!       Agnes
Edinburgh                                   However your Christmas issues
                                        manifest, the thorny issue of how to    • To pose a query to our
                                        deal with the Big Day can cause a       agony aunt, email: agnes@
Ask Agnes – The                         lot of anxiety for the anti-Christmas or write
                                        brigade. We could search des-           to the address on page 3
Pavement’s agony aunt                   perately for positive associations
                                        from childhood Christmases, or
“Dear Agnes,                            we could try to convince ourselves
“Christmas was always a time of         and others that we don’t care.
great conflict in my family. Dad        The old “Christmas is just another
was an alcoholic, and things always     day” line is over-familiar, sadly,
got out of control on Christmas         and often gives away more than
Day. There were lots of tears,          it conceals. On the other hand,
mostly from Mum, and as the only        festive conversation is unlikely to
child, I couldn’t get out of the        flow if you confess casually to your
house enough… or fast enough.           thoroughly conventional sister-in-
26 / The Pavement, December 2009
Hackney Town Hall (car park) E8;        Allowance or Incapacity Benefit      WEBSITES
Thur: Islington Town Hall, Upper        0845 377 6001
Street, N1; Fri: Walthamstow            For Social Fund enquiries            Everyone’s home
Town Square, High Street, E17           0845 608 8661                        An ‘e-shelter’, with a large directory
On a first-come-first-served basis.     For the Pensions Service             of services, particularly for London.
Some cases December need to be          0845 60 60 265             
referred to the Victoria hospital.
Hospitals                               London Street Rescue                 Homeless London Directory (RIS)
Blue Cross Victoria, 1 – 5              0870 383 3333                        Updated at least annually
Hugh Street, SW1V 1QQ                   Rough sleeper’s hot-line   
020 7932 2370
Blue Cross Hammersmith, Argyle          Message Home Helpline                Mental Fight Club
Place, King Street,W6 0RQ               0800 700 740, 24 hrs daily           A creative/arts site for those
020 8748 1400                                                                with mental illness.
Blue Cross Merton, 88 – 92                                         
Merton High Street, SW19 1BD            National Debtline
                                        0808 808 4000              
020 8254 1400
                                        Open Door Gay Men’s Housing          The Pavement online
Maytree Respite Centre
                                        0208 743 2165                        Regularly updated online version
72 Moray Road, N4 3LG
                                                                             of The List, which will soon be in
020 7263 7070
                                        Poppy                                several translations to download.
One-off four night stay for
                                        020 7840 7141              
those in suicidal crisis
                                        Helps women who have been            services.htm
                                        trafficked for sexual exploitation
                                                                             Proud to be mad
Quaker Mobile Library
                                        Runaway Helpline                     A campaigning site for those
Every second Mon at either:
                                        0808 800 7070                        with mental illness
10.45am Webber Street or 1045am                                    
Deptford Churches Centre. This          For under-18s who have left home
means that each Webber Street
                                        The Samaritans                       Soup Run Forum
and Deptford each receive one
                                        08457 90 9090                        For those using or running
visit per month; every second                                                soup runs, or just concerned
Mon, 1130am at Manna Centre,                                                 with their work. Comments and
Bermondsey (every fortnight); Every     SANEline
                                        6 – 11pm                             details on future meetings.
other Tue: 7pm, Lincoln’s Inn Fields;                              
Sat: 9.45am, The Connection at          0845 767 8000
St Martins; 11am, The Passage           Out-of-hours helpline for those
                                        affected by mental health            Stonewall Housing
                                                                             Addresses the housing needs of les-
TELEPHONE SERVICES                                                           bians and gay men. Provides tempo-
                                        Shelter                              rary, supported housing for 16 – 25
Domestic Violence Helpline              0808 800 4444                        years old lesbians and gay men.
0808 2000 247                           Housing info and advice    
                                        8am–8pm daily
Eaves                                                                        Streetmate
020 7735 2062                           Stonewall Housing advice line        An independent site with sub-
Helps victims of traffick-              Advice for Lesbian and Gay men       stantial information on housing,
ing for prostitution                    020 7359 5767                        working and learning, built for
Frank                                   (Mon, Thu, Fri 10am –1pm;            those homeless who use the
0800 776 600                            Tue & Wed 2 – 5pm)                   internet and want to do-it-them-
Free 24-hr drug helpline                Survivors UK                         selves as much as possible.
                                        Mon, Tue & Thur: 7-10pm    
                                        020 7404 6234
Get Connected                           Helpline for men who have
0808 808 4994                           been sexually assualted at
Free advice for young people            any time in their lives
(1pm–7pm daily)
Jobcentre Plus                          UK Human Trafficking Centre
To make a claim                         0114 252 3891
0800 055 6688
For queries about existing claims
for Income Support, Jobseekers
The Pavement, December 2009 / 27
St John’s Ealing                       vulnerable women. Resi-
Mattock Lane, West Ealing              dential centres will be by
W13 9LA                                referral only for those
020 8566 3507                          registered on CHAIN
Sat & Sun: 3.30–5pm                    The day centres are:
Also: Advice service Thur              Finsbury Park Day Centre,
& Fri 10am-4pm – Ealing                Islington Arts and Media
Churches workers                       School, Turle Road, N4 3LS
                                       Stratford Day Centre, Newham
St John the Evangelist                 College, Stratford Campus,
39 Duncan Terrace, N1 8AL              Welfare Road, E15 4HT
020 7226 3277                          Bermondsey Day Centre,
Tues–Sat: 12.30pm–1.30pm               City of London Academy,
                                       Lynton Road, SE1 5LA
Streetlytes                            Hammersmith Day Centre, Ham-
A new service, operating on every      mersmith and West London College
other Saturday, 7.30pm behind          Hammersmith Campus,
the House of Frazier, Victoria         Gliddon Road, W14 9BL
Hot tea/coffee, sandwiches, fruit,     Deptford Reach Day Centre,
yogurt, pasta, blankets and clothing   Speedwell Street, SE8 4AT
to the vulnerable and homeless.        See posters nearer date for details          “I can’t let you worship the                                                                  newborn king until you’ve
                                       Croydon Churches Floating                        been security-vetted”
SW London Vineyard – The King’s        Shelter
Table                                  Various Churches
Sun 2.30pm–4.30pm beneath              07860 270 278
Waterloo Bridge (Embankment).          Mobile switched off if no vacancies       SE1 3QP
Superb hot stews and potatoes.         01 Nov–31 Mar 10; 7.30pm–8am.             Further info 07806878851
                                       Last admission 9pm                        or 020 7407 2014
                                       Age 18+ mixed; Beds for 14      
                                       Local referral only, dry
999 Club (Lambeth & Lewisham)                                                    West London Churches Winter
21 Deptford Broadway, SE8 4PA                                                    Shelter
                                       Hackney Winter Night Shelter
Jan–Mar 10; Beds for 15                                                          Various Venues
                                       Various Churches
people; Referral only, from                                                      0207 351 4948
                                       Booking essential – 07549 043 728
999 Club (during day); Dry                                                       09 Nov–28 Mar 10 8pm–7am:
                                       – you will not be charged for this call
                                                                                 last admission 8pm
                                       01 Jan–31 Mar 10; 8pm–8am
Caris Islington Churches Cold                                                    18+ mixed; Beds for 35 (separate
                                       (7pm on Sundays)
Weather Shelters                                                                 area for women); self-refer-
                                       Age 18+ mixed; beds for 25
Various Churches                                                                 rals on a first come first served
                                       (screened area for women)
07960 491151                                                                     basis, must phone first; dry
                                       Last admission 8.30pm
01 Jan–31 Mar 10; 7.30pm–              Agency or self- referrals: dry
8.30am. Arrive before 8.30pm                            SPECIALIST SERVICES
Age 18+ mixed; Beds for 15
(separate area for women); Self- or    Quaker Christmas Shelter                  ASHA Project
agency referrals; phone ahead          Union Chapel, Compton                     13 Shrubbery Road, SW16 2AS
                                       Avenue, N1 2XD                            020 8696 0023
Community of Camden Churches           23–30 Dec (not 24 hours): 7–10am          Mon–Fri: 9am–5pm
Cold Weather Shelter (C4WS)            (breakfast for up to 75); opening         For asian women fleeing
Various Churches                       again at 4pm (supper for up to 75         domestic violence
01–23 Dec; 31 Dec–31 Mar 10            at 6pm). Closes at 11pm except for        AD
Referral only; go to www.              those referred to one of the 24 beds                 (self-referrals are possible); Dry        Blue Cross Veterinary Services
07715507970                                                                      Offered to pet owners on a low          Robes Project (Southwark &                income. This is usually a means
                                       Lambeth)                                  tested benefit or state pension
Crisis Christmas                       Various Venues                            with no other means of income:
23–30 Dec                              08 Nov –31 Mar 10                         Blue Cross Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Priority is given for rough            Age 18+ mixed; Beds for 13                All run 10am – 12pm & 1.30pm
sleepers; those with proven            By referral only from Manna               –3.30pm, at these locations – Mon:
dependencies and                       Centre, 6 Melior Street,                  Bethnal Green Road E2; Wed:
                                                                                    28 / The Pavement, December 2009
Faith House (Salvation Army)            The London Run                          Rice Run
11 Argyle Street, King’s Cross          Mondays (including bank holidays).      The Strand, Westminster
(near Burger King), WC1H 8EJ            Van with tea/coffee, sandwiches,        Fri : 9–10pm
020 7837 5149                           eggs, biscuits, soft drinks, clothes,   Rice and Chicken, or savoury rice
Mon: 6–8pm (men’s group);               and toiletries: 8.45–9.30am; The
Tues: 5–6pm (women’s drop-in);          Strand, opposite Charing Cross          The Sacred Heart
Weds: 1–3pm (women’s drop-              police station: 9.30pm–10.15pm;         This run from Wimbledon has
in), 7.30–9pm (open drop-in);           Temple: 10.15pm–11.00pm;                several teams coming up once a
Fri: 11am–1pm (women’s                  Waterloo (St John’s Church).            month to the Piazza of Westmin-
brunch & discussion group)                                                      ster Cathedral. Sandwiches and
FF, CL                                  Memorial Baptist Church Plaistow        hot beverages around 9.30pm
                                        389 –395 Barking Road, E13 8AL          every Tuesday and Friday.
Hare Krishna Food for Life              020 7476 4133
The Hare Krishna food run provides      Sat: 8am–12pm                           Sai Baba
wholesome and tasty vegetarian          Full English breakfast                  Third Sunday of the Month: 93
meals from Soho and King’s Cross                                                Guildford Street, WC1 (Coram’s
Temples. The former can be found        Muswell Hill Churches Soup              Fields); 11am–1pm. Vegetarian
at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Mon–Thurs;     Kitchen                                 meal and tea. Another branch
7:15pm, finishing at Temple if          2 Dukes Ave, N10 2PT                    of this sect also have a service at
there’s food left. The latter from      020 8444 7027                           Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Wednesday,
Monday to Friday, all year round:       Sun–Thurs; 7.45–8.45pm                  around 8pm– a great curry!
Kentish Town (Islip Road); 12pm:
Camden (Arlington Road); 1pm:                                                   Samaritan Network
                                        New Life Assembly
King’s Cross (York Way) 2.15pm.                                                 Every Sunday, 6–8pm, at the
                                        A run in Hendon, that comes into
                                        the West End once a month.              corner of Temple Station.
Harlow Chocolate Run                                                  
Renamed London City Aid.                Nightwatch
                                        At the fountain in the Queens           Silver Lady Fund (The Pie Man)
House of Bread – The Vision             Gardens, central Croydon                Piping hot pasties, pies and
Second and fourth Sunday in the         Every night from 9.30pm                 sausage rolls from the van down
month (6.45am onwards) – Hot            Sandwiches and hot drinks               behind the Festival Hall or on
food; note that an excellent full                                               Southwark Bridge Road – from
cooked breakfast is served on the       Open Door Meal                          5am (it’s white with ‘Silver Lady
fourth Sunday. On the Strand            St James the Less parish centre,        Fund’ written on the side).
(Charing Cross end, outside Coutt’s).   Vauxhall Bridge Road, behind the
                                        Lord High Admiral public house.         Simon Community
Imperial College                        An established service, providing a     Tea Run: Sun & Mon (6–9.30am):
Serving sandwiches and hot              two-course hot meal served at table.    St Pancras Church 6.30am; Milford
beverages on Sunday evenings            Alternate Thursdays during              Lane 6.45am; Strand 7am; South-
(8–9.30pm) at Lincoln’s Inn Fields.     term-time; 7-9.30 pm.                   ampton Road 7.30am; Army and
                                        B, CL, FF                               Navy 8am; Grosvenor Gardens
Kings Cross Baptist Church                                                      8.30am; Marble Arch (Sunday) 9am;
Vernon Sq, W1                           Our Lady of Hal                         Waterloo Bridge (Sunday) 9.30am
020 7837 7182                           165 Arlington Rd, NW1                   Soup Run: Wed & Thurs (8pm–
Mon: 11am–2pm                           020 7485 2727                           10.30pm): St Pancras Church
FF, LF                                  Tues, Weds, Fri & Sat:                  8.15pm; Hinde Street 8.45pm;
                                        12.45pm–2pm                             Maltravers Street 9.15pm; Waterloo
Lincoln’s Inn Fields                                                            9.45pm; Army and Navy 10.15pm
Mon–Fri: 7.15pm; Many vans with                                                 Street Café: St Mary-Le-Strand
                                        Peter’s Community Café                  (Strand) – Mon (5pm–7pm) & Wed
food and occasionally clothing.         The Crypt, St. Peter’s Church,
Sat –Sun: 6.15pm onwards.                                                       (10am–12.00pm), and St Giles-
                                        De Beauvoir Road, N1                    in-the-Fields, St Giles High Street,
                                        020 7249 0041                           WC2 (next to Denmark Street) – Sat
London City Aid                         Mon–Wed: 12noon–6.30pm                  (2 – 4pm) & Sun (1.15–3.15pm)
This run is from Harlow, and
serves hot chocolate! Coming            Rhythms of Life International
out on the Second Tuesday of            23 Crossway, N16 8LA
the month. Behind the Army and                                                  St Andrew’s Church
                                        020 7254 9534                           10 St Andrew’s Road
Navy in Victoria: 8.30–10.30pm.         Daily, 5–6.30pm, all year ‘round        Fulham, W14 9SX
                                        Tea/coffee, soup and a warm meal        Sat: 11.30am-1.30pm
                                                                                Hot food and sandwiches
The Pavement, December 2009 / 29
ISIS North drug service,             The Choir With No Name              SOUP KITCHENS & SOUP RUNS
99 Seven Sisters Road, N7 7QP        Every Monday, 7pm,
Sun 13 Dec: 1–3pm; Union             at various venues                   All Saints Church
Chapel, Compton Terrace,             A choir for homeless and ex-        Carnegie St, N1
Upper Street, N1 2XD                 homeless, with or without           020 7837 0720
Tue 15 Dec: 10am–4pm; Enfield        singing experience.                 Tues & Thurs: 10am–12noon
Substance Misuse Services, 2nd             Cooked breakfast
Floor, Forest Primary Care Centre,                                       FF
308A Hertford Road, N9 7HD           Crisis Skylight
Thu 17 Dec: 10am–4pm; DASH           66 Commercial St, E1                American Church
[Prescribing Service], St Annes      020 7426 5661                       (Entrance in Whitfield St)
Hospital, St Anns Road, N15 3TH      Mon–Thurs: 2pm–9.30pm               79a Tottenham Court Rd, W1T
Fri18 Dec: 10am–4pm;                 AC, ET, IT, MC, P, PA               020 7580 2791
Haringey Drug Services, 9            Workshop programme from             Mon–Sat (except Wed):
Bruce Grove, N17 6RA                          10am–12noon
Mon 21 Dec: 9.30am–2pm;                                                  AC, CL, FF, P
Homeless Action in Barnet, 36B       SMart
Woodhouse Road, N12 0RG              Art workshops and lec-              ASLAN
                                     tures at various venues             Hot food and sandwiches for
Vision Care Opticians                020 7209 0029                       early risers. Sat 5.30am–8.30am
07792 960416                         Email:     – Covent Garden, Milford Lane,
Mon & Thurs:: 2 – 7.30pm             Streetwise Opera                    Surrey Street, Strand and Waterloo.
at Crisis Skylight; Wed: 9am         020 7495 3133
– 5pm at The Passage                 MC, PA
Free sight tests and spectacles                                          Bloomsbury Central Baptist
                                     Workshop programme from             Church
                                        235 Shaftesbury Ave, WC2 8EP
PERFORMING ARTS                                                          020 7240 0544
                                     Vision Impossible                   Sunday: Roast lunch 1pm
Cardboard Citizens                   An arts project (Thames Reach),     10.30am for ticket (very limited)
020 7247 7747                        based at Crisis Skylight, Mon-Wed
Variety of performing arts work-     9.30am – 1.00pm, by referral only   The Cabin
shops held at Crisis Skylight as              Near top of Holloway Road,
well as hostels around London.                                           right at The shoe shop
ET, LA, MC, PA                                                           Sandwich van every day;                                             10.30–11.45am
                                                                         Camden Road Baptist Church
                                                                         Hilldrop Road, Holloway, N7 0JE
                                                                         020 7607 7355
                                                                         Thu: 10.30am–12noon
                                                                         The Carpenters
                                                                         TMO Community Hall, 17 Doran
                                                                         Walk, Stratford, E15 2JL
                                                                         020 8221 3860
                                                                         Every Tuesday; 10am–12pm
                                                                         Ealing Soup Kitchen
                                                                         St Johns Church Hall, Mattock Lane
                                                                         Friday: 11am-4pm; Sat and Sun:
                                                                         They also give practical help/
                                                                         housing advice
                                                                         Emmanuel Church
                                                                         Forest Gate, E7 8BD (corner of
                                                                         Romford Rd & Upton Lane)
                                                                         Thurs: 7.30am (cooked breakfast)
                 “Y’kiddin’ me – batteries included?”
                                                                            30 / The Pavement, December 2009
art, IT, guitar, Spanish, cooking     Shelter; Guy’s Hospital Oncol-             Mon, Wed & Fri afternoons
C, ET, MC                             ogy Ward; Spectrum; Webber                 – appointments only
                                      Street/Waterloo Christian Centre;
OSW (London Bridge)                   HAGA; Compass Day Centre.                  King’s Cross Primary Care Centre
4th Floor, The Pavilion               Tuesday – St Thomas’ Hospi-                264 Pentonville Rd, N1
1 Newhams Row, SE1 3UZ                tal, In Patients; Westminster              020 7530 3444
020 7089 2722                         Rolling Shelter; The Connection            Mon: 6.30 – 9.30pm; Tue: 2
CA, ET, IT                            at St Martin’s; Conway House               – 4pm; Fri: 1.30 – 3.30pm
                                      (hostel); Anchor House (hostel);           BA, BS, CL, DT, FC, H,
Turnaround Resource E1                The Passage; Downview Prison;              MH, MS, NE, P, SH
Montefiore Centre, Hanbury            Look Ahead Day Centre.
Street, London, E1 5HZ                Wednesday – The Passage; Great             Primary Care for Homeless People
020 7247 9005                         Chapel Street Medical Centre; St           Spectrum Centre, 6 Green-               Thomas’ Hospital, Lloyd Still ward;        land Street, NW1
CA, ET, IT                            Cricklewood Homeless Concern;              0207 267 2100
                                      Parker Street (hostel); Crisis Skylight;   Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri: 9.30am
ENTERTAINMENT & SOCIAL                Endsleigh Gardens (hostel); Dellow         – 12 noon; Wed: 1.30 –3.30pm
                                      Centre (hostel); Brixton Prison.           BA, BS, CL, D, FC, H, MS, NE, P, SH
                                      Thursday – Broadway Day Centre;
                                      Manna Centre; Great Chapel St              Project London (Médecins du
ASLAN                                 Medical Centre; West London
All Souls Church – Clubhouse                                                     Monde)
                                      Day Centre; The Connection at
Cleveland St                                                                     Pott St, Bethnal Green, E2 0EF
                                      St Martin’s; Rochester Row Day
020 7580 3522                                                                    Mon, Wed &:Fri 1pm–5pm
                                      Centre; Whitechapel Mission;
Sat eve: by invitation                                                           07974 616 852 & 020 8123 6614
                                      Deptford Churches Centre;
                                                                                 MS, SH
                                      Probation Service; Wandsworth
Open Film Club                                                                   Operating at 999 Club, Deptford,
                                      prison; Focus Day Centre.                                                        Wed: 2 – 4pm; & Providence Row,
                                      Friday – The Passage;
                                                                                 Victoria, Fri: 9.30 – 11.30am
                                      Cricklewood Homeless Concern;
EX-FORCES                                                                        MS, SH
                                      Endsleigh Gardens (hostel);
                                      The Connection at St Martin’s;
AWOL? Call the ‘reclaim your life’    Cedars Road (hostel); St Giles Day         TB screening van – MXU
scheme from SSAFA                     Centre; Cardinal Hume Centre               Information given as date,
01380 738137 (9am–10am)               (drop in); Waterloo Jobshop;               time, location and post code.
                                      Romford YMCA (hostel).                     Turn up at these locations:
                                      All week – Brixton Prison;                 Mon 07 Dec: 9–11am; St
Royal British Legion
                                      Wandsworth prison.                         Mungos (Margery Street
08457 725 725
                                      See Telephone Services                     Shelter), William Martin Court,
Ring the Legionline to see how they
                                      for helplines                              65 Margery Street, WC1X 0JH
can help ex-servicemen and women
                                                                                 nb. MXU to park around corner on
                                                                                 Wilmington Street: 12noon–3pm;
Veterans Aid                          MEDICAL SERVICES
                                                                                 Whitaker Centre (Equinox),
40 Buckingham Palace Rd, Victoria                                                91 Tollington Way, N7 6RE
020 7828 2468                         Great Chapel Street Medical                Tue 08 Dec: 2–6pm; IDASS
A, AS, BA, D,CL,SS                    Centre, 13 Great Chapel St, W1             [formerly NIDS] (tbc), 592
                                      020 7437 9360                              Holloway Rd, N7 6LB
Veterans UK                           Mon, Tues & Thurs: 11am–                   nb. MXU to park round corner
0800 169 2277                         12.30pm; Mon–Fri: 2pm–4pm                  on Tollington Way: 7–8.30pm;
Free help and advice for vet-         A, BA, C, D, DT, FC, H, MH, MS, P, SH      The Manna Project, St Stephen’s
erans and access to dedicated                                                    Church, River Place, 17 Can-
one-to-one welfare service.           Dr Hickey’s – Cardinal Hume                nonbury Rd, N1 2DF                  Arneway St, SW1                            Wed 09 Dec: 11am–3pm;
                                      020 7222 8593                              Milton Dovetail [Milton Com-
JOBCENTRE PLUS                        Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri:                    munity Programmes] (tbc), 28b
                                      10am–12.30pm & 2pm–4pm                     King Henry’s Walk, N1 4PB
To get benefit advice use local Job   Wed: 10am–12.30pm                          Thu 10 Dec: 8.30am–12.30pm;
Centres or visit a day centre that    A, BA, C, D, DT, H, MH, MS, P, SH          Bethany House Hostel (ICH),
hosts JCP outreach staff. These are                                              13 Lloyd Square, WC1X 9AR:
listed below by day, but contact      Health E1                                  1.30–3pm; City Roads, 352-
individual centres for times:         9–11 Brick Lane, E1                        358 City Road, EC1V 12PY
Mondays – The Passage; The            020 7247 0090                              Fri 11Dec: 9.30–12.30pm;
Connections at St Martins; Holy-      Mon–Thurs: 9.15am–11.30am                  Spectrum Centre, 6-8 Greenland
cross Centre; Rushworth Rolling       Friday: 10.30am–12.30pm;                   Street, NW1 0NO: 1.30–4pm;
The Pavement, December 2009 / 31
St. Mungo’s (Ennersdale House)   020 8749 6799                            184 Camden
1a Arlington Close, Lewi-        Mon–Fri: 10am–5pm (needle                184 Royal College Road, NW1 9NN
sham SE13 6JQ                    exchange and telephone                   020 7485 2722
020 8318 5521 (ring first)       service); Mon & Fri: 2pm–5pm             Mon: 9.30am-3pm; Tue-
Medium-support needs             & Wed: 3pm–6pm (drop-in)                 Wed: 9.30am-5.30pm;
                                 C, D, OL, NE                             Thu-Fri: 9.30am-9pm
Women                                                                     AS, AD, BA, C, D, H, OB
Church Army                      East London Drug and Alcohol
1–5 Cosway St, West-             Support Services                         EASTERN EUROPEANS
minster NW1 5NR                  Capital House, 134–138 Romford
020 7262 3818                    Road, Stratford, E15 4LD                 Ania’s Recruitment Agency
Ring first. Daily vacancies      020 8257 3068                            31 Fallsbrook Rd, SW16 6DU
                                 Drug and Alcohol Service for             020 8769 0509
Home of Peace                    London (DASL) provides free and
179 Bravington Rd, W9 3AR        confidential services to anyone who      East European Advice Centre
020 8969 2631                    has concerns about their own or          Palingswick House, 241
Women only. Open access (dry)    another person’s drug or alcohol         King Street, W6 9LP
                                 use, working with people from            020 8741 1288
St Mungo’s                       Newham, Tower Hamlets, Red-              Open weekdays 10am–12pm & 2–
2–5 Birkenhead St, WC1H          bridge and Bexley and Greenwich.         3pm, for appointments; closed Wed
020 7278 6466                    A special Eastern European service       Ring for appointment
                                 is listed in Eastern European section
                                 A, C, D                                  Eastern European Drug and
Young people (16–21)
Centrepoint                                                               Alcohol Support
                                 The Hungerford Drug Project              Emmanuel’s Church,
25 Berwick St, West-             (Turning Point)
minster W1F 8RF                                                           Forest Gate, E7 8BD
                                 32a Wardour St, W1D 6QR                  020 8257 3068
020 7287 9134/5                  020 7437 3523
Ring first. Daily vacancies                                               Support for drug and alcohol
                                 Mon–Fri: 12noon–5pm, except Wed          treatment, advice, contact with
                                 2–5pm (drop-in); Sat & Sun: 1–5pm;       other agencies;Thur: 5–7pm
MASH                             Antidote (lesbian, gay, bisexual and     Part of DASL in Drug &
8 Wilton Rd, Merton, SW19 2HB    transgender drug/alcohol service)        Alcohol Services
020 8543 3677                    drop-in Thursday: 6– 8.30pm
Ring first                       C, D, FF, IT, LA, MH                     UR4JOBS
                                                                          Upper Room, St Saviour Church,
DRUG / ALCOHOL SERVICES          Needle Exchange Van                      Cobbold Road,W12 9LN
                                 White van under Centrepoint              020 8740 5688
Addaction (Harm Reduction        Tower, Tottenham Court Road              Mon & Fri: 1–6pm; Tue, Wed
Team)                            Mon–Fri: 4 - 7pm                         & Thurs: 5.30 – 6.45pm (hot
228 Cambridge Heath Rd, E2                                                supper); Sat & Sun: 12.30
020 8880 7780                    Soho Rapid Access Clinic                 – 1.45pm (hot lunch)
Drop-in: Mon, Fri 10am–4pm;      Soho Centre for Health and Care          Help in finding work and education
Tues, Wed & Thurs 12noon–6pm;    1 Frith Street                           Now available online @
Closed each day 1.30pm–2.15pm    London                         
D, OL, MS, NE, SH                W1D 3HZ                                  ET, FF
                                 020 7534 6687
Blackfriars Road CDAT Team       D                                        EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING
151 Blackfriars Rd, SE1 8EL
020 7620 1888/ 6500              Wandsworth Drug Project                  Dress for Success (Women)
Mon: 2pm–4pm (drop-in)           86 Garratt Lane, SW18 4DB                Unit 2, Shepperton Hse
MH, MS, NE                       020 8875 4400                            89–93 Shepperton Rd, N1 3DF
                                 Mon–Fri: 1–5pm; Sat: 1-4pm               020 7288 1770
Central and NW London            AS, A, AD, AC, CA, C, D, H, NE, OB, SH
Substance Misuse Service                                                  Smart clothing for job interviews,CL
282 North End Rd, SW6 1NH        Westminster Drug Project
020 7381 7700                    470-474 Harrow road, W9 3RU              New Hanbury Project (SCT)
Mon–Fri: 9am–5pm. C, MS          020 7266 6200                            3 Calvert Avenue, E2 7JP
                                 Mon–Fri: 10am – 12.30pm                  020 7613 5636
Druglink                         (appoinments and needle-                 Mon-Thur: 9.30am-4.15pm
103a Devonport Rd, Shep-         exchange); 1–5pm (open access)           Courses in: personal develop-
herds Bush, W12 8PB              AD, C, D, H, NE, OB, SH                  ment, life skills, woodwork, DIY,
                                                                             32 / The Pavement, December 2009
Wed 1¬–3pm (drop-in with           Triumphant Church International        Whitechapel Mission
lunch); Thurs 10am–3pm; Fri        136 West Green Rd                      212 Whitechapel Rd, E1
1–2.30pm (lunch and bible study)   South Tottenham, N15 5AD               020 7247 8280
AC                                 020 8800 6001                          Daily: 6–11am (cooked break-
                                   Sun: 10–11am (open drop-in)            fast 8am–10am); Sat: 12noon-
Spectrum Centre                    AD, C, FF                              2.30pm (women only)
6 Greenland St, Camden                                                    AS, AD, B, BA, BS, BE, CL, C,
Town, NW1                          Union Chapel (Margins)                 DA, D, F, H, IT, OL, SK, P, TS
020 7267 4937                      Compton Terrace, Upper Street, N1
Mon–Fri: 9.30am–3pm                020 7359 4019                          The 999 Club
A, BS, C, CL, D, FC, H, L,         Sun: 3pm–5pm                           21 Deptford Broadway, SE8 4PA
LS, MH, MS, P, TS                  BS, CL, FF, HA, L, LA, LF              020 8691 7734
                                                                          Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm
Spires Centre                      Upper Holloway Baptist Church          AS, AD, A, B, BE, CL, C, DA, D, FF,
8 Tooting Bec Gardens, SW16 1RB    11 Tollington Way, N7                  F, H, L, LA, MS, MH, OB, SH, TS
020 8696 0943                      020 7272 2104
Mon: 8am–12noon (women             Mon: 10am–1pm                          DIRECT ACCESS (YEAR ROUND)
only);Tues : 9–10.30am (rough      CL, FF, LF                             HOSTELS/ NIGHTSHELTERS
sleepers only), 10.30am–2pm
(drop-in); Wed: 10am–12noon        Upper Room, St Saviour’s               All – low-support needs
(rough sleepers only); Thu:        Cobbold Rd, W12
9–11am (rough sleepers only);      020 8740 5688
Fri: 9–10.30am (rough sleepers                                            Branches
                                   Mon: 1-6pm (UR4Jobs); Tue–Thur:        740 Forest Road, Waltham-
only); 10am–1pm (women only)       5.30–6.45pm; Fri: 1-6pm (UR4Jobs);
Education sessions throughout                                             stow, E17 3HR
                                   Sat–Sun: 12.30 –1.30pm                 020 8521 7773
the week by appointment            A, AC, BA, C, CA, CL, D,
A, BA, CL, D, ET, FF, FC,                                                 Their address from mid-
                                   ET, IT, FF, H, OL                      December will be Stonelea,
H, MC, MH, MS, P
                                                                          Langthorne Road, E11 2HJ
                                   Webber Street (formerly Waterloo
St Christopher’s Centre
                                   Christian Centre)                      Livingstone House
Lime Grove Resource Centre,
                                   6–8 Webber St, SE1 8QA                 105 Melville Rd, Brent NW10 8BU
47 Lime Grove, W12
                                   020 7928 1677                          020 8963 0545
Please call for opening
                                   Mon–Sat: 9am–12noon                    Ring first. Local connection only
times: 020 8740 9182
                                   AS, B, BA, BS, BE, CL, FF,
                                   LA, MH, MS, OL
                                                                          Maytree Respite Centre
St Cuthbert’s Centre                                                      See Specialist Services
                                   The Welcome Project
The Philbeach Hall
                                   11 Green Lane, Essex, IG1 1XG
51 Philbeach Gdns, Earls Court                                            Redbridge Night Shelter
                                   020 8220 4111
020 7835 1389                                                             16 York Rd, Ilford
                                   Tue & Thur: 12.30–3pm;
Mon–Fri: 11.45am–3.45pm                                                   IG1 3AD
                                   Wed & Fri: 10.30am-3pm
AC, BS, C, CL, F, H, IT, L, OL                                            020 8514 8958
                                   AS, BA, BS, CL, FF, H, L
                                                                          Ring first
St Stephen’s Church                West London Day Centre
17 Canonbury Rd, N1 2DF            134–136 Seymour Place, W1H             Turnaround (Newham)
020 7226 5369                      020 7569 5900                          Choral Hall
Tues: 7–9pm (drop-in); Weds:       Mon–Fri: 8.45–10am (rough sleep-       020 7511 8377
1–3pm (drop-in – B and FC); Fri:   er’s drop-in): 10am–11.30am (drop-     7.30pm–7.30am
10am–12noon (key work session)     in, hostel residents join): 11.45am–
B, BS, CL, FC, FF, L               12.45pm (advice, appointments          Waltham Forest Churches Night
                                   only); Mon & Thur: 1.30–3.30pm         Shelter
The Tab Centre                     (drop-in for those with tenancies)     See Branches
20 Hackney Rd, Shoreditch, E2      AC, BA, BS, C, CL, F, FC, IT,
020 7739 3076                      L, LS, MS, OL, P, SK, TS               Men
Friday: 9am–12.noon, F                                                    Missionaries of Charity
                                   The Whitaker Centre                    112–116 St Georges Rd,
Thames Reach                       91–93 Tollington Way, N7 6RE           Southwark, SE1
See Hackney 180 First              020 7263 4140                          020 7401 8378
Contact & Advice                   Mon–Fri: 11am–5pm                      Ring first, 9am–11am except Thurs
                                   Alcohol allowed                        Age 30+ (low support)
                                   BS, FF, L
The Pavement, December 2009 / 33
Crisis Skylight                          Homeless Action in Barnet (HAB)         Providence Row
See Performing Arts                      36B Woodhouse Road, N12 0RG             The Dellow Centre
                                         020 8446 8400                           82 Wentworth St,
Deptford Churches Centre                 Mon – Fri: 12noon – 3pm (drop in);      Aldgate, E1 7SA
Speedwell St, Deptford                   Mon, Tues & Thur: 9am – 12noon          020 7375 0020
020 8692 6548                            (rough sleepers only); Wed: 9am         Mon–Fri: 9.30am–12noon (8.30am
Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri:                  – 12noon (women’s group)                for verified rough sleepers) & 1.30–
9am–3.30 pm                              AD, BA, BS, CL, F, H, L, TS             3.30pm (appointments & activities)
A, AC, AD, AS, B, BA, BE, BS, C,                                                 A, AC, BA, BS, C, D, ET, FF, H, IT,
CA, CL, D, DA, DT, ET, FF, H, L,         London Jesus Centre                     L, LA, LS, MH, NE,OL, SK,SH, P
LA, LF, MC, MH, MS, OL, SS, TS           83 Margaret St, W1W 8TB
                                         0845 8333005                            Rochester Row Day Centre
The Dunloe Centre                        Mon – Fri: 10am – 12.30pm               97 Rochester Row, SW1
St Saviour’s Priory, Dunloe Street, E2   BS, CL, F, IT, L, SK                    020 7233 9862
020 7739 9976/020 7613 3232                                                      Mon–Fri: 3–3.30pm & 7.30–8pm
Tues: 10.30am–12.30pm                    Manna Day Centre                        (post and enquiries); Mon, chap-
CL, FF                                   6 Melior St, SE1                        lain’s group (all welcome): 4–5pm;
                                         020 7403 1931                           English language class: 6.30–8pm;
Earls Court Community Project            Every day: 8.30am–1.30pm                7.30–7.45pm (food and drink); Tue,
(ECCP)                                   AS, BA, BS, BE, CL, DT, FF,             1–1.15pm & 7.30–7.45pm (food
St. Judes Church, 24 Colling-            FC, H, MH, MS, OL, TS                   and drink); English language class:
ham Road, London, SW5 0LX                                                        6–8pm; Wed, 1–1.15pm (food
020 7370 4424                            New Cross 999 Club                      and drink); 5.30–8pm (drop in, but
Mon & Wed: 2 – 4pm                       All Saints, Monson Rd, SE14             collect ticket at 4pm – food, showers
CL, FF                                   020 7732 0209                           and clothing); Thur, 1–1.15pm (food
                                         Mon–Fri: 10am–5pm                       and drink); JobCentrePlus (appoint-
                                         AD, ET, FF, L, LA                       ments): 2–6pm; 5.30–8pm (drop
Finsbury Park                                                                    in, but collect ticket at 4pm – food,
Street Drinkers Initiative                                                       showers and clothing); Fri: 1–
See Whitaker Centre                      New Horizon Youth Centre (16
                                         – 21 year olds)                         1.15pm (food and drink); chaplain’s
                                         68 Chalton Street, NW1 1JR              group (all welcome): 3–4pm; film
Hackney 180 First Contact &              • Due to reopen in January 2010         night (register early in the week): 5–
Advice (Thames Reach)                                                            8pm; 7.30–7.45pm (food and drink).
Hackney Methodist Church                                                         AC, BA, BS, CL, ET, FF, P
                                         North London Action for the
219 Mare St, E5
0208 985 6707                            Homeless (NLAH)
Mon–Thurs: 8am–9.30am                    St Paul’s Church Hall, Stoke
                                                                                 4 Lady Margaret Road, NW5 2XT
(breakfast club)                         Newington Rd, N16 7UE
                                                                                 Entrance in Falkland Road
                                         (Entrance on Evering Road)
                                                                                 020 7485 9160
                                         020 8802 1600
Hanbury Community Project (SCT)                                                  Mon – Sat; 2 – 3pm: Sun; 3 – 4pm
                                         Mon: 12noon-1.30pm;
Details of their changes have been                                               BS, CL, FF, H
                                         and Wed: 7-830pm
confirmed, and they’re now called
                                         BA, BS, CL, FF
the New Hanbury Project, and listed                                              Shoreditch Community Project
under Employment & Training                                                      (SCT) St Leonard’s Church
                                         Our Lady Help of Christians             Shoreditch High St, E1
The Haven Club                           Catholic Church                         020 7613 3232
At the Holy Cross Centre                 see SanKTus                             Mon & Wed; 9.30am–
(See below).                                                                     12.30pm; Tues: 2–4pm
Mon: 6pm–10pm                            The Passage (25+)                       FF, BA, OL, P
For self-treating drug & alcohol         St Vincent’s Centre,
users: no using on day or no entry       Carlisle Place, SW1P                    Simon Community
                                         020 7592 1850                           129 Malden Rd, Kentish
Holy Cross Centre                        Mon–Fri: 8am–12pm (for rough            Town, NW5 4HS
The Crypt, Holy Cross Church             sleepers); 12–2pm (Lunch);              020 7485 6639
Cromer St, WC1                           2–6pm (appointments); 4.30–6pm          Mon: 11am–3.30pm; Wed:
020 7278 8687                            (verified rough sleepers – by invita-   11am–5pm;Thursday: 11am–6pm
Mon: 2pm–5pm; Tues: 6–9pm;               tion); Sat–Sun: 9am–12noon.             AS, B, BA, BS, BE, CL, C,
(ticket required) Thurs: 5–8pm           A, BA, CA, CL, D, ET, F, FC,            FF, H, IT, L, LS, OB, P
(Italian speakers session); Fri:         H, IT, L, MH, MS, P, TS
12 noon–3pm (refugees and                                                        Southwark Salvation Army
asylum seekers session).                                                         1 Princess Street, SE1 6HH
AC, FF, H, IT, LA, LF, MH, P                                                     020 7928 7136
                                                                                    34 / The Pavement, December 2009
London Irish Centre
50–52 Camden Sq, NW1 9XB
020 7916 2222
Ring for service times
A, BA, C, CL, D, ET, H, MC
No 10 – Care Advice Service
10 Princess St
Oxford Circus, W1C 2DJ
020 7629 5424
Wed: 6.30pm–8pm (drop in – 18+)
BA, C, CA, ET, H
Notre Dame Refugee Centre
5 Leceister Pl, WC2H 7BX
020 7434 1619
Mon and Thurs: 11am–4pm
(drop-in) Service for French-speak-
ing refugees and asylum seekers
BA, C, CA, FF, H
ScotsCare & Borderline (for Scots
in London)
37 King St, Covent                      Acton Homeless Concern                    (advice); 12pm–3.30pm (drop-in);
Garden, WC2E 8JS                        Emmaus House                              12 noon–1pm (sandwiches).
Call the helpline on 0800 6522 989      1 Berrymead Gardens, Acton                AC, BA, BS, CA, CL, C, ET, FF,
BA, CA, H, B, P, TS                     020 8992 5768                             H, IT, L, LA, LF, MC, P
Borderline (for Scots):                 Call for opening times                    Women only
Mon– Fri: 09.30am–12.30pm               A, B, BA, CL, D, DT, ET, F, FC
(appointments); Mon, Tue,                                                         The Connection at St Martin’s
Thu, Fri: 2–4pm (walk in)               Aldgate Advice Centre                     12 Adelaide St, WC2
0800 174 047 (Freephone)                See Providence Row (The                   020 7766 5544                Dellow Centre)                            Mon–Fri: 9am–12.30pm (12pm
A, BA, C, CL, D, H, MH, P                                                         Wed). Various afternoon sessions
                                        Broadway Day Centre                       from 1pm (except Wed). Weekends:
St Giles Trust                          Market Lane, Shepherds Bush, W12          9am–1pm (no entry after 10.30am).
64 Camberwell Church St, SE5 8JB        020 8735 5810                             There are also drop-in sessions on
020 7703 7000                           Mon–Fri: 10am – 1pm (drop-                Tues & Thurs 4.30pm–7.30pm.
Mon–Fri: 9.30am–12.30pm                 in); 2 – 4pm (Appointments)               A, AC, BA, BS, CA, CL, D, ET, F, FC,
A, BA, BS, D, ET, H, L, MH, MS, P, TS   AD, A, BA, BS, CL, DA, D, ET, F, FC, H,   H, IT, MC, MH, MS, OB, P, SK, SS
                                        IT, L, LA, MS, MH, ML, P, SK, SH, TS
Women’s Link                                                                      Croydon Resource Centre
26 Hanbury St, E1 6QR                   Bromley 999 Club                          70a Wellesley Rd, Croydon, CR0 2AR
0800 652 3167 (ring first)              424 Downham Way,                          020 8686 1222
AS, H                                   Downham, BR1 5HR                          Mon–Fri: 10am –3pm
                                        020 8698 9403                             AS, BA, CA, CL ET, F, IT, LA
BENEFITS AGENCY                         Mon–Fri: 10am –5pm
See Jobcentre Plus                      AD, L, FF                                 Cricklewood Homeless Concern
                                                                                  60 Ashford ROAD, NW2 6TU
DAY CENTRES AND DROP-INS                Chelsea Methodist Church                  020 8208 8590
                                        155a Kings Road, SW3 5TX        
Ace of Clubs (16+)                      020 7352 9305                             Homeless drop-in: 28a Fortunegate
St Alphonsus Rd, Clapham, SW4 7AS       Mon: 9am–3.30pm; Tues & Thurs:            Rd, Craven Park, NW10 9RE
020 7622 3196                           8.30am–3.30pm (last laundry               Tues & Fri: 10am–2.30pm;
Mon–Fri: 12noon–5pm; ;                  at 1pm); Fri: 9.30am–2pm                  Weds & Thurs: 12.30–2.30pm
Sat & Sun: 12noon–2pm                   F, L, P                                   Mental health drop-in: in flat
BS, DT, F, FC, H, IT, L, MS, OB, P                                                above St Gabriel’s Hall
                                        Church Army (women)                       77 Chichele Rd, Crickle-
                                        1–5 Cosway St, NW1                        wood, NW2 3AQ
                                        020 7262 3818                             Tues–Fri: 10am–12 noon.
                                        Mon–Thurs: 9.30am–12pm                    AC, BA, BS, H, IT, L, MS, OL
The Pavement, December 2009 / 35
The directory of London’s homeless services                          Updated 1st December 2009
   Key to the list:                  Debt advice – DA                Luggage stowage – LS
   Accom assistance – AS             Dentist – DT                    Medical services – MS
   Advocacy – AD                     Drugs workers – D               Mental health – MH
   Alcohol workers – A               Education/training – ET         Music classes – MC
   Art classes – AC                  Free food – FF                  Needle exchange – NE
   Barber – B                        Food – F                        Outreach worker links – OL
   Benefits advice – BA              Foot care – FC                  Outreach workers – OB
   Bathroom/showers – BS             Housing/accom advice – H        Pavement stockist – P
   Bedding available – BE            Internet access – IT            Safe keeping – SK
   Careers advice – CA               Laundry – L                     Sexual health advice – SH
   Clothing – CL                     Leisure activities – LA         SSAFA – SS
   Counselling – C                   Leisure facilities – LF         Tenancy support – TS
Email changes and suggestions to:   For those aged 16 – 25 years,    CHAS (Central London)          who are homeless or at risk      19–20 Shroton St, NW1 6UG
Or write to our address on page 3   of becoming homeless.            020 7723 5928
Updated entries:      12            AS, AD, BA, CA, ET, H, IT, TS    By appointment only
Services added:       3                                              BA, DA, H
                                    Borderline (for Scots)
ADVICE SERVICES                     See ScotsCare                    Depaul UK (young people)
                                                                     291-299 Borough High Street, SE1
                                    Bridge Resource Centre           1JG
Advisory Service for Squatters                                       020 7939 1220 (central office)
                                    Bridge Close, Kingsdown
Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High   Close, W10 6TW         
Street, E1 7QX                      0208 960 6798
0203 216 0099 (cheaper to call      CA, ET, IT,                      HOPE worldwide / Two Step
0845 644 5814 from land lines                                        360 City Road, EC1V 2PY
outside London)                     The Caravan Drop-In              020 7713 7655                 St James’s Church, 197           Mon–Fri 10am–4pm
                                    Piccadilly, W1                   (appointments only)
                                    Open daily: Sat – Mon; 10am      AS, H, TS, P
Alone in London (16–25 years)
Unit 6, 48 Provost Street,          – 7pm: Tues – Fri; 11am – 7pm
London, N1 7SU                      A friendly ear to listen, with   KCAH
020 7278 4224                       some access to counselling       36a Fife Rd, KT1 1SU
Mon-Fri: 9am – 1pm and 2pm          C                                020 8255 2439
– 4pm; Note – advice by appoint-                                     BA, FF, H
ment only on Tuesday.
                                                                        36 / The Pavement, December 2009