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									Parts of Body Massage
Relaxing Back Massage 20 min EUR 24,00

This massage will release muscle tense

Neck- and Shoulder Massage 25 min EUR 30,00

This massage will improve blood circulation and relieves you from headaches and tensions in the
head- and shoulder region.

Glacier-Shock-Massage 15 min EUR 20,00

For this massage there will be peppermint-oil used, which stimulates the body, relieves you from
headaches and tensions in the neck- and temple region.

Feet Massage 25 min EUR 30,00

For tired feet and weak blood circulation this massage is essential– it improves the blood circulation
and well being.

Full Body Massage
Sensitive Relaxation Massage 50 min EUR 60,00

Pleasant and invigorating massage using a variety of special and essential oils – choose among:
“Active”, “Relax”, “Eros” or “Harmony” .

Hot Stone Natural Power Massage 90 min EUR 108,00

Experience the combined power of heat and real stones. The hot stones will be placed on the clients
chakras – this creates deep stress relaxation and well-being. Feel energetic and be aware of a
positive thinking.
Full Body Massage with Aura Soma Equilibrium Oil 50 min EUR 65,00

This method works with a “spa-chromatics”-system. Each colour of the Aura Soma Equilibrium Oil has
a certain meaning concerning your life task and life style. This session includes a short consultation as
well. You can purchase the oils separately for 26 EUR each.

Pressure Point Massage 50 min EUR 60,00

Trough pressure to a relevant “trigger-point” of your body muscle tensions will be released on a
neuro-physiological base.

Lyphatic Drainage 25 min EUR 30,00

It helps to purify your body – it stimulates the flow of your lymphs and it so removes toxins and
waste of your circulation. It also boosts the immune system.

Feet reflexology Massage 50 min EUR 60,00

The reflexology is an exactly elaborated special therapy to bring physical problems or disorders back
in balance. The entire body and organs are supported by the reflex-points of your feet .

Head Massage 25 min EUR 30,00

This massage will improves relaxation and releases tensions in the head- and neck region.

Bath Therapy (25 min)
Aroma Washings EUR 22,00

Our Aroma Washings have different additives – depending on your needs:

“Aktiv” – with ginger and lime – invigorating effect

“Relax” – with lavender and vanilla – relaxing effect

“Eros” – with Ylang-Yan and Osmanthus – seductive effect

“Harmony” – with rose and sea buckthorn – balancing effect

“Body Line” – with juniper and algae – tightening effect

Light Bath (For Two) EUR 29,00

Dive into a comforting fizzy water – similar to a Jacuzzi tub – with intensive coloured lights and enjoy
the relaxing feeling.

Seasalt Bath EUR 22,00

This bath has a purifying and nurturing effect.
Algae Bath EUR 22,00

This bath has a purifying and detoxing effect

“Huile d´or” Bath (“Gold-Oil-Bath”) EUR 22,00

This is a bath with the Maria Galland additive “Huile dór” with its oriental fragrance and detoxing

“Huile de bain sources d’ámazonas” Bath (“Amazonian Spring Bath Oil”) EUR 22,00

This is a bath with the Maria Galland additive “Huile de bain sources d’ámazonas” with its fresh and
tart characteristics.

Medical Washings
Bath for detoxication 25 min EUR 20,00

The additives of this bath with a basic effect will bring your acid-base balance back in balance.

Bath for relaxation 25 min EUR 20,00

Bath for invigoration 25 min EUR 20,00

Detoxing Foot-Bath with Feet Massage 45 min EUR 40,00

Fitness / Exercise Therapy
Yoga, Pilates, Qi-Gong training 50 min EUR 60,00

Vibration training 25 min EUR 30,00

This training session helps to improve your body balance and coordination as well as the condition. It
stabilizes your spine, too.

Personal Training 30 min EUR 40,00

This session includes the instruction to the Fitness equipment, creation of a personal training
schedule and the training itself.

Oxygen Therapy
Oxithemie EUR 70,00

This treatment is a combination of oxygen and heat after the famous Prof. Manfred von Ardenne. It
boosts your immune system. Helps to release burn out syndrome, tiredness and chronic pain…

Oxygen Therapy EUR 50,00

This treatment is a combination of the training on the “Ergometer” and oxygen. It works similar to
the Oxtihemie, only without heat.
Body Rubs / Soft Packs
Cleopatra Softpack 30 min EUR 29,00

With milk and honey – for smooth skin

Aloe Vera Softpack 30 min EUR 29,00

With Aloe Vera – tightening, skin-protecting, moisturizing and soothing

Thalasso Softpack 30 min EUR 39,00

with Algae – purifies and tightens. It is a good cellulite-treatment

Ayurvedic Consultation 60 min EUR 45,00

detailed consultation with the ayurvedic specialist.

Head Massage (Shiro Abhyanga) 30 min EUR 25,00

When oil is applied to the head, gets absorbed into the scalp through the roots of the hair. It
improves circulation to the head, relaxing the muscles and nervefibres. This helps to refresh both the
mind and the body, relieving tension and fatigue and improving the complexion. Massage to the
head increases the prana, the subtle aspect of the Vata dosha energy to the body.

Facial Massage ( Muka Abhyanga) 20 min EUR 20,00

The smooth strokes of the massage releases subtle tensions underneath the skin. The intricate
massage activates deep centres of the brain, reflex points, energy meridians, and facial circulation to
totally soothe the body. Tensions in the neck, shoulders, and face are freed and energy is rebalanced
from head to toe. Pressure points work on deeper tissues or reflexively on associated organ systems.

Whole Body Massage (Abhyanga) 60 min EUR 52,00

The whole body massage is always given with different types of oil depending on the body type (vata,
pitta, kapha, or a combination). It is very beneficial for general rejuvenation, skin and
musculoskeletal conditioning or problems such as obesity, body aches and pain.

Neck- and Shoulder Massage (Griiva/Skandah Abhyanga) 25 min EUR 25,00

Special herbal oil is applied to the neck and the shoulder to release muscular spasm, rheumatic pain
and stress related conditions as the neck and the shoulder area is often stiff and tense.

Arm Massage ( Baahu Abhyanga) 25 min EUR 25,00

Headaches, neck pain and aching shoulders or tired hands can all be caused by tension in the arms.
Massaging the arms helps the arms and shouldres to relax, and can alleviate many of these problems.
Hand Massage (Hastha Abhyanga) 20 min EUR 25,00

Hand massage works deeply by stimulating acupuncture points and energy meridians that run
through the hands to the tips of the fingers. And, like foot reflexology, the hand has areas that are
associated with the various organs and systems within the body. This helps the body deal more easily
with the extra toxins that you release through the hand massage.

Leg Massage (Pada Abhyanga) 30 min EUR 30,00

By stimulating the circulation, massage brings blood and nutrients to the legs and helps to prevent
varicose veins. More active people can use leg massage as a warm-up before exercise and to get rid
of tightness or cramp in the muscles afterwards. Deep, firm massage on the large muscles will help to
dispel fatigue. Gentle stroking up the legs towards the lymph nodes can help to reduce puffiness or

Foot Massage (Pada Abhyangha) with Foot Bath (Padavagaha) 25 min EUR 25,00

During foot massage, special attention is focused on the „tender spots“. This massage produces a
reflect effect on the internal organs as well as creating a combined soothing and invigorating effect.
Massage oft he feet prevents and cures dryness, numbness, roughness, fatigue and cracking of the
heels. It is wonderful for relieving acute pain, improving posture, as well as health oft he organs.

Back Massage (Paschima Abhyanga) 20 min EUR 25,00

The massage is performedwith „pain reducing herbal oils“ on the back and along the spine. Back
massage can have profoundly relaxing effect, lowering stress levels, easing pain and inducing a
blissful state of response.

Multiple Joint Massage 30 min EUR 34,00

A special massage with herbal oils is performed on multiple joints. Relieves aches, pains and stiffness
in the joints.

Massage with Peeling effects (Udvartana) 70 min EUR 75,00

A type of body massage with special medicated oil or with a paste made of ground grains, which
cleanses the skin and increasescirculation in the body. It promotes weight loss and clears away
clogging impurities that might cause problems such as cellulite. This is socially effective in obesity.

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