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 Sept 2007
                               I   N DEP EN DEN T            L   EARN I N G         C   EN T RE

  Top websites for learners and teachers of English
   Se l f -S tu d y T e st s , Q u iz z es , G a m es , P uz z le s , Ex e r ci s e, I nd e pe n de nt Le a r ni ng

Grammar/Vocab/Spelling                 Guide to                                                English in the News
                                                             Learn thousands of new
                                   Grammar & Writing                                
     BBC Skillwise            words needed to be                                        comfortable in English.

                                                             The vocabulary guides
                                                             are in essence virtual
                                                             worlds.    Users      visit
                                                             different parts of this
                                                             world (i.e. insects, the
                                                             family, the farm). Great
                                                             for elementary level.           Features exercises and
Full of worksheets, fact                                                                     activities to develop high
                              Interactive   grammar
sheets and fun on-line                                                                       intermediate/advanced
                              workout maintained by                     Listening
games and quizzes to                                                                         learners'        listening,
                              Capital     Community
help practise spelling,                                                                      reading comprehension,
                              College.                           The English Listening
punctuation,  grammar,                                                                       grammar, vocabulary.
reading & comprehension             Grammar Blast!     
                                                                                               California Distance
  Activities for ESL
                                                                                                Learning Project

                              Have     a     blast   with    Features recordings of
                              Grammar Blast! Answer                                          CDLP Web site has an
                                                             ordinary          English
                              10 questions and earn up                                       exciting       new      look
Over 1,000 activities to                                     speakers, with questions
                              to 100 game points. To                                         including audio-enhanced
help study English as a                                      and other study aids. 3
                              play, just click on the link                                   reading, vocabulary, and
Second Language.                                             levels available.
                              below and choose a quiz.                                       “pick       an      answer”
                                                                                             activities, and some new
                                                                  Randall's ESL Cyber
                                   English Exercises                                         features like a word and
     NetGrammar                                                     Listening Lab
                                        Online                                               definition        matching                                   
                                                              game,             simplified
                                                                                             navigation      and   lively
                                                                                             animated graphics.

                                                                                                 English Language
                                                                                                Listening Lab Online

NetGrammar focuses on
English grammar through       Free access to more than
interactive     listening,    100     vocabulary    and
reading     and    writing    grammar        resources,
activities.                   interactive quizzes and
                              exercises, ready-to-use
  Business Grammar            handouts    and    lesson        ideas.                         Great collection of video
                                                             and audio clips tied to         Learn English by listening
                                   Vocabulary Guides         English         language
                                                              to English speakers from
                                                             exercises.                      all over the world.
                                                             Comes with a useful self-       Over       500    listening
                                                             study guide for home or         activities to choose from!
                                                             classroom use with some         Great for new learners.
                                                             of the listening quizzes. 3
More than 250         free                                   levels available.
exercises online.
        Reading                        General                    English Zone
                                                              Dave’s ESL Cafe
    Online Reading                   HCT Portal
     Passages and      

       Exercises                 User ID= 970003062
                                Password= 970003062

                                                             A fun site for students
                                                             who are learning English     A comprehensive, award
                                                             as a Second Language -       winning ESL Centre.
                              The Higher Colleges of         check out the fun stuff
                              Technology’s       portal      page.                           Test Preparation
Reading          resources
                              containing great online
created       to       test
                              activities and downloads          English Page
comprehension. Includes
                              for English (Including                 SelfAccess
quizzes, online activities
                              PET, IELTS, KCA) maths,                            
and     other       helpful                                                                    Username=999
                              business etc.
materials that are well-                                                                       Password=999
organized and easy to
                                  English Lessons
                                     and Tests
   On-Line Lessons
    Reading Skills

                                                             Free     online English
                                                             lessons & ESL / EFL
                                                             resources           for
                                                             intermediate       and
                                                             advanced        English      Interactive,     self-study
                              Learners of English will       learners.                    learning tools for English
                              find    all  types    of                                    language     and    ILELTS
Timed online readings         interactive tests   and            English Forum            students.
with new lessons added        exercises          here:
regularly.                    grammar,    vocabulary,                                           Word Skills
                              reading,    crosswords,                           
         Writing              hangman and more.

                                   English Baby!
 A Guide to Learning 

                                                             Interactive      English
                                                             language       exercises.
                                                             Grammar,      Vocabulary
                                                             and Idioms                   Test your level of English
                                                                                          here - 3 levels to choose
                                                                   ESL Blue(s)            from.   Each test takes
                                                           about 10-15 minutes.

                              Hip website providing                                        International House
English writing exercises     students of English with                                     Net Languages Test
including texts to correct    access to real English, as                         
and complete spelling &       it's spoken today, by
punctuation, and many         Americans, in the U.S.
different kinds of word
game. There are also          Breaking News English
opportunities to practice     contain a news article,
creative writing. Three       listening   (MP3     file),    English         grammar,
levels available.             podcast, communication         interactive       quizzes,
                              activities,  pair  work,       tutorials and games.
                              discussion, reading and
                              vocabulary exercises.                                       Do the free level test and
                                                                                          even try a sample class.

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