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facial rejuvenation


									Facial rejuvenation

         ace and body rejuvenation proce-            Botox, also an injection, relaxes underlying
         dures have become increasingly              muscles and thereby reduces frowns and
         popular and more widely accessi-            lines. "Depending on individual rejuvena-
ble in recent years. With new options                tion needs, there are numerous solutions
becoming available all the time comes                available. These injections are popular
a need for professional advice. Always               because there is a very predictable outcome
consult an expert to determine the most              and effectively no downtime," explained Dr.
appropriate procedure. We asked Dr.                  Kesarwani.
Kesarwani, plastic surgeon and Medical
Director for the Cosmedical Rejuvenation             When are laser and light
Clinic and Head of the Plastic Surgery               treatments appropriate?
Division at Toronto East General                     Laser and light treatments cater to a wide
Hospital, to explain some of the facial              variety of skin rejuvenation needs. Intense
rejuvenation alternatives.                           Pulse Light (IPL) treatments are most often      neck addressing the deeper tissues and
                                                     used to decrease brown spots and blotchy         the skin. Dr. Kesarwani explains that
What is the latest innovation                        redness, thereby increasing the skin’s radi-     "Surgical procedures are safe and provide
in facial rejuvenation?                              ance and essentially reversing the visual        a natural result with some recovery time.
Sculptra, otherwise known as the "liquid             effects of sun damage. There are other           Eyelid surgery on its own provides the
facelift", is a newly approved procedure by          lasers that treat acne scarring, decrease pore   biggest bang for the buck with highly
Health Canada and a popular alternative to           size and improve skin texture, while still       predictable results."
facelifts among those who don't want sur-            others work to eliminate spider veins.
gery or downtime. It involves an injection              The Titan laser works on deeper tissues       How can people maintain
of dissolvable suture-like material, which           using heat to strengthen the skin’s collagen,    healthy looking skin year
triggers the body to stimulate the skin’s            thereby tightening the face overall.             round?
collagen production to restore facial full-             Photorejuvenation treatments are a very       It is important to take care of your skin
ness and lift sagging tissues. The effect            effective way to reduce the signs of sun         through a daily regimen that includes
lasts more than two years and can be                 damage and to predictably provide more           vitamin based moisturizers that will
touched up periodically. Dr. Kesarwani               youthful, healthy skin. "Many of my IPL          restore fullness to the tissues. This may
explains, "The liquid facelift is revolution-        patients, typically fair-skinned with sun        be complemented by a cleansing ritual
ary in its ability to create a more youthful         damage, come in for a treatment over their       including exfoliating creams to remove
appearance without surgery. It has changed           lunchtime," said Dr. Kesarwani. "However,        the superficial layers of dead skin and
our approach to facial rejuvenation."                depending on individual needs, some may          give skin a healthy glow. On a regular
                                                     have photorejuvenation treatments in con-        basis it is also useful to more intensively
What are the advantages of                           junction with Sculptra or a facelift."           exfoliate the skin and smooth fine lines
facial injections?                                                                                    with microdermabrasion and chemical
In addition to Sculptra, injections such as          Who is a good candidate for                      peels. It is essential to protect the skin
Restylane and Juvederm are non-intimidat-            a facelift?                                      daily with sunscreen and to avoid exces-
ing ways of experiencing cosmetic rejuve-            There are several surgical facial rejuvenation   sive sun exposure which prematurely
nation procedures that are reversible. Their         procedures including brow lifts, eyelid lifts    ages the skin, as does smoking.
purpose is to fill in folds, wrinkles and            and facelifts. Brow lifts are advised for           It is clear that there is a wide variety
lines and restore fullness and reduce hol-           those with frowns and forehead wrinkles,         of facial rejuvenation options available. A
lows. The results are natural and last from          while eyelid surgery eliminates upper lid        qualified professional can help assess your
three months to one year depending on                hooding and lower lid bags. Modern               needs and recommend the right options
the injection site. On the other hand,               facelifts tighten the cheeks, jaw line and       for improving your appearance.

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