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					FOX SPORTS News     

FOX SPORTS News is Australia’s first, and only, dedicated 24 hour sports news
service. A natural news extension of the FOX SPORTS brand, FOX SPORTS News
provides timely, accurate news, results, opinions, comment and analysis covering
a wide range of sports from within the country and across the globe.

From 15 minute news updates at breakfast and regular 30 minute bulletins
throughout the day, to one hour in-depth programs such as the Long Lunch, and
the magazine-style News and Views every night, FOX SPORTS News allows sports
fans to stay up to date with all the news and stats 24 hours a day, seven days a

Broadcasting from studios in Sydney and Melbourne, with reporters also operating
out of Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, FOX SPORTS News provides truly national
coverage, combining reports from the field and interviews with Australia’s high
profile sports stars.

   On average, it reaches 1.1 million     Average audience has grown by
   different people each week             over 1/3 since last year
   Subscribers are more likely to be
   managers at work

Source: OzTAM, National STV Homes, Wks 1-40 2008, Excl Olympics Wks 32-35,
06:00-24:00. NMR Panorama, Sept–Aug 08, Various Demo, Statements are
Strongly Agree, Results index STV v Non-STV Viewers. 'Channel viewer’ are people
who list channel as favourite / watch regularly.
Key programs
FOX SPORTS News & Views

Fox Sports News and Views is the premier sports news review
program on the Fox Sports News Channel. Broadcast live and
daily at 9pm, it's anchored by hosts in Sydney and
Melbourne, together with guests in both locations. Designed
to give viewers an in-depth look at the major events of the
day, 'News and Views' provides a lively and entertaining hour
of news, debate and comment on the big stories from home and abroad.

FOX SPORTS News Long Lunch

Join the team for the best lunch in Australia seven days a
week. If you miss the midday bulletin we’ll do it again for you
at 1pm. It’s sports news, scores and extended highlights of
the best sports action from across the world.

FOX SPORTS News Express

FOX SPORTS News Express is a complete, up to the minute
bulletin with comprehensive coverage all the top stories -
every 30 minutes. FOX SPORTS News Express is shown
weekday afternoons and weekend early evenings.

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