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					Have you always wanted to dive in the South Pacific? Does the image
of tropical Fiji bring to mind lush hillsides with gently swaying palm
trees on a sandy beach bordering the sea decorated in all colors of
turquoise and azure blue? It does for us too, and because we loved Fiji
so much the last time we were there, we are going again to enjoy the
exquisite scenery, wallow in famous Fijian hospitality, and experience
some fantastic diving to boot.
                                                                           One of Fiji’s 330 islands
                                     Our trip will consist of one week
                                     at Garden Island Resort on the island of Taveuni (February 11-18)
                                     with an optional extension of a week at Wananavu Resort on the
                                     little island of Nananu-I-Ra February 18-25).

                                     On February 9, 2009 we will be winging our way from Los
                                     Angeles across the wide Pacific, and after crossing the dateline,
                                     touch down in Nadi, (prounced nan’-dee) Fiji early on the
                                     morning of February 11. Really, it is just an overnight flight out
                                     of LAX. Have dinner on board, hit the sack, and wake up with a
                                     call to breakfast before landing in Fiji. We’ll transfer to our
                                     domestic airline and fly over Fiji’s blue waters to Taveuni, the
                                     third largest island in Fiji, which sits on the edge of Somosomo
                                     Straits where the famous dive sites Rainbow Reef and the Great
                                     White Wall can
   The restaurant staff making       be found.
   sure you have plenty to eat
                                    Known as the
garden island of Fiji,Taveuni is lush and green with
splendid waterfalls adding that romantic touch to the
already fantastic scenery. The resort sits on the
water’s edge and each room has an ocean view. All
meals are provided, and they aren’t skimpy either.
The staff expects you to eat heartily, and if it was up
to them, you would definitely weigh more when you
leave than when you arrived.

The resort’s dive shop, Aqua Trek Taveuni, is right
                               on-site, They take care of The view from your balcony              and
                               make sure your gear is on                                           the
                               boat for the next day’s diving. Shore diving is available, and
                               depending on tides and weather, night dives are available if 4 or
                               more people are interested. All dives are on Rainbow Reef, and the
                               area has lots of soft coral, which is great, and the reason there is so
                               much soft coral is the Somosomo Straits, where Rainbow Reef sits, is
                               washed with significant currents. In fact, Fiji is known as the soft
                               coral capital of the world.

                                   The dive guides will decide which sites are best given whether the
 Aqua Trek Taveuni Staff          tide is incoming or outgoing. But you are sure to be amazed at the
beauty of the undersea panorama in any case. Soft coral
comes in a rainbow hue of colors, but mostly all vivid pink,
red, yellow, orange, and lavender. Swarms of anthias fish
seem to cover every coralhead or bommie.

The diving is simply splendid. You might think you have
found underwater nirvana. And if that isn’t enough, we can
expect the water temperature in Fiji to be between 80 to 85
                               degrees!!! All you really
                               need might be a lycra skin,
                               but certainly nothing more than          Soft coral delight in Fiji

                                Activities at Garden Island Resort aren’t limited to diving. There is a
                                really cool natural rock waterslide that is fun to visit and is only a

    Close-up of soft coral     short walk away. Fijian kids are brave as they leap into the pool from a

rock ledge more than 10 feet above. You might even want to dare a run
on the water slide yourself. I’ve done it and it was a thrill, though that
was 12 years ago, and the last time I was there my courage had
diminished or I was just plain lazy. Still, it is worth the 15 minutes it
takes to walk there.

Kayaking and snorkeling are also available, and options to do
birdwatching or hiking abound. If you were in the mood to attend
church and hear the harmonious voices of Fijians in worship, I can
assure you it would be worth the time to do so. It is a memory you will
cherish. There are also other waterfalls you can visit or do the coastal
Lavena walk. All can be arranged by the hotel staff. So even if you aren’t a Taveuni parrot
diver, there is plenty to do at Garden Island Resort. You can view the
website at:

February 18 will find us bidding Garden Island Resort a fond farewell and flying back to Nadi where
                                we will be escorted on a two hour leisurely drive in an air conditioned
                                van to our new Fijian home,
                                Wananavu Resort, on the very
                                northern tip of Viti Levu near the
                                town of Raki Raki. Here we will
                                settle in to our bures (bungalows)
                                for another week in paradise.
     Beach at Wananavu         Our resort’s website can be viewed
                               at .

Comfortable    upmarket      accommodations     in   a    beachside
environment will continue to enhance our Fijian adventure. Every bure is      Wananavu Resort
ocean or garden facing or overlooking the beach so you can be assured of unforgettably stunning
views. With your own private bathroom and balcony, you can really appreciate the peace and relaxing
atmosphere that the resort has to offer their guests. With a queen bed, these bures are beautifully
decorated with pine-lined walls and polished timber floors.

For diving we will be treated well by Kai Viti Divers, who in their fast
boats will make sure we see the best of diving in this area, which is
called the Bligh Waters. This area is pristine and like Somosomo
Straits, has currents that provide not only extensive soft corals, but
sometimes affords the opportunity to see plenty of sharks, dolphins,
and thousands of other fish and colorful and intriguing invertebrates.
This area used to be only accessible by liveaboard boats, but now you
can experience for yourself what some believe to be the very best of
Fijian diving.

                                           The waters here are known
                                           for their good visibility and
                                           elaborate biodiversity, thus
                                           making this the cream of
                                           the Fijian dive experience.
                                           This destination is absolutely worth extending for the
                                           second week, and from what we’ve heard, we probably
                                           have saved the very best for last on our Test The Waters
                                           South Seas Expedition.

                                           If you have any doubts as to the quality of the diving here,
    A color explosion of soft coral        and why you simply must go with us to Wananavu, please
                                       go to this website where you can see for yourself the amazing
                                       photos taken by folks who have dived with Kai Viti in the
Bligh Waters. That link is: . Each “album” has several photos in it.
Click and enter to see what you will be missing if you don’t dive with us at Nananu-I-Ra. I have not
dived here, but I have wanted to for about ten years, and so this will definitely be a not-to-be-missed

Kai Viti’s 40 foot and 35 foot jet boats will quickly
and comfortably transport us to one of the many
explored and unexplored dive sites in the Vatu-I-Ra
Passage. These purpose-built vessels have an ample
supply of water for fresh showers after a day of
diving, a head for your convenience, and roomy
underwater camera staging area. Kai Viti’s goal is to
provide a quality dive experience that is ecological
conscientious, that is service orientated and is ethical
in all aspects. Our diving days are tailored to
correspond with the optimum tide for the desired dive we wish to A Kai Viti dive boat
experience that day. The moon phase, tides and weather will be
considered to optimize the dive plan for pelagics, soft corals, or small critters.

Activities here can keep the non-diver or diver occupied as well, Here is a list of non-diving options:
   •   Snorkeling to the outer reef
   •   BBQ/picnic/snorkeling trip to the outer islands
   •   Nananu-I-Ra circle island tour
   •   Waterfall and cultural tour
   •   Village tour
   •   Village tour and visit the Church of the Black Christ
   •   Town trip (via taxi)
   •   Deep sea fishing
   •   Spa and beauty treatments
   •   Horseback riding
   •   Bamboo rafting
   •   Or you could just nap in a
       hammock at the beach

Fiji is calling, and you have almost a year to prepare. We can set up
a payment plan for you to ensure the cost for your space on this
fantastic adventure is spread out over the year. Only $200 holds
your spot, and is refundable up to 90 days from departure.

 Inclusions for the packages are:

Week one - $2849* diver, $2649* non-diver
Roundtrip airfare Los Angeles to Taveuni, Fiji
7 nights in oceanview air conditioned room
5 days of 2 tank boat dives
All meals at the hotel
Airport transfers
One one hour massage

Week two - $1549* diver, $849* non-diver
7 nights deluxe bure at oceanside resort
5 days of 2 tank boat dives
All meals at the hotel
Airport transfers

* prices may fluctuate

       Test The Waters                     Karen Gordon
        907-474-9000                        907-457-3483