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                                  By Jesse Moss

                                  MEDIA ALERT – FACT SHEET

National Air Date:      Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 10:00 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings)

Summary:                This award-winning film looks at the promising racing career and troubled
                        family life of Ed "Speedo" Jager, one of the nation's top demolition-derby
                        drivers. Trapped in a failing marriage, Speedo channels life's frustrations onto
                        the track, hoping to parlay his talents into a "real" racing career. The film
                        captures Speedo's collisions and confrontations during one tumultuous year as
                        he struggles to achieve his dreams on the track and succeed as a husband, a
                        father and a man. When he falls for Liz, a racetrack official from New Jersey,
                        his life takes a surprising turn.

Statement:              Jesse Moss
                        “Originally, I was planning on making a film about the many drivers who
                        compete in demolition derbies at the Riverhead Raceway in Long Island. I
                        made my first visit to the track one summer evening in 1999, out of mere
                        curiosity, and was instantly intoxicated by the amazing spectacle – the sounds,
                        the smoke, the smells – everything about it was fascinating to me. I
                        wondered why these men felt compelled to compete by taking their cars and
                        crashing them into each other and I was interested in exploring the culture of
                        the racetrack.

                        “Then I met Ed „Speedo‟ Jager, who at the time was the demolition derby
                        champion of Long Island. He was so captivating and original that I knew I had
                        to make my film about him. At first, I intended to focus specifically on
                        Speedo‟s racing, but as I followed more of his personal life, that quickly
                        became the focus of the film. I was continually struck by his devotion to his
                        two boys, despite the frustration and anger in his marriage. Then, when it
                        appeared he had hit rock bottom, the film became a love story.”

Peoples & Places
In Speedo:              Ed “Speedo” Jager
                        Born in 1959 in Queens, New York, Ed “Speedo” Jager spent his teenage years
                        building dirt bikes and motorized toys from junkyard materials. He started
                        derby racing in 1994 at Riverhead Raceway.

                        He married his wife Linda in 1979; they divorced in 2000. They have two
                        sons: Anthony, born in 1983 now a stock car derby racer, and Michael, born in
                        1988, also an aspiring racecar driver.
                         Speedo currently works at Haggan‟s Tire and Auto in Flemington, N.J. He lives
                         in Raritan Township, N.J. with his girlfriend, Liz Mallows, who was a track
                         official at Flemington Speedway until it closed in 2000. Liz‟s daughter, Tasha,
                         and Ed‟s son Michael also live with them. Speedo continues to race in New
                         Jersey and New York, primarily at Riverhead Raceway, where his oldest son,
                         Anthony, competes. On his off-hours and weekends, he continues to build and
                         rebuild cars.

                         Riverhead Raceway
                         Built in 1949, this demotion-derby raceway is one of the oldest in the country.
                         Located near the last exit on the Long Island Expressway, the raceway is one-
                         quarter mile asphalt, high-banked oval, which includes a Figure 8 course.
                         Riverhead Raceway is part of the NASCAR Winston Racing Series circuit and is
                         the only NASCAR stock car track in the New York metropolitan area. It has
                         five to six racing divisions every Saturday night with an average car count of
                         150 cars in the pits.
                         (Source: “New York Racetracks and Dragways,” Raceway Media Magazine,

Biography:               Jesse Moss
                         Recently named by Filmmaker Magazine one of “25 New Faces of Independent
                         Film,” Jesse Moss is the founder of Mile End Films, a New York-based film and
                         television production company. Prior to Speedo, Moss produced and directed
                         Con Man, a one-hour documentary about an Ivy League imposter, which aired
                         on HBO/Cinemax in 2002. He is currently completing a documentary special
                         for AMC about Republicans in Hollywood. In 1999, Moss produced Juvies for
                         A&E Investigative Reports. Moss was associate producer of the Oscar®-
                         nominated boxing documentary On the Ropes. Previously, he worked as a
                         producer and associate producer for Academy Award®-winningfilmmaker
                         Barbara Kopple. He also produced and directed Safe in the City, a fiction
                         short about HIV and STD prevention, for the Centers for Disease Control
                         (CDC), and Voices of Youth, a documentary short about foster care, for San
                         Francisco's Youth Law Center and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Moss is an
                         occasional contributor to indieWIRE, the on-line independent film magazine,
                         and has worked as a policy aide and speechwriter on Capitol Hill. He
                         graduated with honors from the University of California at Berkeley.

Length:                  86:46

Producer/Director:       Jesse Moss
Editor:                  Aaron Lubarsky
Additional Editing:      Youna Kwak
Cinematography:          Jesse Moss
Music:                   Jack Livesey
Co Producer:             Amanda McBaine
         Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (2003) – Audience Award
         Newport International Film Festival (2003) – Special Jury Prize
         Independent Film Festival, Boston (2003) - Grand Jury Prize, Best Documentary
         Hamptons International Film Festival (2003) – Audience Award, Best Long Island Film

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