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									        54,913 copies monthly
        CAB audit to March 31, 2008                                                                                     monthly

     Advertising rate sheet (GST included)
               54,913 coPies Per month. Audited 12 months to 31st mArch 2008. circulAtions Audit boArd
                               advertisers should note that this Victorian publication has no connecTion
                                           with a sydney-based company using a similar name!

distribution                                                         Advertisement sizes (h x w in mm)
Delivered each month to more than 1080 outlets in                    Full page:       380 x 263
Melbourne, Geelong, the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsula           Half page:       190 x 263
and several country Victorian centres. Distribution outlets          Third page:      135 x 263
are all specifically targeted to service the needs and interests     Quarter page:    175 x 149; 230 x 111; 100 x 263
of the over-fifty population: all Coles Supermarkets, most           Fifth page:      125 x 149; 166 x 111; 100 x 187
Safeway Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Retirement Villages,               Trader column ads - 3 sizes: 1 col x 15mm $17.60,
Bowling and other Sporting Clubs, Senior Citizens Clubs and          1col x 35mm $49.50 and 1col x 60mm $86.50.
Early Planning for Retirement organisations to name a few.           Pre-pay by Visa or Mastercard, ph 8415 1901.
Large numbers are also delivered to such public venues as
Information Victoria, Australian Retired Persons Association,        Position loAding & inserts
YW and YMCAs, University of the Third Age, public libraries          Front or back cover: add 20% of space cost
and various organisations conducting superannuation and              Other positions: add 10% of space cost
retirement seminars.                                                 Inserts: $93.50 per thousand or part thereof. (Min. 3000).
Distribution of Fifty-Plus News is finely tuned so that we           Agency commission
deliver enough papers to satisfy demand at each venue,
                                                                     Agency commission 10%.
thereby maximising our readership.
                                                                     mechAnicAl detAils
reAdershiP And content
                                                                     Tabloid newspaper.
Fifty-Plus News serves an important and growing sector               stock: 8pp 55gsm Norstar80, balance 52gsm Norstar.
of the community — those who are either approaching                  Page size: 405mm (h) x 289mm (w)
retirement or already enjoying life as retirees.                     Total print area: 380mm x 263mm. NO BLEEDS OR TRIM.
Its content covers a broad range of subjects including news          Format: 7 columns. 1 col: 35mm 2col: 73mm 3col: 111mm
and community service information, travel, health and                4col: 149mm 5col: 187mm 6col: 225mm 7 col: 263mm.
recreation, arts, theatre and other leisure pursuits, together       Ads can be supplied as high-res press ready PDF files.
with all-important financial and retirement advice by                Email artwork to:
reputable professionals.
The over-fifty age group is correctly regarded as a sector of        2008 deAdlines & releAse dAtes
the community which has a relatively high and consistent             month           booking deadline         release date
disposable income, which no longer is eroded by the needs            February          25 January             8 February
of caring for a growing family. It is an expanding market            March             22 February            7 March
with considerable buying and investment power.                       April             20 March               4 April
Fifty-Plus News offers a unique opportunity, on a monthly            May               18 April               2 May
basis, to gain valuable exposure in this market.                     June              23 May                 6 June
                                                                     July              20 June                4 July
Advertising rAtes - Per issue (gst & colour incl)                    August            18 July                1 August
                          casual 3 months            6 months        September         22 August              5 September
Full page               $2172.50 $2095.50              $2022.90      October           19 September           3 October
Half page               $1501.50 $1446.50              $1391.50      November          24 October             7 November
Third page                 $1122 $1083.50              $1043.90      December          21 November            5 December
Quarter page             $863.50          $836         $814          Advertising bookings And enquiries
Fifth page                  $759       $732.60         $707.30
3 columns x 12 cm        $537.90       $519.20         $500.50       CATHY RIDDLE Ph: (03) 8415 1901 Fax: (03) 8415 1902
3 columns x 10 cm        $447.70       $426.25         $414.70       Email:
2 columns x 10 cm        $301.40       $283.80         $275          telling words co also publishes coTa news, the official
2 columns x 5 cm            $154       $144.10         $138.05       publication for council on the Ageing (vic). Ask about
Full colour included. Other sizes are available: ring for a quote.   our discounted add-on rates.
         Published by telling words co Pty ltd Abn 99 051 956 024 • 62 wAles street thornbury vic 3071
                telePhone (03) 8415 1901 • fAcsimile (03) 8415 1902 • email:

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