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					                                                               Volume 1, Issue 2                             September 2007

                                                            The Paw Print                Quarterly Newsletter

                                         Leptospirosis Update
       Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease   becomes infected by drinking, walking      In dogs, the signs of Lepto include;      initial two shot series and
   carried by many animals, including         through, or swimming in contaminated       fever, decreased appetite, vomiting,      annual booster vaccination.
   livestock and wildlife, that can cause     water, or contact with contaminated        diarrhea, weakness, lethargy and          Lepto can be easily incorpo-
   severe illness in dogs and humans. For     moist soil. The bacteria enter through     jaundice (a yellowing of the skin,        rated into your dogs routine
   many years, leptospirosis has not been     breaks in the skin or through intact       gums and whites of the eyes). In the      vaccination program.
   a problem in suburban and urban areas      mucous membranes like the lining of        most severe cases, death may be
                                                                                                                                               -Dr. Mark Whitley
   because it seemed that the biggest risk    the mouth, eye or nose. The disease is     caused by kidney or liver failure.
   to dogs came from exposure to farm         contagious and can be passed from               Unfortunately, Lepto is not easy
   animals. For that reason, many veteri-     wildlife to dog, dog to dog, or wildlife   to diagnose, requiring numerous
   narians stopped using the vaccine.         or dog to humans. The risk of expo-        blood and urine tests that can be frus-
   With the increased pressure of land        sure increases during periods of high      trating and costly. If diagnosed early,
   development on wildlife habitat, the       rainfall and during the summer and         it can usually be effectively treated
   bacteria seems to have taken up resi-      early fall months. Cats, fortunately,      with aggressive supportive care like
   dence in the most common urban and         seem to have an innate resistance to       intravenous fluids and antibiotics.
   suburban wildlife, including rodents,      infection and are not vaccinated.               Because of the increased risk of
   raccoons, opossums, skunks and deer.           The Centers for Disease Control        exposure of dogs to Lepto, our veteri-
                                                                                                                                   A microscopic view of the
       The bacteria is passed in the urine    and Prevention estimates that up to 200    narians are considering recommend-
                                                                                                                                    Leptospirosis bacterium
   into water sources like puddles, ponds     cases are diagnosed in humans each         ing vaccination of your dog on a case
   and lakes, and even moist soil where it    year. The disease is rarely fatal in       by case basis. Vaccines are afford-
   resides and reproduces. Your dog           humans, but causes severe illness.         able, convenient and safe, with an             Mission Statement

                                                                                                                                    To provide exceptional
Important Boarding Information:                          Meet Dr. Amy Nunemacher!                                                        pet care in a
                                                 We are proud to welcome Dr.                                                         caring, professional
*For safety and efficacy purposes, we no         Amy Nunemacher, who joined                                                              environment.
longer accept toys, beds, blankets, etc.         us at the beginning of August.
when your pet stays with us. Rest as-            Dr. Amy Nunemacher was
sured, we have plenty of comfy blankets          born and raised in the Greater
and fun toys for everyone!                                                                                                          Our Goals:
                                                 New Orleans area. She
                                                                                                                                         Create a positive
                                                 received her Bachelor of
*If your pet needs medications adminis-                                                                                                   work environment
                                                 Science degree in Animal
tered during their stay, please bring those      Science at Louisiana State                                                              Practice teamwork
medications with you. We may not have            University in Baton Rouge,                                                               and lateral service
certain medications in stock, and if we                                                   Club, the Wildlife Rehabilita-                 React quickly to
                                                 LA. She also earned her                  tion Raptor Unit and was
do have them, we have to refill the medi-        Doctorate in Veterinary Medi-                                                            correct any prob-
cation for your pet and charge for the                                                    president of the Theriogenol-
                                                 cine from Louisiana State                                                                lem immediately
refill. There is also a minimal daily fee                                                 ogy Club. Her interests
                                                 University.                                                                             Move heaven and
for administering medications to your                                                     include dermatology, ophthal-
                                                 She was a participant in the                                                             earth to satisfy a
pet.                                                                                      mology and internal medicine.
                                                 Parker Coliseum Animal Shel-                                                             client
                                                                                          She is a member of the
                                                 ter and Rescue following                 AVMA and the NCVMA.
                                                 Hurricane Katrina. While at              Following graduation, she and
                                                 LSU, she was involved with               her canine companion "Allie"
                                                 equine laminitis research, the           relocated to Greensboro and
                                                 small animal Critical Care               joined Cobb Animal Clinic.
  Children and Pets...
    Most people are unaware that by the age of         child. The reality is that dogs can be afraid of   stiff and its mouth is closed, it may be best to
    18, 50% of children have been bitten by a          children, due to their high-pitched noises,        leave it alone for now. You can also have
    dog. Dogs do not necessarily bite to be ag-        small bodies, and sporadic movements. Let          your child try to call the dog, and if it wants
    gressive, usually there is a misunderstanding      your dog sniff the baby, and praise your pet       attention, it will come.
    between a child and the dog. Here are some         for being calm and offer them treats for doing
                                                                                                          Being aware and understanding your pet’s
    myths that, with your understanding, can help      so. When a pet is around toddlers, make sure
                                                                                                          natural habits will help ensure the safest pos-
    protect your children from being harmed by         they do not tug at the ears, or pull on the
                                                                                                          sible interaction for your whole family!
    your pet.                                          dog’s fur. Tell the toddler “That makes Char-
                                                       lie cry,” so that they may understand better.
    Myth 1: Certain breeds, like golden retriev-
    ers, are thought of as “children-friendly” pets,   Myth 3: It is a common misconception that
    but the truth is that any dog may bite at any      dogs are always happy when they are wagging
    time, regardless of breed or a flawless history.   their tails. The actuality is that, sometimes,
    Therefore, never leave your child alone with       dogs wag their tail in a sweeping, stiff motion
    your dog, and always monitor them closely.         as a warning that they are uncomfortable. If
                                                       the dog is wagging and wiggling it’s whole
    Myth 2: Some people believe that most dogs
                                                       body and its tongue is hanging out, odds are
    will automatically protect a baby or young
                                                       that it is in a friendly mood. If the pet seems

                                                                                                               Special Announcements:
Examination Fees...
A long, healthy life for your pet is our staff’s highest priority. That’s why                             Congratulations to Dr. Meekins and her
our doctors have always performed a physical examination of your pet                                      husband, Hayes, on their newest arrival,
with every vaccine visit. Sometimes, the physical exam uncovers a rea-                                              Riley Elizabeth!
son why the vaccination should not be given at the time, or discovers a                                       Riley was born September 5th,
condition or disease that needs to be addressed. For many years, your                                         weighing 8 pounds 10 ounces
invoice presented the fee for the vaccination and read “Physical exam-                                         and 21 1/2 inches in height.
No charge”. Several years ago, we changed our invoice to display a fee
for the physical exam and a fee for the vaccination. Rest assured, we
did not increase or add the physical examination fee, we simply as-
signed part of the existing fee to the physical exam to emphasize the
fact that it is performed each time. The cost per visit is the same, we
simply wish to underscore the importance of the examination.
                                                            -Dr. Mark Whitley

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