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types of scientists by theonething

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									                          Some Types of Scientists
               Scientist Title                                Field of Study
agronomist                                     Specializes in soil and crops
anthropologist                                 Studies human beings
astronomer                                     Studies stars, planets and galaxies
botanist                                       Specializes in plants
entomologist                                   Studies insects
geologist                                      Specializes in the history of Earth
geographer                                     Studies Earth’s surface
marine biologist                               Studies ocean plants and animals
meteorologist                                  Studies weather and climate
paleontologist                                 Specializes in fossils
physicist                                      Studies matter, energy, and how they are
seismologist                                   Studies earthquakes

Read the name of each scientist and the related field of study in the chart above. Use
the information to determine the answer to each clue listed below.

   1. Dave works at Sea World in Florida training the killer whales to perform in shows.
      Dave is a _______________________________________________.

   2. Maria performs experiments with various mosquitoes trying to determine a cure for
      malaria. Maria works as a ____________________________________________.

   3. According to Al Conklin, a hurricane is brewing over the Atlantic Ocean and will reach
      the coast of North Carolina in three days. Al provides me with detailed information
      about the storm. Al is most likely a _________________________________.

   4. Jonathan lives in California and often feels the Earth’s surface shaking. He uses
      specials tools to measure the movement. Jonathan is a _________________.

   5. Roberto’s personal library has several books about trees, flowers, and shrubs.
      Roberto is interested in becoming a _____________________________.

   6. Cindy is taking college courses. She is learning detailed information about the solar
      system. Cindy is earning a degree to become an ______________________.

   7. When farmers have questions about their fields and plants, they should get information
      from an ___________________________________________________.

   8. Jennifer studied information about how people have changed and behaved throughout
      history. Jennifer is an _____________________________________________,

   9. Stephen wants to be a scientist that studies dinosaurs. Stephan should become a

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