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					     Creating Stop-Motion Animation with
            Windows Movie Maker
1. Make sure you have a digital camera with lots of memory and a computer that is
    Windows 2000 or later (you need Windows Movie Maker).
2. Get objects to use in your movie (clay is a good option).
3. Think of an idea for your movie. What will the characters be doing? Create
4. Start with setting up the characters and taking a picture of them, then move them a
    little bit (centimeters in this case) and repeat until camera memory is full.
5. Load the pictures onto your computer and save them to an easy to remember
6. Open up Windows Movie Maker and click tools, then options, and then the
    advanced tab. Change the picture time to .125 seconds a frame.
7. Import all of your picture and load them into the storyboard.
8. Make sure you like it, keep going if you want, and save it.
9. Add effects or transitions or whatever you feel makes it good.
10. Share your movie and continue making other ones!

Creating Stop-Motion Animation with
1.   Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
2.   From the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click New Photo Album.
3.   Click File/Disk or Scanner/Camera to insert your pictures.
4.   In the PhotoAlbum dialog box, under Album Layout, choose Picture
     Layout and Frame Shape options. See how the photos look in the Preview
5.   Select other options that you would like to use. When you are finished, click
     the Create button.
6.   Save your presentation, and then view the photo album in Slide Show view.
7.   Click on Rehearse Timings and then click through the slides as quickly as
8.   Format the Background of your Title slide.