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ancient greek food

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									Ancient Greece: Culminating Activity

You are a team of time traveling reporters for National Geographic. Your assignment is to travel to
different times and places in Ancient Greece in order to do a feature story for this prestigious
magazine. As you observe and report on the many aspects of Greek life and how they compare to
life in the United States in 2005. Your feature must include articles on Government and Politics,
Mythology, Philosophy and Science, and Art and Architecture. Each story must include graphics
including pictures of important people, places and events, and should be accompanied by maps or
other charts to help convey your information. Also, since this is a cover story, you must design a
cover for the magazine that will get people to buy it and read your feature on Ancient Greece.

Each group will create a newspaper full of articles and additional features that includes the
information you have learned about Greece. Use the following information to help create the
newspaper. Use the rubrics provided to assess your work.

Your newspaper must include:
    At least one article written by each group member. The more information included in the
      newspaper, the more points you will earn.
    A cover.
    A table of contents or key.
    Products listed in the chart (see article breakdown).

Your newspaper may include additional features only if there is at least one article by each group
    Additional pictures of people, places, and events from ancient Greece
    Entertainment reviews
    Advertisements
    Sports section
    Want Ads
    Weather report and forecast
    Gossip
    Puzzles
    Restaurant reviews
    Comic Strips
Newspaper Article Breakdown: Each member of the group must complete at least one of the following:
                       Information to include in article                 Additional Information to Present
Greek Geography         Descriptions of landforms                       Include 2 maps:
                        Descriptions of bodies of water
                        Different uses of the land                      One of Ancient Greece. Include bodies of
                        Occupations that use the land and water         water, important cities and ports
                           (farming, mining, etc.)
                        Resources found in the land and waters          One of modern Greece.
                                                                         Include bodies of water, important cities and
                                                                         travel destinations.
Greek Economy             Identify the crops grown                      Include a description of a sample meal eaten
                          Identify resources traded                     by ancient Greeks (popular breakfasts,
                          Identify places that the ancient Greeks       lunches, dinners, and snacks
                           traded with
                          What resources were considered the            What foods are popular in Greece today?
                           most valuable? Explain why.
                          Describe the diet of ancient Greeks           Bring in samples for class to taste for extra
                           (popular food and drinks).                    credit
                          What major ports were used for trade?
Greek Politics and        Information about the different               Create an interview with one ruler you have
Government                 governments that existed throughout           included in your article. Include questions and
                           Greek history (oligarchy, tyranny,            answers that identify why he is famous, and
                           democracy).                                   what he did for Greece.
                          Information about The Assembly. How
                           did it work? Why was it important?            Include pictures of famous rulers.
                          Information about the military. How
                           was training different in each polis?
                          Information about Athens and Sparta.
                          Information about at least 2 important
                           rulers. Include information about their
                           background and what they did for
                           ancient Greece.
Greek Philosophy and      Information about Socrates;                   1. Select one quote by Socrates. Describe
Science                         o People in his life, his interest       what the quote means and what you like
                                     in learning, ideas he spread,       about it. Include a picture of Socrates.
                                     how he influenced thinking
                                     today, his background and           2. Create an advertisement for an invention
                                     education                           made in ancient Greece. Include how it works
                          Information about inventions and              and how it will make life easier.
                           advances made in ancient Greece
                           agriculture, plumbing, ships, weapons,
                           medicine, astronomy and mathematics
Greek Mythology           Information about mythology and               Create one page honoring a chosen god.
                           religion in ancient Greece.                   Include why people worshipped them, what
                          Some of the gods worshipped and how           he/she looks like and symbols used to
                           they were honored.                            represent them.
                          Why were so many gods worshipped?
Greek Art and             Identify at least 3 architectural marvels     Create a model of one famous building from
Architecture              Provide the following information about       ancient Greece. It may be a “blue-print” or
                           each:                                         drawing, or a 3-D model.
                                o When was it built?
                                o Why was it built?
                                o Who commissioned the
                                o How long did it take to build?
                                o Does it still exist today? Is it in
                                     good condition? Is it still used?
Additional Features: These features are all optional. You may choose to complete some of them for
extra points.

      Entertainment Review
           o Describe different types of entertainment that existed in ancient Greece. Give details
               (where, when, who was there) Events might include:
                     A Greek drama - a tragedy, comedy, or play.
                     A religious festival, which may have included a parade, singing, dancing,
                        wine, plays, contests (such as the Panathenaic Festival of Dionysus held
                     Entertainment at dinner parties (called symposia). There were musicians
                        (with flutes, pipes of Pan, stringed lutes, castanets for rhythm, etc.), or
                        acrobats, story-telling poets, and others. Tell about the food and service from
                        the slaves. Any gossip? What were people wearing?
      Advertisement or announcement for an upcoming entertainment event (art show, religious
       festival, a play at a theater, acrobats or dancers or musician at a party, etc.).
           o Describe what will go on there in detail.
           o Tell when the event will be, where it is, and how much it will cost to get in.
           o Give an opinion about the place or event and try to convince the readers to go there
               (or to stay away from it if you didn't like it).
      Sports Section
           o Describe popular sporting events that existed in ancient Greece. Give details (where
               played, when, what happened, who was there, what equipment is needed etc.).
               Events might include: Olympic Games (every four years, during times of war there
               would be a truce declared so the sporting events could go on.).
           o Other sporting events were local. These events happened often as part of religious
               festivals or for daily entertainment, such as the yearly Panathenaic Festival. Women
               even competed in athletics in Sparta, but not in Athens.
      Want Ads - Items for Sale (Advertisements or Classified Ads)
           o Try to sell some things through the newspaper. Choose authentic ancient Greek items
               that would be sold in a market: clothing, slaves, chariot, food, home, etc. How can it
               be used? What's so good about it?
           o Create an ad describing an available job. What skills and experience are necessary in
               order to get the job?
       Weather Report (as Greeks believed weather/seasons were determined by deities, such as
       lightning coming from Zeus, seasons changing because of Persephone's visits with her
       husband Hades in the underworld, etc.).
           o Include factual information about the climate of ancient Greece.
      Restaurant Review
           o Include the name and location of the restaurant.
           o Describe what authentic Greek food is served and explain why people should or
               should not visit this restaurant.
      Puzzles
           o Crossword puzzles and/or word searches using Greek vocabulary and facts.
           o Ancient Greek trivia.
      Comic Strips
           o Make fun of details of life in ancient Greece.
      Gossip or Advice column (like "Dear Abby") with all the gossip that was going on around

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