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                    UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN

                           No Welcome sign
                  From the mighty and the powerful
                    Open hearts and receiving sign
               From the bruised and crushed humanity.
                        Unto us a Child is born
                  In the lowly manger of Bethlehem
                       Helpless and yet trusting
                 That we will clothe him with our love.

                          2006 is being born
                 Nitish has come as a hope for Bihar
             Promises to keep and challenges to be faced
              Bihar we hope is on the road to progress.

                      We at Solar Alternatives
              Join hands in tackling the thermal power
                           Of the Sun God
             Tapping the energy that has to be focussed
                  To enlighten our darkened homes
                    And make our beloved Bihar
                         God’s own paradise.

            It is with this hope and optimism that we wish
     You, our friends, a very Holy Christmas when Jesus brings us
                        His simple love and peace
          And takes us to a challenging and meaningful 2006
                   With the strong chain of humanity
                 Bound together in a bond of friendship
             As God’s own Children with no caste or creed
            That can break our union of hearts and minds.

              From all of us at Solar Alternatives, Phulwarishariff, Patna

     Mathew Muthuplackal, Josey Kunnunkal, Selvin Xavier.
       Constantius Ekka,  Manoj Mathew Vallopillil
THE EDITOR RAMBLES ON ……                       Steam is being used to sterilize hospital
                                               equipments or patients’ soiled clothes, etc.
Sunrise and sunset are daily occurrences       These are unheard of but it happens right
we have taken for granted. Thousands of        in front of our eyes. How much is there
women in Bihar and Jharkhand worship           to learn and we stand in wonder at what
the Sun God on Chaath day and seek             the sun can provide us with.
blessings for their menfolk. But do we
realize the real benefits and gifts the sun    We at Solar Alternatives are making all
god bestows on us?                             this possible by training ordinary,
                                               unlettered youth from the oppressed
MM Mathew, known as Solar Mathew,              castes to experience in their powerlessness
has been teaching us how to tap the            in society, the real power they eke out
thermal power of the sun. He has set up        through their struggle to unravel the
through laborious research a Solar             mysteries of the Sun God.
Energy Park at Solar Alternatives in
Phulwarishariff in Patna. We gaze in           Josey kuruvilla Kunnunkal
wonder at the Solar Cookers, Solar Oven,       Editor and publisher
the Scheffler Condenser Collectors, the        Phulwari Solar Vibrations.
Solar Domestic food dryer, the Solar hot
water heaters, the solar scheffler             JOE, YOU DESERVE A PAT ON
community concentrator cookers and             YOUR BACK
Mathew’s latest, Solar tunnel dryers. These    Joseph Parekattil is a short man but with a sharp
are fascinating sights which makes us feel     insight into what brick and mortar can do. He is
                                               our builder and architect. Within the span of two
how much we have taken the sun for             years, he has planned and built a beautiful church
granted without realizing the power that       in the compound, a residence with spacious rooms
can be transformed to help mankind. The        for the jesuits and strengthened the walls of the
photovoltaic solar electrical system           workshop with strong pillars that can withstand
brightens up homes in places like our          the beating it takes from the youthful team that
                                               work there. All solar designs are set up in the
Bihar where constant power cuts and            compound and the gardens are all planned in a
fluctuations are daily occurrences. Solar      decorative way. He has even made use of the
energy is the energy of the future and it is   terrace of the Church to have a roof green house
pollution free. The Central government         garden where all sorts of vegetables are grown.
has been encouraging our efforts through       The campus in its own way exudes peace and
                                               tranquility and even our water tank is filled with
the ministry of Non Conventional Energy        solar energy.
Sources, by making solar efforts tax free      Joe has since moved over to Taru Mitra in Digha
and even by giving subsidy. This is a great    but he is always there to share with us his
service to humanity but how many of us         innovative ideas. Our sincere thanks to you, Joe,
really relish these benefits?                  for the wonderful man that you are and for
                                               making our place really lovable, peaceful and
                                               artistic. May the Sun always shine on you and keep
We welcome you to come in and                  you cheerful.
experience for yourselves the fascinating      A VISIT THAT BOOSTED OUR MORALE
sights of cakes and bread being baked,         Shri S.K.Singh,Principal Scientific Officer,
tandoori chicken being roasted, vegetables     Ministry    of    Non-conventioal     Energy
like beans, tomatoes, brinjals being dried     Source(MNES) & Shri B.P.Suman, from Bihar
                                               Renewable         Energy        Development
without losing its colour or taste and         Agency(BREDA) made a welcome visit to our
being stored for later use, hot water to       place. They have promised to take up the VAT
take a bath through solar energy instead of    tax issue on solar goods by the Bihar
wasting electricity on a geizer, etc. etc.     Government.
APPRECIATION              FLOWS         FROM         Progrrammes(SAAP). He is the brain behind
ALL QUARTERS                                         all the research programmes that produce the
                                                     latest in solar equipments. Mathew holds a
“The Patna province is to be congratulated at        diploma in mechanical engineering.
having initiated this important centre for
research and manufacture of environmentally          Consantius Ekka is  the Administrator of SAAP.
sensitive and fuel-saving devices which has          He is an expert in setting up Hot water plants.
gained momentum because of your                      He has a diploma in Electronics and is
pioneering efforts and creativity(Mathew’s).I        beginning to pick up the art of photovoltaic
am impressed at the success your promotion           solar electric plants.
work has achieved and even more impressed
                                                     Selvin Xavier is the treasurer of SAAP and
to learn that the work is handled by
                                                     manages to plough through the accounts. He
uneducated dalit boys you have trained. The
                                                     is the livewire in our National Institute of
nature of the work done at the institute amply
                                                     Open School programme where he puts
demonstrates the institute’s focus on the
                                                     through many of the dalits compete in the
marginalized groups and their social and
                                                     open school system and gets them trained in
economic needs. .I thank you for the
                                                     various technical trades.
inspiration we all receive from the dedicated
work of our men in the field and pray that you       Manoj Mathew   is the Asst. Administrator of
may, with creative fidelity, strive to fulfill the   SAAP. He is also trying out the IGNOU in
mission entrusted to you to serve the Lord in        getting a B.A.
his people”(from the letter of Peter Hans
Kolvenbach, Superior General of the                  Josey Kunnunkal   is the Vice President of SAAP
Society of Jesus, Rome, Italy)                       and is also the Vice Superior of the Jesuit
                                                     Community. Josey is a group therapist by
“The Solar Steam System was installed in our         profession. He has more than thirty years of
Holy Family Hospital, Koderma. The main              experience working with managers, social
purpose of installing the solar steam system in      activists, teachers, religious groups,etc. He had
our hospital is for steralising the hospital         been successful in preparing interns to learn
goods and for steaming soiled clothes of the         the art of group work. He has also done a
patients. This solar steam system is working         research on Dalit psyche.
perfectly well and we have found it very much
practical.” Letter of Administrator, Holy            OUR MEN ARE ON THE MOVE
Family Hospital, Koderma, Jharkhand
                                                     Constant with his team had been recently to
“I am grateful to you and your engineers for         Hazaribagh to fix up hot water plants in Holy
fixing solar energy in our place. The engineers      Cross institute and Great Carmel and then
loaded the inverter and showed me that it            moved over to Mokama, Lohardaga to do the
gives nearly 3100 volts power. I am happy            same. He also supervised the setting up of 3
with the system.” Br. Libin Minj, Marianist          KV solar power plant for the Marianists in
House, Barh, Bihar                                   Barh.

“You have really a good team, serious people         Mathew has finally made his trip to the
to accomplish the work entrusted to you. The         North East. At the invitation of Mr.
hot water, light, the cookers are there to           Manavalan, Rtd.IAS, the Director of AFPRO,
remind us of you kind service.” Sr.                  Mathew has gone there with his latest
Rosita,Carmel Ashram, Hazaribagh.                    invention of Solar Tunnel dryers. The
                                                     various self help groups in Assam would need
THE MEN               WHO        MAKE         IT     to dry their famous Assam chillies and ginger
HAPPEN                                               for export and the Solar Tunnel Dryer is a
MM    Mathew     is the Director of Solar            god-send for them.
Alternatives          and       Assocaiated
Mathew with his team is on his way to                  the satisfied smile on the faces of these boys
Shillong, Imphal, Nagaland, Dibrugarh, etc.            and girls. The beauty is that we learn to
for setting up various types of solar                  collaborate with various other organizations in
equipments for the Don Bosco groups there              the field and it is this chain that brings a
too.                                                   strong bond of commitment. This effort is
Our most recent solar supply and setting up            possible through the generosity of so many
shows :                                                wonderful people who pitch in to help
Solar Tunnel Dryers : 4 for North East                 financially so that these young men and
Solar photovoltaic power plant : Marianist, Barh       women get their own firm footing in life. As
SolarHot watersystem : Don Bosco,Gauhati, SCN,         we move forward, we shall surely keep you
Mokama, Nazareth Hospital, Shillong, Holy              informed about the success stories of some of
Cross,GreatCarmedl,Hazaribagh,                         these young men and women.
Ursulines.Lohardaga. Jhansi.
Solar Chimney Dryers at SCN, Mokama                    OUR QUEST KEEPS US ON THE
Solar lanterns, solar street lights, solar domestic    MOVE
cookers, Solar Home lights, Solar Box cookers, Solar
fans, Solar Distill – all for Don Bosco, Assam.,       The field of solar energy is really vast and
                                                       research carries on. Our Solar Mathew is on
WE ARE CLEAR                    ON           OUR       the quest always for more meaningful
OBJECTIVES                                             equipments and for this he keeps in touch
                                                       with many other researchers in various
SAAP          considers Environment and                countries..    Research      students     from
Empowerment as the two eyes of its essential           Switzerland and Germany keep on coming
mission. On the one side, the organization is          and adding their new ventures to ours. New
on a mission to promote renewable energy,              vistas have to be discovered like the Solar
especially solar energy through opening                Refrigerator( a great help in the rural health
people to its knowledge and use and                    centres without electricity), the solar cycle
promoting solar powered products that are              rickshaws, solar windmill, etc. Solar energy is
environmental friendly. On the other side,             the energy of the future. Join us and discover
SAAP        has    always      considered        the   the wonders of the Sun.
empowerment of the marginalized through                TRACING US IS AN EASY TASK
skilled training as one of its main missions. It       Mahavir Cancer hospital is a well known spot in
is in this context that we strive to impart            Phulwari. Come along that road for another 3
technical and vocational training through our          kilometres and you come to Tum Tum Padav which is
accredited Vocational Institution. We have the         close to the Imarath Sharia. At tum tum padav, ask
solar technician course as well as Tailoring,          for the church and they will point it out for you.
Carpentry, welding courses. Our effort is to           Our postal address is : SAAP, St. Mary’s
network with various groups who are in this            Church compound, Phulwarishariff, Patna
field. This is an effort to get our dalit and          801 505. Bihar
backward boys to train and also see to it that         Our phone n.comumbers are “ 0612/ 2555787,
they get an employment by which they can be            2624827. Fax 0612 2555787
breadwinners for their families. The school            E mail : , SAAP :
dropouts have been encouraged to get their             Josey :
academic fulfillment by writing the NIOS               Website :
courses. Those who have done matric or Plus            Mobile : Mathew 9334410961
2 are chosen and sent to various technical                   Josey 9430212659
institutes in Hyderabad, Baroda, Asansol, etc.         Welcome to our Phulwari humble abode.
for training as welder, electrician, fitter, turner,   You sure would enjoy your visit and the
mechanist and through their own efforts get a          warm hospitality.
job for themselves. Selvin Xavier keeps track          Edited and published by Josey Kuruvilla Kunnunkal
of these programmes and as he says, it is a            For Solar Alternativese and Associated
backbreaking work. His reward is in seeing             Programmes(SAAP), Phulwarishariff, Patna

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