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									                 Brian W. Coppola
                 9726 28th Avenue SW     
                 Seattle, WA 98126       

Skill Summary:   Platforms:           Mac OS 10/9, Windows Vista/XP
                 Front End:           HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Actionscript
                 Back End:            PHP, SQL, XML, Access
                 Applications:        Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Dreamweaver, Flash, PowerPoint,
                                      InfoPath, Visual Studio, Visio, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Office, IE,
                                      Netscape, Firefox, Opera

Experience:      Microsoft Redmond, Washington 7.2007 – present
                 Web Production Artist: Creating and modifying web pages in the Windows Mobile main and
                 mobile websites by coding in InfoPath templates and XML pages, utilizing in-house tools that
                 control an extensive content management system. Modified website graphics as needed that
                 conform to the Microsoft and Windows Mobile brands.

                 Corbis Seattle, Washington 6.2005 – 7.2007, 1.2005 – 3.2005, 7.2004 - 9.2004
                 Search Metadata Specialist/Web Design: Performed descriptive subject cataloging and
                 abstract concept analysis of photographic images in the Corbis database, utilizing a
                 proprietary in-house interface and a controlled hierarchical vocabulary. Managed redesign of
                 Cataloging department intranet and coded/implemented new designs.

                 Brian Coppola Design Seattle, Washington 11.2004 – 5.2005
                 Principal/Graphic Design/Web Design: Responsible for project planning, design, and
                 execution, as well as day-to-day business operations.

                 Northwest Framing, Inc. Seattle, Washington 7.2003 - 8.2003
                 Graphic Design/Web Design: Layout, design, and design elements for posters, coupons,
                 advertisements, and other graphic materials that appear in Frame Central, one of
                 NW Framing's store chains. Redesign of Frame Central website.

                 Northwest Programs for the Arts Seattle, Washington 5.2002 – 8.2004
                 Web Design Intern: Redesign/ongoing maintenance of website and code; co-designed
                 posters for the Seattle Music Fest. Assisted in event planning and operation of the 2002
                 and 2003 Seattle Music Fest at Alki Beach.

Freelance:       Microsoft Redmond, Washington 4/2005 – 5/2005, 10.2004 – 11.2004
                 Presentation Design: Slide design in PowerPoint for Microsoft TechEd, WinHec, and
                 DriverDevCon conferences in Seattle, and a keynote presentation in Orlando, Florida.

                 SPI Technologies New York, New York 11.2004
                 Graphic Design: Brochure design for SPI’s Electronic Data Discovery service.

                 Nourishing Touch Seattle, Washington 1.2003 - 4.2003
                 Web/Identity Design: Website and identity for a massage therapist/nutrition counselor.
Education:   Seattle Central Community College Seattle, Washington 2000 – 2005
             Enrolled in Web Design and Web Development programs (GPA 3.92)

             State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo, New York 1991 - 1996
             Bachelor of Arts in Geography (Urban Design)

Interests:   I'm quite fond of film, music, photography, poster design, and soccer (football!). I will, on
             occasion, leave my computer for some cycling, swimming, pubs, and travel to anywhere.

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