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									DECLARATION                                                                                                              ONE DAY WORKSHOP
                                                             WHO CAN ATTEND THE PROGRAMME
Dr./Mr./Mrs/Ms_____________________________                                                                                          on
                                                                 Architects and consultants.
is an employee of our Organisation and is sponsored                                                                   THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE FOR
                                                                 HVAC professionals and engineers
                                                                                                                      ENERGY EFFICIENT BUILDINGS &
                                                                 Researchers in the field of Building energy
to attend the one day workshop organized by IES,
                                                                                                                          SOLAR APPLICATIONS
Anna University Chennai during 11th March, 2009.                 Faculty from Engineering Institutes interested                11th March 2009
                                                                 in the field

                                                             TOPICS COVERED                                                      Coordinator
Place :                              Signature of the                                                                         Dr. R VELRAJ
                                 Head of the Organization    The programme covers the following topics:
Date :
                                 with office seal and date
                                                              Thermal energy storage and its applications
                  Address for correspondence                                                                                      Organised by
                                                              Thermal Energy storage in buildings.
                     Dr. R VELRAJ
          Professor, Institute for Energy studies,            Energy conservation opportunities in building
          Anna University Chennai, Chennai - 25
                                                              Cool Energy storage in air-conditioning chiller
          Mobile : 99625 37765                                 plants.
          Tel    : 044 2220 3269                              Thermal Storage for Solar Drier Application
          Fax      : 044 2235 3637
          Email    :
                                  KEYNOTE SPEAKER                                           INSTITUTE FOR ENERGY STUDIES
                                                                                                                            Anna University Chennai
DATES TO REMEMBER                                            Dr. Jurgen Blumenberg, Professor,                                 Chennai – 600 025
                                                                     Technical University, Munich, Germany.
Last date of receipt of application with the fees
                   4th March 2009                            Dr. Jurgen Blumenberg is the technical consultant
                                                             for the ongoing Indo- German project on Thermal                  In partnership with
Selection notification to the participants through Email
                   7th March 2009                            Storage technology. This project is being jointly
                                                             carried out by

                                                                     i.       Anna University, Chennai                   Pluss Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                     ii.      Planters Energy Network, Theni &              New Delhi – 110 068
          Website:                           iii.     Technical University, Munich, Germany
BACKGROUND AND NEED                                               To provide the R&D of new technologies for                           ONE DAY WORKSHOP
                                                                   efficient harnessing of renewable energy.                                     on
Energy conservation is of major concern for the                                                                                THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE FOR ENERGY
industrialized and developing nations since energy plays a        To provide consultancy to industries in the areas of      EFFICIENT BUILDINGS & SOLAR APPLICATIONS
key role for the growth of any country. The energy needs           renewable energy and Energy conservation and
for a wide variety of the applications are time dependent          management.                                                             APPLICATION FORM
but in a different pattern and phase from the supply. This                                                                   A. Personal Details (in capital letters)
                                                                  To offer various short-term training programmes,
implies that the supply and demand must be matched
                                                                   seminars, workshops etc to the Industry Executives /       Full Name                : _____________________
dynamically both at the source point and the application
                                                                   Managers for the knowledge updatement.
point. The thermal energy storage provides a valuable                                                                         Sex                     :      Male / Female
solution for correcting the mismatch between the supply          ABOUT PLUSS POLYMERS
and demand of energy.                                                                                                         Qualification           :      ___________________
                                                                 Pluss Polymers, established in 1993, pioneered the
                                                                 indigenous development of thermal energy storage             Designation             :      ____________________
Thermal energy storage can be achieved in the form of
                                                                 materials in 2005. PLUSS manufactures a variety of           Teaching Experience     :      __________ Years
sensible heat of a solid or liquid medium, latent heat of a
                                                                 phase change materials and is working on technologies
phase change substance or by a chemical reaction. The                                                                         Industry Experience     :      ___________Years
                                                                 such as micro encapsulation of PCMs for use in fabrics;
sensible heat storage units that use water, oil or pebble beds
                                                                 use of high temperature materials in solar water heaters,
have a very low heat capacity per unit volume. On the other                                                                   Postal Address for Communication
                                                                 waste heat recovery; low temperature PCMs for Air
hand Latent Heat Thermal Storage (LHTS) unit is
                                                                 Conditioning applications and cold chain transport, room
particularly attractive due to its high energy storage
                                                                 cooling, heating and the like. Please visit the website
capacity and its isothermal behavior during charging and
                                                        for more details.
discharging process. Thermal energy storage find
                                                                                                                              Phone No                :      _________________
applications in the field of Heating Ventilation and Air-
Conditioning (HVAC), Passive building design, Free               ORGANIZING COMMITTEE                                         Fax No.                 :      __________________
cooling and Solar heating for industrial application. The
Institute for Energy Studies has been doing a lot of research       Dr. S. Iniyan, Director, IES, AU                         Email                   :      ____________________
in the field of latent heat thermal storage system to provide       Dr. R. Velraj, Professor, IES, AU (Co-ordinator)
useful solutions for various industrial and commercial              Dr. R. Sethumadhavan, Professor, IES, AU                B. Registration Details
applications. This workshop focuses in these major thrust           Dr. E. Natarajan, Professor, IES, AU                     Amount Paid    : ………………………………..
areas                                                               Dr. C. Palaniappan,                                      D.D No.        : ………………………………..
ABOUT IES, ANNA UNIVERSITY                                               Chief Executive & General Secretary,                 Date           : …………………………………
                                                                         Planters Energy Network, Theni                       Name of Bank : .………………………………
IES, Institute for Energy Studies is established in the year        Mr. Samit Jain, Director,
1984 and is involved in Teaching, Research and                           Pluss Polymers Pvt Ltd., New Delhi                                                  Signature of the applicant
Consultancy in the areas of Conventional and Renewable              Mr. P. Meenatchi Sundaram,
 Sources of Energy. The Objectives of IES are                            Asst. Regional Manager,                             REGISTRATION FEE
     To train manpower with strong basics in the                        Pluss Polymers Pvt Ltd., Chennai                      Professionals from Industry       :   Rs 1500 /-
         energy related areas including Renewable Energy,           Dr. V. Muthu, Lecturer, IES, AU                           Faculty members from              :
         Energy Conservation and Sustainable Energy                 Mr. V. Venkata Ramanan, Lecturer, IES, AU                                                       Rs 1000 /-
                                                                                                                               Engineering college
         Systems.                                                   Mr. G. Kumaresan, Lecturer, IES, AU                       Research scholars                 :    Rs 750 /-
                                                                    Mr. V. Pandiyarajan, Lecturer, A.C.Tech, AU
     To provide sustainable support for integration of             Mr. A. Shanmuga Sundaram, IES, AU                       The fee should be sent by D.D. in favour of
      higher engineering education with its energy                  Mr. V. Antony Aroul Raj, IES, AU                        “The Director, CPDE, Anna University” payable at
      related research activities.                                  Mr. S. Essakimuthu, IES, AU                             Chennai, along with the application form.
                                                                    Ms. K. S. Rangini, IES, AU

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