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					The Four Body Shapes


If you haven’t already noticed, people tend to accumulate weight in four different

        around the belly (lower sagging)
        around the belly (higher roll)
        around the hips (saddlebags)
        around the entire body equally

In this letter, I’d like to give you some insights into these different body shapes.

Fat has a useful purpose, believe it or not. Its main purpose is not insulation or
as a cushion. Rather, its principal purpose is as an energy reserve. The body
reserves energy to help you survive. The body also uses stored sugar for energy,
but this is very limited. The preferred source of fuel is sugar over fat. The body
will ALWAYS use sugar before fat, so tapping into fat requires avoiding sugar,
even in small amounts.

Of the four different body types, really only one is made from sugar. This is the
sagging lower belly, which is Adrenal. The Adrenal type will do this in two ways:
1. Turn the body’s own protein (leg muscles, just above the knee) into sugar.
2. Take out stored sugar from the muscles and liver.

These two sources of sugar then trigger insulin to change it into fat around
important organs—which happen to be in your gut.

The rest of the body shapes usually come from other causes. For example, the
higher-roll belly, which wraps around the stomach and into the back, is more of
a Liver body shape. When the liver is stressed, it will either give you a top roll, as
seen in many women, or a potbelly, as seen in many men. In the case of men,
this is usually water weight, not fat. I had a patient come in recently weighing
nearly 400 pounds and he had only 37 percent body fat—not too bad. But his
water weight was off the charts.

The hip and thigh fat is more of an estrogen fat, which is a superficial, just-under-
the-skin cellulite type. Estrogen makes fat, and because women have more
estrogen receptors, you see this body shape more in women. In fact, I’ve ONLY
seen this in women.

The last body shape is weight all over. When the thyroid breaks down, it starts
holding waste fluids in the cells all over the body; this is called myxedema. This
could come from excess estrogen too, as estrogen blocks the thyroid. It’s very
rare to have a primary thyroid problem nowadays, unless the person has been
exposed to radiation, has had some medications that gave them a side effect, or
has had DES (diethylstilbestrol). DES was the estrogen drug given to mothers in
the ’50s and ’60s. I have observed a mother who took it and her offspring were
affected as well.

If you take a healthy person and start feeding them grain carbohydrates or even
heavy starches like potatoes, they will put on weight either all over or in the
stomach area. However, it is superficial and won’t necessarily distort the body
into an abnormal shape. It’s only after long-term use that the body really distorts
and becomes very stubborn. If the person can lose weight easily with healthy
eating, it means the gland control has not been damaged. It is only when gland
damage starts that a person will have a difficult time.

Talk to you in a few weeks.

Dr. Berg
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