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					November 1, 2002
     Instead of creating a brand new Follies this week, I
thought I would share with you the invitation I created
for my 50th Birthday Party last weekend.
     I made this back during the summer when I was
trying to learn the new PageMaker program. It was
great practice, and I learned a great deal fooling with
it. That is one of the nice things about doing the Fol-
lies every gives me a chance to practice some of
the things I have or am trying to learn. One of these
days, I will send you some of the brochures I have done,
and you will be able to “see” some of the things I used
that I taught myself by doing the Follies each
week....see there is a method to my madness...
     At any rate. Enjoy! I sent this out to a few girl
friends and had a lovely weekend. So much so, that I
am thinking about making it an annual event...without
the birthday, though. (I cut and pasted it, so I hope it
turns out)
  Take care and remember...Life is short.
  We need to make it a good one.
  Grow in Peace and Wisdom.
  Your Friday Friend,
  Judi Godsey
    PS. NOTE OF CAUTION… 20 employees
were fired from The New York Times here in Nor-
folk for sending lewd and indecent e-mails. (To my
knowledge, none of the 20 were on our list - even
though some of the attorneys who represent the com-
pany were!) I have asked each and every one of you on
this list to tell me if these "Follies" place you in jeop-
ardy, or even if they offend you. Please understand
that they are intended to be light-hearted and are not
mean-spirited in any way. If you are ever offended, do
not hesitate to ask to be taken off the Friday list.
    PSS. If you send a joke and I don't use it, it is
because it has been used before, and I try not to repeat.
Remember, I have been sending these since August of
1997. You tend to go through huge numbers of jokes that way.
Disclaimer: When anyone asks if I type all of these jokes, the
answer is, "No!" I cut and paste one evening during the week (30
minutes, TOPS). I don't have time to sit, read, and retype jokes
all day!
Come Celebrate Life and
    Friendship at this
50th Birthday Party for...

       Judi Godsey
“Live your life and
 forget your age!”
     Norman Vincent Peale
 The guys go fishing, hunting, do football weekends,
                 Hunters’ Feasts.

        This is our chance to “get away” for a little
         Come for the party
    or come for the weekend. Your choice.
It all begins at 2:00 P.M. Saturday, October 26, and
      ends at 2:00 P.M.Sunday, October 27, 2002
       at “Free Wind,”2749 South Sandpiper Rd.
                    Sandbridge, VA

       (This means you can even come for a while,
       go run a few errands, and come back again!)
  Bring your favorite “Chick Flicks,”
    favorite wine, midnight snacks,
       most comfortable jammies,
 warmest sweats for walks on the beach,
     your swim suit for the hot tub,
    marsh mellows for the bon fire,
           great stories to tell,

the only PRESENTS allowed
  will be your PRESENCE.
        Ya-Ya, Ya’ll!!
      R S V P by October 23, 2002
EMAIL: OR PHONE: H-481-1443;W-481-9478,
ext. 222; OR C-685-6300.
 Let me know if you can spend the weekend...
              You won’t regret it.