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flight suits

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                      Official Charter #: GLR-KY-214 (Great Lakes Region)
                       2700 Gast Blvd. Louisville, KY 40205-5100

Lt Col Stanford Mullen, Sqdn Commander           1Lt Jerri Scott, Personnel Officer                      
502-363-2613 - H                                 502-845-0010 - H
502-640-5134 - M                                 502-817-5559 - M

Capt Chris Nester, Flt Release Officer (FRO)     Capt Matt Creed (FRO)                      
502-538-3743 - H                                 502-664-7795 - M
502-551-7256 - M

                          st   rd
Sqdn Meetings:          1 & 3 Tuesday, 19:00 (7 PM) @ Louisville Executive Aviation Hangar.
                        2 Tues - Sqdn Business, paperwork, Aircraft “spruce-up” (appropriate dress).
                        4 Tues – Sqdn Special Training events - as required.

Sqdn Dues:              $35.00 initiation and dues (includes patches and manuals), then;
                        $30.00 renewal, Apr-Apr (Non-Prorated! Due April regardless of initial join date).
                        Payable to: Bowman Field Senior Sqdn KY214. Cannot pay multiple years in advance.
                        See Kevin Greenwood, Finance Officer, or drop check and note in Finance Officer Mail Slot.

CAP Nat’l Dues:         $61.00 Initial ($51.00 Renewal) Yearly            [as of FY2005]
                        Payable to: National HQ, Civil Air Patrol         TOLL FREE: 877-227-9142
                        Mail to: National Headquarters CAP/DP
                        105 South Hansell St.
                        Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-3662

Sqdn Uniform: Navy blue Golf Shirt (CAPMART Cat # 968) with CAP seal, OR Personalized Golf Shirt (Cat # 963) with
CAP Seal & NAME (First & Last). Dark Grey Slacks (ie: Town Craft @JC Penney’s or Haggar @Kohl’s); Full Cut,
Straight Leg, No Cuffs, Slight break in crease), plain Black belt with silver-color metal buckle, Black Oxford lace up
shoes with plain or capped rounded toe, Black socks, KY214 Baseball cap.

Ladies: Slacks Tailored Straight hanging, slight break. Shoes: Black Oxfords as above or plain black pumps, heels not
higher than 2 ½ inches (whichever most comfortable for flying). NB: Air Step uniform shoe @Wal-Mart an option, under
$20. (Standards per CAP Uniform Manual, 39-1)

Flying Dress: Squadron Uniform, USAF Flight Suit (green NOMEX) OR CAP Flight Suit
              (Dark Navy Blue “Utility Uniform,” Cat #997); either with appropriate patches.

Required Patches, Flight Suit and / or Jacket: American Flag (cloth), Embroidered CAP Command Patch #836D, KY
Wing Patch #637P (1ea #836D and #637P issued with paid Sqdn dues), Leather Name Tag #599G, plastic enclosed
Rank Insignia, 2 ea (once officer rank obtained). These go on both the USAF Flight Suit / CAP Flight Suit and the MA-1
Flight Jacket #1019 should you wish to purchase either (MA-1, [or any “Air Force style jacket,” ie: CWU45/P, L2B, or
CWU36/P] is authorized for wear over the AF Flight Suit, and can also be worn over the KY214 uniform, so it’s a good
one to start with). The MA-1 jacket may also be worn at non-CAP activities provided any rank insignia is removed. Also
need 4” green Velcro, # 599W and # 599X, from Catalog.
Sqdn. also has limited supply of free used USAF Flight Suits; see Liam Lang or Roy Burns – Logistics Supply.

Local Sources:
                 Army Surplus Plus, 9224 Dixie Hwy (1.5 Mi N. of I-265). 502-935-3848
                 M-Sat 10:00 – 18:00 i.e. Used USAF Flight Suits, $40 - $80; Black Oxfords $40, etc.

                 Army & Things, 162 Owen Lane, Mt. Washington (7.5 Mi S. of I-265, behind R&S Auto Sales)
                 502-955-9203 M, Tu, Th, Fr 10:00 – 17:00; Sat 10:00 – 15:00 USAF Flt Suits $50, Oxfords $40.

                 US Cavalry Store, 601 N. Dixie Hwy, Radcliff 270-351-7000
                 M-F 10:00 – 19:00; S,S 10:00 – 17:00 New Army & Camping stuff, sew patches for 50 cents per.

V09-2005     [Update Names]
Web sites:      (Gen’l P/R site. Click on “Members; Members Home” button for Http:// ) (Nat’l HQ site. Password restricted E-services site for members, M.I.M.S. system, etc.) (Online “bookstore,” CAP Catalog orders for uniforms, etc.) 888-834-1781 0830-1700 E.T. (KY Wing site. Link to KY-214 site) (-214 Sqdn site; link to / from KY Wing site)      (The Hock Shop, good source of uniform clothing & misc.)       (New / Used USAF uniforms, equipment, etc. Run by CAP member, good prices)       (Mail Order Sectional Charts, $5.99 + shipping, under $7 to your door. 25% savings!)     (Military / Outdoor survival tips. Fascinating and chock full of info.)

Publications:      Senior Member Fast Start Handbook, CAPP 7, 16 Pgs, .pdf. Go to Http:// , click on
                   MEMBER SERVICES; PUBLICATIONS; PAMPHLETS. This is a must-have booklet, explains how to
                   start, training programs, progression and tracks, form and manual #’s, glossary, etc. A wealth of info!!

                   Pegasus II Newsletter: The KY Wing newsletter. Very Informative. On KY Wing home page,
                                          look on the left for DEPARTMENTS, under this click on PUBLIC AFFAIRS.

Tax Info:         The Good News! CAP is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. This means that pretty much every
un-reimbursed expense in direct relationship to CAP activities is a tax deduction! All dues, uniform costs, training
materials (CAP manuals, etc) aircraft and fuel costs, overnight lodging and meals, CAP conferences, etc. can be written
off. Keep accurate copies of all receipts! You could even donate money or goods and receive a deduction (ie:
equipment for Sqdn use; computer, photocopier, furniture, etc.). Car mileage for CAP activities is also deductible at 14
cents/mile – get a little spiral bound notebook and log every trip to airport for CAP meetings, flying, SAREX, etc. Log
date, ODO begin, end, and brief description. Flying costs are deductible as long as they are for training and proficiency,
ie: B-12 and C-17 missions. It gets more complicated if you’re doing training for a FAA license or rating as the IRS has
given members grief with claims for “flight instruction leading to an FAA certificate or rating.” Consult a tax advisor on
this, the pertinent IRS ruling is:
58-279; 1958-23 IRB 12. At Level2 site, Publications; Pamphlets, download CAPP 173-2, Federal Taxes.
Flying:            In order to fly as PIC in a CAP aircraft, a number of requirements must be met. You must:
                   1)   Be a current CAP member and in possession of a CAP Membership card.
                   2)   Be in uniform; USAF / CAP Flight Suit or KY-214 Sqdn Uniform.
                   3)   Be a current, dues paid member of the KY-214 Sqdn.
                   4)   Have all pilot paperwork up to date and on file with the KY Wing HQ.
                   5)   Complete a Form 5 Check ride and Airplane Questionnaire.
                   6)   Be listed with the KY Wing as a current CAP pilot (the Form 5 meets this criteria).
                   7)   Obtain a Flight Release from a Flight Release Officer.
                   8)   Be in possession of a current pilot license, medical certificate, and meet FAA currency
If you simply want to go flying and do not yet have all the above squared away, another qualified Sqdn. member could
act as PIC of record and you would only have to meet the requirement of the first three items listed. You could call the
FRO and reserve the aircraft, but the PIC would call for the actual flight release.
At the current time (2005), rental rates are $22 and $25 per hour plus fuel - C-172 and C-182 respectively. This is paid
each time you fly by attaching a check to the Form-94 flight paperwork.

V09-2005        [Update Names]