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                    9:00 a.m., Friday, May 7, 2004
                  Weatherford College Board Room


Members Present: Kevin Eaton, Linda Hutton, David Russell, Moneisa Downs,
                 Gayle Manskey, Kathy Barakis, Debra Myers, Mary Landers,
                 Becky McDonald (proxy for Marianne McMinn), Ron Clark,
                 LeRoy Tillery, Cheryl Floyd, Alan Edwards, Kay Landrum,
                 Shirley Chenault, Sally Burt, and John Allison.

Members Absent:     Terry Brock, Jan Crouch, Ken Davis, Martha Crawford,
                    Kenneth Garrett, Matt Adams, Scott Landrum, Sandy
                    Hamilton, Sandra Hartnitt, Dennis McNaughton, Paul Stone,
                    Bob Jehli, Larry Drennan, Kent Hudson, Michelle Stone,
                    Glenda Goodwin, Carolyn Weston, Dalwell Criswell, Debbie
                    Roark, Jon Roark, Candy Slocum, Geneva Day, Andrea
                    Sutton, Melanie Cormack, Alice Birkhimer, Sharon Mills,
                    Avalon White, Mary Landers, Arleen Atkins, Carol Eppright,
                    Vicki Smith.

I.     Call to Order
       John Allison, Vice-Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

II.    Welcome Newcomers and Guest
       John Allison welcomed members for attending and then asked all
       members to introduce themselves.

III.   Business Meeting
         A. Approval of Minutes - February 27, 2004
            John asked members to review the minutes from the February
            steering committee meeting. A motion was made by Shirley
            Chenault to approve the minutes and there was a second by LeRoy
            Tillery. John confirmed that the motion carried and the minutes are
            approved as they appear.

          B. Chairman’s Report
             Jennifer Patton Memorial Golf Tournament- John Allison spoke
             about the scholarship golf tournament for the Health Science
             department at Weatherford High School.
C. Director’s Report
   1. Scholarship Awards- Kevin Eaton stated that 13 scholarships
   were awarded to service area high school seniors this quarter. This
   scholarship will be for the 2004-2005 school year at Weatherford
   College. Scholarships ranged from $200-$1000. The 13
   scholarship recipients represented 6 partner ISD’s with
   Weatherford High School having the largest number of recipients
   with 4. Omni American Credit funded our $1,000 scholarship and
   the recipient of this Scholarship was Jessica Nelson of Graford
   High School. We would like to thank all of our Scholarship Golf
   Tournament Supporters for making these scholarships possible.

   2. Budget- Linda Hutton spoke on our current budget status and
   a budget amendment to place funds in the appropriate accounts for
   the remainder of the year. A spreadsheet was handed out to show
   how the funds are being moved.

   3. Summer Teacher Externship Update- David Russell stated
   that 19 area educators have been selected to participate in Teacher
   Extern program from June 14-29, 2004. Teachers will be placed
   with businesses during the week of June 14-18. They will
   participate as fully as possible according to business parameters
   and then take their experiences and write integrated curriculum for
   their classroom. The integrated curricula will be posted on the
   Weatherford College Tech Prep Consortium website as a resource
   for other educators. New business participants to the program
   include Bell Helicopter, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Parker County
   Juvenal Probation, the City of Fort Worth’s Environmental
   Management Department, Weatherford National Bank, and Cross
   Timbers Family Services of Stephenville. Other partners include
   Lockheed-Martin, Cook Children’s Medical Center, Campbell
   Health System, JAMAK, and others.

   4. Online Dual Credit Technical Courses- Kevin Eaton stated
      that Dr. Shirley Chenault, Vicky Smith, Wilma Edmiston and
      himself have been working on a grant that will fund the
      development of Technical Dual Credit Online Courses for area
      high school students to access starting Fall 2004. These
      courses will allow ISD’s to participate in Tech Prep Programs
      that would otherwise be impossible due to staffing issues and
      budgetary constraints that these schools must operate under.
   Students would receive tuition free college credit upon
   completion of these courses. The ISD’s would be able to count
   these students as enrolled in their Technical Classes and
   receive the 35% additional weighted funding for each of the
   participants. Therefore, the financial benefit to the participating
   ISD’s could be substantial. The program will start with a pilot
   group of three partner ISD’s. In the second year we hope to
   add the remaining 26 partner ISD’s. Weatherford College will
   be offering courses in Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Child
   Development. We will start out with three courses for each
   semester of the 2004-2005 school year. Starting in year two
   more courses will be developed to meet the needs of our area

5. School Presentations- Kevin Eaton and Dr. Russell have been
   visiting schools this quarter and presenting information to
   seniors on Tech Prep and how to receive their technical credit.
   They have already visited Huckabay and Dublin, and are
   scheduled to visit Lipan of the 17th of May. They will also
   address 8-11th graders in Lipan and educate them on the
   benefits of tech prep.

6. State Tech Prep Conference- Kevin Eaton, Linda Hutton,
   Terry Brock, and David Russell participated in the Texas Higher
   Education Coordinating Board’s Seamless Transitions
   Conference in Dallas March 8-10. The conference focused the
   need to provide seamless transitions for technical students from
   high school to the community college and ultimately to the
   university. Kevin and David made 2 presentations entitled
   “Collaboration for Education” to approximately 40 attendees.
   Also, WC president, Dr. Huff, joined seven other community
   college presidents and the University of Texas at Arlington
   president in signing agreements that would allow technical
   students to transfer their credits to UTA to earn an academic
   bachelor’s degree through the Texas TWO-TWO Project.

7. Abilene Presentation for Colleges- Dr. Russell and Kevin
   Eaton presented information to College and University
   representatives about Tech Prep and the Texas Two-Step in
   Abilene. They explained the benefits of our online registration
   system and why it was important to post-secondary institutions
   as well as secondary institutions. Attendees showed great
   interest in the information and many questions were fielded on
   where they needed to go from here. The Abilene Tech Prep
   Consortium is now in the process of implementing an online
   registration system.
            8. Tech Prep Magazine- Kevin Eaton stated that the Tech Prep
               staff will be updating the Tech Prep Magazine for the Fall 2004
               school year. With the purchase of a new 5 mega-pixel camera,
               we will be able to take professional quality photographs to use
               in the publication. We hope to have the final produced and
               completed by the middle of July. These magazines will be
               distributed to partner ISD’s in August.

            9. Subgrant Payments- Linda Hutton gave an update on the
               progress of the sub-grants that had been given. 17 ISD’s were
               given sub-grants this year. 13 schools have been given
               reimbursements and two are in process. Two schools have not
               returned anything for reimbursement.

           10. Teacher Alignment Training Online- Kevin stated that
               teacher alignment information will be available online for the
               2004-2005 school year. Teachers will access the WCTPC
               website in order to download copies of the college course
               syllabus that each of their High School courses will articulate
               too. These instructors will then sign a copy of the syllabi and
               mail it to the Tech Prep Department at WC. They will also be
               asked to request a meeting with the college instructor if they feel
               that more clarification is required. This will streamline the
               alignment process and give us a system of tracking which
               instructors have aligned their courses and which ones have not.

IV.   Unfinished Business
         A. John Allison stated there is none at this time.

V.       New Business
         A. 2004-2005 Proposed Budget Review- John Allison asked that
         members review the Proposed budget spreadsheet handed out. John
         then asked if there were any questions about the proposed budget. A
         motion to approve the budget as it appears was made by Kathy
         Barakis and a second was made by Sally Burt. The motion carried and
         the budget was approved.

         B. 2004-2005 Proposed Goals Review-John Allison then asked all
         member to review the Proposed Goals for next year. A motion to
         approve was made by Mary Landers, and a second was made by Kay
         Landrum. The motion carried and the goals were approved.

VI.   Items for Discussion
        John Allison stated that no items for discussion were submitted for this
        meeting. He then asked if anyone had anything that they would like to

VII.    Next Meeting
        Our next meeting will be on Friday, August 27, 2004, from 9:00-11:00
        a.m., Weatherford College Board Room.

VIII.   Adjournment
        The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m. by John Allison.

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