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movie star obituaries

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									                                                   “There’s a great spirit gone!”
                                                     (Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra)

                                    Performing Arts Obituary 2007
                                                  Compiled by John Thaxter
                                                    (Age at death shown in brackets)

Ian Adam                           (64) Scottish vocal coach and singer                                                     10 May
Michelangelo Antonioni             (94) Influential Italian film director who flourished in the ‘60s, notably L’Avventura   30 Jul
Carlo Maria Badini                 (81) Helmsman of La Scala, Milan, who restored both its fiscal and artistic standing     19 Apr
Maurice Béjart                     (80) French choreographer and ballet director                                            22 Nov
Ingmar Bergman                     (89) Sweden’s visionary film-maker whose work profoundly influenced cinema               30 Jul
Joey Bishhop                       (89) American comedian and talk-show host, last of the Hollywood Rat Pack                17 Oct
Janet Blair                        (85) Hollywood actress, singer and dancer                                                19 Feb
Eric Braun                         (86) Colourful, cycling theatre critic, biographer, journalist and showbiz publicist     21 Nov
Jean-Claude Brialy                 (74) Charismatic French stage and film actor at the heart of the New Wave                30 May
Jean-Pierre Cassel                 (74) Elegant French film and stage actor with an international career                    19 Apr
Alan Coren                         (69) Humorist, journalist and witty broadcaster                                          18 Oct
Régine Crespin, Légion d’Honneur   (80) Sensuous French operatic soprano, who became a mezzo late in her career               5 Jul
Anna Cropper                       (68) Busy television actress, wife of Bill Roache (Ken Barlow on Coronation Street)      22 Jan
Yvonne De Carlo                    (84) Exotic Canadian actress in Hollywood; the ‘I’m Still Here’ star of Follies           8 Jan
Solveig Dommartin                  (45) Compelling French actress, winged trapeze star of Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire      11 Jan
Angela Dowding (Lascelles)         (87) West End actress (incl. Rookery Nook 1942), who married into the Royal family       28 Feb
Hilda Durante                      (81) Variety artiste partnered with husband Ted, stars of BBC’s The Good Old Days        20 Mar
Ivor Emmanuel                      (79) Musical comedy star, Welsh-speaking anchor man for the BBC’s Land of Song           19 Jul
Ray Evans                          (92) Oscar-winning lyricist with Jay Livingston ( incl .Que Sera, Sera; Mona Lisa)       15 Feb
Clive Exton                        (77) British television playwright, film scriptwriter and satirist                       16 Aug
Don Fellows                        (84) American actor who spent most of his professional life in British television        21 Oct
Celia Franca, CC                   (85) London-born dancer, choreographer, founder of the National Ballet of Canada         19 Feb
Ed Friendly Jr                     (85) NBC producer of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In and Little House on the Prairie         17 Jun
Tudor Gates                        (76) Prolific playwright and screenwriter, West End theatre habituee                     12 Jan
Alice Ghostley                     (81) Tony-Award winning stage and screen actress, ‘Esmeralda’ in Bewitched on TV         21 Sep
Syd Golder                         (83) Ex-convict who became a lunch-time theatre producer at the King’s Head              22 Mar
Howard Goorney                     (85) Stage and TV actor and co-founder with Joan Littlewood of Theatre Workshop          29 Mar
Gordon Gostelow                    (82) Australian-born stage and screen actor who triumphed with the RSC                    3 Jun
Colin Graham OBE                   (75) British opera director, artistic director of the Opera Theatre of St Louis           6 Apr
Charles Griffith                   (77) Off-beat Chicago screenwriter and director who created The Little Shop of Horrors   28 Sep
George Grizzard                    (79) American theatre stalwart with a professional affiliation to Edward Albee            2 Oct
Terry Hall                         (80) Ventriloquist whose Lenny the Lion became a British stage and television star        4 Apr
Kitty Carlisle Hart                (96) Extrovert Broadway actress and operetta star, Moss Hart’s faithful widow            17 Apr
Curtis Harrington                  (80) Avant-garde film-maker who also directed high-camp soaps including Dynasty           6 May
Frank Hauser CBE                   (85) Welsh-born theatre director who transformed the Oxford Playhouse                    14 Oct
Ronnie Hazlehurst                  (79) Composer of memorable theme tunes for British sit-coms, quizzes and sports           1 Oct
Simon Hicks                        (51) Stage designer for the Tobacco Factory company in Bristol                            7 Mar
Suzy Hitching (Barratt)            (43) English screen and stage actor, later a successful authority on children’s games     8 Jun
Stanley Holden                     (79) Royal Ballet dancer and teacher, noted for his deftly comic Widow Simone            11 May
Victoria Hopper                    (97) Canadian born West End musical star, director Basil Dean’s third wife               22 Jan
Grant Hossack                      (68) Versatile musical director for 25 West End shows and 35 cast albums                  6 Jan
Dale Houston                       (67) Singer pianist, male half of the chart-topping US pop duo Dale and Grace            27 Sep
Gareth Hunt                        (65) Theatre actor who achieved fame as ‘Gambit’, tough guy of ITV’s New Avengers        14 Mar
William Hutt CC, MM                (87) Canadian actor, mainstay of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival for 39 years       27 Jun
John Inman                         (71) Camp television comedy star of Are You Being Served? and pantomime favourite         8 Mar
Pauline Jameson                    (86) Distinguished English classical actress on stage and screen                          8 Apr
Griffith Jones                     (97) Stage and film actor, notably with the RSC, whose career spanned seven decades      30 Jan
Ruth Kettlewell                    (94) English character actress for 50 years kept busy on stage and screen                17 Jul
Barbara Kelly                      (82) Extrovert Canadian-born TV and radio personality; Bernard Braden’s widow            15 Jan
Deborah Kerr CBE                   (86) Enchanting star, a Scottish actress who became a British legend in Hollywood        16 Oct
Dame Thea King DBE                 (81) Gifted clarinettist with London Mozart Players and English Chamber Orchestra        26 Jun
Patricia Kirkwood                  (85) Exuberant, leggy beauty of musical comedy who also triumphed as an actress          25 Dec
Laszlo Kovacs                      (74) Hungarian cinematographer who filmed Easy Rider and Five Easy Pieces                22 Jul
Frankie Laine                      (93) Prolific recording artist with a big baritone voice for Wild West movie ballads      6 Feb
Verity Lambert OBE                 (71) BBC and Thames Television drama producer, a governor of the BFI                     22 Nov
Charles Lane                       (102) Busy bit-part Hollywood actor in 338 movies and TV films - and maybe more           9 Jul
Ira Levin                          (78) Playwright (No Time for Sergeants and Deathtrap) and novelist (Rosemary’s Baby)     12 Nov
Moira Lister                       (84) Born in Cape Town, but a very English comedy actress with a sparkling style         27 Oct
Nellie Lutcher                     (94) Club singer and pianist whose Hurry On Down was a big hit for Capitol Records        8 Jun
Magnus Magnuson                    (77) Icelandic-born Scottish journalist and author, BBC Mastermind quizmaster             7 Jan
Norman Mailer                      (84) Reality novelist, literary journalist and playwright (The Deer Park, NY 1967)       10 Nov
Delbert Mann                       (87) Hollywood film and television director (including Marty and The Bachelor Party      11 Nov
Bernard Manning                    (76) Northern club comedian with a brutal flair for racist and sexist jokes              18 Jun
Marcel Marceau                     (84) French clown and mime artist, creator of the white faced Bip                        22 Sep
Robert Marsden                 (85) RSC Theatre-Go-Round actor, RADA drama coach and director                             5 Apr
Ronald Mavor                   (82) Playwright, 1960s director of the Scottish Arts Council, James Bridie’s son           9 Aug
Lois Maxwell                   (80) Elegant Canadian actress, fourteen times Miss Moneypenny to James Bond               29 Sep
Bobbie Medlock                 (92) Music hall artiste with her husband Vic Marlowe, a hit with ENSA audiences           11 Jan
George Melly                   (80) Jazz singer, art collector and critic, Flook scriptwriter, author and bon viveur      5 Jul
Lynn Merrick                   (87) Hollywood blonde in Western B-movies for Republic and Columbia Pictures              25 Mar
Gian Carlo Menotti             (95) Popular opera composer who believed in singable melody and dramatic effect            1 Feb
Robin Midgley                  (72) Theatre director incl. RSC, Haymarket Leicester, West End and Cambridge TC           19 May
‘Honest Ed’ Mirvish, OC, CBE   (92) Exuberant Toronto retailer and theatre producer, saviour of the Old Vic              11 Jul
Sheridan Morley                (65) Theatre scion: Coward’s first biographer, drama critic, broadcaster and director     16 Feb
Ulrich Mühe                    (54) German actor, international star of the Oscar-winning film The Lives of Others       22 Jul
Barry Nelson                   (89) Broadway and screen actor. The American TV James Bond, aka ‘Jimmy’                    7 Apr
John Normington                (70) Versatile supporting actor at the Royal Court, RSC and National Theatre              26 Jul
Luciano Pavarotti              (71) Acclaimed Italian operatic tenor with a uniquely thrilling voice                      6 Sep
Oscar Peterson                 (82) Jazz pianist, king of swing who won international and jazz academic acclaim          23 Dec
Steven Pimlott, OBE            (52) Versatile RSC, West End and opera director                                           14 Feb
Marla Powers                   (75) Hollywood B-movie star with a busy broadcasting and teaching career                  11 Jun
Carlo Ponti                    (94) Italian film producer who discovered and married Sophia Loren                        10 Jan
Fons Rademakers                (86) Dutch film director, Oscar nominee for Village By the River (1958)                   22 Feb
Ian Richardson, CBE            (72) Veteran classic actor with the RSC, and a notable television presence                 9 Feb
Mike Reid                      (67) Gravel-voiced Cockney comedian, best know as Frank Butcher in EastEnders             29 Jul
Anton Rodgers                  (74) Insouciant stage and television actor, an overnight star in Songbook in 1979          1 Dec
Mstislav Rostropovich          (80) Virtuoso Russian cellist as soloist, conductor and humantiarian ambassador           27 Apr
Myles Rudge                    (81) Comedy writer and lyricist, including Right Said Fred and Hole in the Ground         10 Oct
Gordon Scott                   (79) Hollywood’s B-movie Tarzan for five years, from 1955                                 30 Apr
Phyllis Sellick, OBE           (95) Piano duettist (for ‘three hands’) with her stroke-impaired husband Cyril Smith      26 May
Michel Serrault                (79) Busy French character actor in cabaret, stage and film, Zaza in La Cage aux Folles   28 Jul
Ned Sherrin, CBE               (76) Wit, satirist, bon viveur, barrister, quizmaster, presenter, director and producer    1 Oct
Beverly Sills                  (78) New York’s best known coloratura soprano, latterly Chairman of the Met Opera          2 Jul
Charlie Smithers               (79) Cockney comedian in cabaret, on cruises and on the club circuit                       8 May
Renée Stepham                  (92) Formidable West End theatrical booking agent                                         20 Apr
Karlheinz Stockhausen          (79) Controversial German composer and electronic sound musician                           8 Dec
George Tabori                  (93) Hungarian playwright and director who found fame in London and Hollywood             23 Jul
Glen Tetley                    (80) American dancer and ballet choreographer inspired by modern dance forms              26 Jan
Georg Tressler                 (89) Viennese director who carved an independent career in Hollwood and Berlin             6 Jan
Peter Tuddenham                (88) Versatile English stage, screen and radio actor, the Blake’s Seven voice of Zen        9 Jul
Ike Turner                     (76) Mississippi rock musician, overshadowed by his wife Tina Turner                      12 Dec
Peter Viertel                  (86) Dresden-born Hollywood screenwriter and socialite, husband of Deborah Kerr            4 Nov
José Luis de Villalonga        (87) Spanish film actor, author, monarchist, aristocrat and diplomat                      30 Aug
Dick Vosburgh                  (77) Comedy and revue writer, broadcaster, occasional actor and lyricist                  28 Apr
Derek Waring                   (79) Handsome screen and stage actor, family man, husband of Dorothy Tutin                20 Feb
Mark Weil                      (55) Uzbekistan director, founder of the USSR’s first independent theatre company          7 Sep
JackWilliams                   (85) Film stuntman                                                                        10 Apr
Belinda Wright                 (78) Vividly beautiful ballerina with Rambert, Petit and London Festival Ballet            1 Apr
Jagna Wright (nee Rapf)        (56) Polish documentary film maker, including The Forgotten Odyssey (2001)                16 Jun
Jane Wyman                     (93) Oscar-winning screen actress, esp. in ‘victim roles’, first wife of Ronal Reagan     10 Sep
Aida Young                     (87) British film and television producer, notably with Hammer Horror films               12 Aug
Nicola Zaccaria                (84) Versatile Greek-born operatic bass, a true basso cantante at La Scala with Callas    26 Jul

                               Compiled with acknowledgements to The Times and The Stage

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