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									                                           Chatting with MSN Messenger
                                           FACT SHEET 0 : Getting Started

Getting the software
Navigate to the webpage:   

Download the software by clicking the Get it free button.

You will then have to select which other live services you want and then click the
Install button on this page

This will download the Windows Live Installer package to your computer. Once downloaded, you
will need to double click the file in Windows Explorer to run it. This will open the Windows Live

Customise the installation until you are happy with
your choices, you will then be taken to a window
where you can choose what live products you
want to install.

To install Messenger select the tick next to where
it says messenger and then click add to
installation, if messenger is already installed it will
be up the top of the window.

Creating an Account
You will need to create an account before you go any further. Refer
Fact Sheet 1

Once you’ve created an account and logged in you
will see your name at the top of the window.
You can enter a personal message under your name
– Make it funny!
If you have web mail then you can click the mail icon
with the number next to it. The number is the amount
of unopened emails.

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