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					PAGE 6 • OPINION                                                                                                           ARTESIAN HERALD•MARCH 21, 2008

                                    American Idol alters seventh season
                                     On Jan 15, the annual season of the hit            Last season, American Idol received an abundant amount of criticism. Com-
              By                  reality show American Idol premiered. The             plaints were that the judges and producers were too harsh and disrespectful
                                  show has made some minor changes for the              to the contestants. I have heard many complaints about the producers on
                                  better due to                                                                                  American Idol completely tearing down the
                                  new ideas                                                                                      self-esteem of their contestants to make the
and old criticism. Other than those small                                                                                        show more dramatic and entertaining.
variations, the new season of American Idol                                                                                      Former co-host of American Idol, Ryan
is not different from the old ones.                                                                                              Dunkleman, told the Associated Press, “I
   American Idol still searches for the best                                                                                     quite honestly had a very difficult time with
singer in the country between the ages of 16                                                                                     how cruel the show was. It really affected
and 28. Every American citizen of the right                                                                                      me.”
age is eligible to audition for the show. If                                                                                        On previous seasons of American Idol,
the contestants pass the first audition, they                                                                                    only the top 12 contestants had to choose
are taken to Hollywood to audition at a                                                                                          which songs to sing according to the
more difficult level. This season when                                                                                           show’s weekly theme. Now in order to
competing in Hollywood, the contestants                                                                                          make the show more fun and entertaining,
had the option of playing an instrument                                                                                          the top 24 contestants have to abide by a
while singing or having instruments                                                                                              weekly theme as well. Producers were
played for them. This element was first put                                                                                      hoping this would improve American Idol’s
into play on Australian Idol. American Idol                                                                                      ratings.
eventually decided to use the same rule.                                                                                            I think this was a good change for the
   The top 24 singers from the Hollywood                                                                                         show. One of their best weekly themes were
round move on and compete in a semi-final                                                          photo courtesy of blog gossip songs by the Beatles. It is interesting to
weekly audition in which the viewers               These are the three judges and host of American Idol. In the front is         watch all the contestants with completely
decide which contestants move on to the            former popstar Paula Abdul, to the far left is well-known judge Simon different personalities sing songs of the
finals and which ones leave the competi-           Cowell, in the middle is the host Ryan Seacrest, and to the far right is same genre.
tion. The male and female contestants are          award-winning rock bassist Randy Jackson. These four make up part
                                                                                                                                   I think American Idol has improved for the
separated into two groups and only com-            of American Idol’s personality.
                                                                                                                                 better. I also think the producers will keep
pete with their own gender until the finals round. In the finals round, the top         improving the show more and more by critiquing themselves every year.
12 contestants are combined into one group to compete against each other for            When speaking of American Idol, Simon Cowell said, “The most important
the title of the 2008 American Idol.                                                    thing is the show has got to look better. It’s got to be more fun as a show, and
   The returning host of American Idol is Ryan Seacrest. The show also has all if it is, I think more people will watch.”
the same returning judges: Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, and Randy Jackson.                   I think he is right.

                                           Semi-Pro shoots and misses completely
                                            But again, Jackie isn’t a very good                                                                                      Jackie
                                            motivator when it comes to the sport.                                                                                    Moon(Ferrell)
         Coming to a                        He cares more about the theatrics of                                                                                     is an owner,
      Theater Near You                      it all instead of the fundamentals.                                                                                      operator,
                                            The rest of his teammates, including                                                                                     coach, and
        By Cory Bunnell
                                            Coffee Black (Andre Benjamin) and                                                                                        player on
                                            old NBA pro Monix (Woody                                                                                                 Michigan’s
   In the new film Semi-Pro, it’s the       Harrelson), decide to take that matter                                                                                   Flint
70s all over again. Michigan’s              into their own hands. Monix labels                                                                                       Tropics. At
favorite minor league basketball star,      himself the team’s new coach in                                                                                          every game
Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell), also                                                                                                                                     Moon
                                            offensive and defensive tactics, while
                                                                                                                                                                     attempts to
happens to be the coach and owner           Jackie still remains coach by name.                                                                                      gain crowd
of his own team. The Flint Tropics             Semi-Pro is a bad film, even by                                                                                       participa-
aren’t a very good team in terms of         traditional Will Ferrell standards.                                                                                      tion. Here
the sport of basketball, but they           The jokes are recycled from previous                                                                                     he is
certainly are an entertaining bunch.        films, last too long, or try too hard to                                                                                 performing
Moon himself even has a somewhat            disgust the audience. Saturday Night                                                                                     his only
popular disco song making its way           Live may have done this material                                                                                         disco hit to
around the club circuit. Only problem       some justice, but it just wasn’t good                                                                                    rally the
is the public are starting not to care      enough to stretch into a full length                                                                                     crowd.
about him anymore.                          film. Don’t get me wrong, it was                                                            Photo courtesy of
   Tropic’s games are all but empty         funny in parts, but we’ve seen it all
and Moon just found out that his            before, literally. Moon is the same          much better than it turned out to be.      bad. I guess I recommend it, but
teams’ league is about to go under.         character that Ferrell plays in every        I left the theater wishing I had seen      don’t expect side splitting laughter
The Tropics’ only hope is to be one of      movie lately, and frankly, I was             a different movie, but ended up            this time around. Maybe Ferrell’s
the four teams that move on to the          disappointed. When I saw the                 laughing about parts later. It’s a         next venture will pick up the pieces
NBA instead of one that disbands.           previews for it in theaters, it seemed       50/50 type film, but it’s not all that     that this film left behind.

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