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   The Shield Pro 2006                         $29.99 Review    Go To                                        View

 Bit Defender 9                                $29.95 Review    Go To                                        View

EZAntivirus 2006                               $29.99 Review    Go To                                        View

  Kaspersky 5.0                                $34.99 Review    Go To                                        View

Norton Antivirus                               $39.99 Review    Go To                                        View

McAfee Virusscan                               $34.99 Review    Go To                                        View

Panda Antivirus                                $49.95 Review    Go To                                        View

  Trend PC-cillin                              $49.95 Review    Go To                                        View

Antivirus Software Update: Antivirus software is only effective IF it is up to date. When you purchase
antivirus software it generally comes with one year of virus protection (sometimes less if it came with a new
computer). Upon expiration you still have the antivirus software but you do not have the most recent
updates. In order to have effective virus protection you must maintain virus update service from your
provider. This goes for ANY antivirus software that you purchase.

The Shield Pro 2006 - Reviewed 3/1/2006

 The Shield Pro 2006 is a simple to use antivirus and firewall program and a perfect program for the
 less computer savvy. Right from the beginning you can see that this is going to be a program that is
 simple to download, install and use. The Shield Antivirus comes with its own Easy Installer as they call
 it, and with 2 clicks, you are walked through the installation process. Rather a nice way to start out and
 one that we liked a lot.
 The Shield Pro 2006 updates and weekly scans are all pre-scheduled and has an intuitive interface. As
 we like to say, a very high "install and forget" rating.

 The website itself is nothing special but simple and easy to get through to place and order. The Shield
 Pro 2006 gets a 5.5 Star Rating (Top Rated) for its overall ease of use and price and mostly because of
 its free customer support (a real person actually picked up my call) ... as we say over and over, if you
 have a real person answering the phone ... that is major points from us. Email support worked well as
 our questions were responded too within a couple hours and the off hours contact was responded to
 sometime early the next day. Very positive support experience.

    easy to install
    simple preset protection
    free technical support - live person
    high "install and forget" rating
    low price antivirus and firewall software

 The Shield Antivirus is a relatively "light" product and uses less than 10mb RAM under normal

 Downside: The Shield Pro comes with a firewall that is not always necessary if you have a
 router or SP2. Luckily, you are not required to install the firewall with the antivirus.

 Overall Rating:                      - Product Information - Go To The Shield Pro

6 Star Reviews - Kaspersky Antivirus Personal 5.0 - Reviewed 5/31/2005

 Kaspersky Antivirus 5.0 was developed for more advanced users and that is obvious from the outset.
 The installation process is not the easiest, but as with most, if you take your time and read the
 instructions you can get through it well. There is a two part download process that can be confusing to
 the less knowledgable user and can be somewhat intimidating. Very advanced virus detection techniques
 and automatically deleted viruses (by default) after the files have been backed up. They have pre-set
 the product so it really is ready to go and take cares of your computer without much effort on your part.

 The web-site and the ordering process are not great but Kaspersky provides free technical
 support (with an #800) but getting through can be an issue. We give anyone that provides free
 technical support major kudos and Kaspersky offers that along with extensive online support.

 The product interface is intuitive and great for many levels of users. You can see when going
 into it that there are many options for personal preferences BUT Kaspersky has pre-set them
 for the user with less knowledge. This is a great benefit and a great option for higher level

 The Scan Level feature (if you are a less knowledgable user ignore this) is a nice feature and
 one that you do not see often.

 The download size makes this a simple product to download and install but the download size
 of the first set of updates can be large. The price is competitive at $34.99 (you can also order
 a CD backup) and overall a good value for your dollar and a good, strong 4.5 star review.

 Downside: The installation process can be an issue unless you are careful and read the

 Overall Rating:                     - Product Information - Buy Kaspersky Antivirus
6 Star Reviews - McAfee VirusScan Review

 McAfee is also a leading antivirus software when it comes to brand recognition. McAfee is a little less
 expensive than Norton at $39.99, but it is one of the best pure antivirus softwares on the market. If you
 are looking just for antivirus software you can purchase McAfee VirusScan at $34.99.

 McAfee VirusScan offers an extensive list of features. Many of the features come defaulted
 to already suit the consumers needs. McAfee offers their security center interface to monitor
 all of your security needs from on e generalized place. This definitely makes this product
 more functional.

 Downside: McAfee similar to Norton does not offer personalble customer service. Most
 questions would need to be answered by using their website or placing a call at $39.00 per

 Overall Rating:                      - Product Information - Buy McAfee VirusScan

Norton Antivirus 2006 - 12/23/2005

 Norton Antivirus 2006 is by far the most well known antivirus software, so if you are looking for a name
 brand you've found it. Norton Antivirus is a new product this year and includes virus and worm
 protection along with spyware protection. Norton appeared to catch everything incoming and the system
 remained clean during the testing period so we are confident that Norton was protecting against viruses
 very well. Norton Antivirus 2006 makes it very clear that it has detected a virus and some of the preset
 settings are make to let you know the product is working very well. As with most product, once you are
 comfortable it is working, I disable most of the warning (NOT the automatic updates or scans, just the

 We were less confident about the adware and spyware protection and would have preferred it been kept
 to a separate product. This has always been Nortons issues, they seem to want to add every bell and
 whistle possible when the normal consumer can get intimidated by all of this.

 The download and installation of this product felt to me to be easier and maybe even a little simpler than
 in years past so I guess Symantec has learned something by simplyfying this process.

 Norton Antivirus 2006 monitors all the needs of your pc ranging from scanning inbound and outbound
 emails, the entire hard drive, and even IM attachments. Due to it's extensive nature, Norton may be
 overwhelming to some basic consumers.

 Norton Antivirus 2006 is relatively "heavy" on your system as it takes a little over 20mb of RAM during
 normal operations.

 Upside: When Norton Antivirus is running, you trully feel that you are protected. It could be a
 combination of things from the name that is synonymous with "virus protection" to all the bells and

 Downside: Norton Antivirus does not have the greatest customer service. While their site is a "library
 of virus protection" and a destination for everything about viruses, it leaves a confused customer, more
 confused. If you want to get a service rep on the phone that will cost you $29.95 per incident!

 Norton Antivirus receives a 4.5 Star Rating and this is largely related to it's poor customer
 service. Our opinion is that if you are knowledgable about computers then you should be
 comfortable with Norton but it is not the greatest product for novices.

 Overall Rating:                        - Product Information - Go to Norton Antivirus 2006

6 Star Reviews - Panda Antivirus 2005 Review - Updated 9/10/2005
 By looks alone this product may be the easiest to use with a simple set up process and easy to
 use interface consumers are bound to feel comfortable with this product. While Panda excels
 in looks, it definitely lacks that same amount in performance. Panda receives a 4.0 star
 overall rating.

 Panda's Antivirus comes with an antivirus software and antispyware. Panda allows you to
 block, delete, clean, and quarantine infected files and does not slow your pc down during
 virus scans which is helpful to those constantly on your pc.

 Downside: Panda's virus definitions and antivirus protection is not up to par with the rest. If
 you like phone support do not go with Panda as they do not offer it…Not even for a price!
 They answer by email only.

 Overall Rating:                   - Product Information - Buy Panda Antivirus

6 Star Reviews - PC-Cillin - Reviewed 6/1/2005

 Trend Micro's PC-cillin Internet Security 2005 package offers consumers a comprehensive
 bundle of products but with that bundle comes some confusion. Internet Security combines
 antivirus, firewall and a adware and spyware scan. The antivirus component is an easy to use
 product but after that, the rest of the product can be somewhat confusing for a computer use
 with less knowledge. Some of the presets on the firewall miss the basic points of firewall
 protection. If this was just an antivirus product alone it would receive a much higher rating.

 The site and purchase process are standard and the installation process is not the simplest but
 again, no real issues. Trend provides a toll free technical support number and you know how
 we feel about that.

 This product would serve consumers best as a stand alone antivirus software. At $49.95 PC-
 cillin's easy to use antivirus software and features are well worth the money for the complete
 bundle if you are willing to work through the startup issues and get a grasp if the system. PC-
 cillin overall deserves it 3.5 star rating.

 Downside: The rest of this security set including firewall, antispam, and spyware removal do
 not offer the same great protection as their antivirus software. The firewall was not able to
 detect some unauthorized programs, while spyware and spam were not completely removed
 for the pc but it is very difficult to remove all adware and spyware nowadays.

 Overall Rating:                   - Product Information - Buy PC-Cillin

BullGuard Internet Security 6.0 - Reviewed 3/3/2006

 Bullguard is a relatively new product to the market but a very impressive product. All in one
 you get antivirus, firewall, spam protection and backup capabilities and all ran smoothly. I
 am very pleased with this product, the service and the ease of use.

 First of all Bullguard Internet Security is the companies only product and it encompasses all
 four products listed above (sort of like Henry Ford saying you can have the Model T in any
 color you want as long as you want it in black). But again, these were all quality products and
 all part of a very nice security package.

 The download and installation was smooth and easy to accomplish. The program is not that
 "light" on the system as it appears to use about 25mb of RAM to operate. In this case, 25mb
 of RAM is not bad considering you are running 3 active products.

 The antivirus and firewall are really the main focus of this review section and they performed
 very well. Notifications and updates were very clear, the system was appropriately setup
 ahead of time for the average use and there was NO complicated options to confuse the
 average user, as a matter of fact there were no over the top options available at all.

 The spam product on this was probably the least efffective and least friendly out of all
 products. As with all spam products, they are never plug and play, you always needs to
 personalize them. Bullguards version was good but not as simple of a product as the a tivirus
 and firewall. It was a good solid product with all the standard spam product bells and whistles
 but it was a little disconcerting when it was accessing my address book.

 The final component was a backup product for data storage. While 6Star has yet to review
 backup products this was a simple to use product as well. You had your choice for the
 amount of data that you were to back up from 1000mb to 3000mb. I uploaded and
 downloaded data without reading any instructions or manual and was pleased with the ease of
 use of this product.

 As with every product we review, we test Customer Service and this was impressive. They
 claim 24/7 support and I will tell you that the email that was sent at 7AM was replied to with
 2 hours and with a nice explanation of the issue and resolution. The Live Chat was good. The
 person may not have been a high level tech but she had the answers that I needed. There does
 not appear to be a phone contact area and with a product this in depth, I would like to have
 seen a phone support option.

 Downside: I would like to have seen this product as separate products as opposed to just a
 suite of products. From our experience, antivirus and firewall are the most important
 components to consumers with spam protection third and data back up far behind those three.
 The other issue that we have with Bullguard Internet Security is the price. Prices range from
 $59.99 to $159.99 depending upon the amount of backup space that you want and a second
 year of basic use runs $30.

 Overall, Bullguard Internet Security outpaces many products that we have reviewed and fully
 earns a 5 Star rating even at the pricing levels.

 Overall Rating:                   - Product Information - BullGuard Internet Security

EZAntivirus 2006 - Reviewed 1/16/2006

 I tend to start reviews of software early in the morning, so this AM I clicked the download
 link and started the install process of EZAntivirus, a moment later I dug through my emails
 and found the keycode that was sent to meand entered that in and then clicked "okay". At that
 point I decided I was going to need a little more coffee to focus on this. I came back a few
 minutes later prepared to complete the installation and checkout the product and I see I am
 half way through a complete system scan. I have done nothing at this point other than enter
 the keycodes and we are half way through a scan (and a cup of coffee). Great install process
 so I am going into this review with a very positive attitude.

 EZAntivirus has such a nice, clean interface with what seems to be a very high "install and
 forget rating". There is no overload of information and choices on the interface which is
 good. Clean and simple.

 EZAntivirus's main component runs at less than 13mb RAM which is pretty light and my
 overall system scan was pretty fast.

 Downside: Phone support is $49.95. That is per incident and that is for a product that costs
 $29.95, I find this completly crazy and want to strangle someone at CA. They have a great
 product that should not need an enormous amount of support, why turn people off with a
 $49.99 charge.

 For the average computer user EZAntivirus is a wonderful product, easy installation, easy use
 and light on your PC. At $29.99 this is a product that we are comfortable with and
 recommend highly. EZAntivirus receives a 4.5 Star Rating from 6StarReviews.

 We generally do not project "what ifs" but "if" EZTrust had a reasonable customer support
 policy and maybe a reasonable charge for support, you would see this product at a 5 or 5.5
 Star Rating. But with the excessive charges that are required per incident on customer
 support, you need to be assured that you can handle everything on your own or be patient
 with email support.

 Overall Rating:                      - Product Information - Go To EZAntivirus

BitDefender 9 Standard - Reviewed 12/13/2005

 Bit Defender 9 is a great "install and forget about for a year antivirus product". At $29.99 this is one of
 the best antivirus values on the market today. Virus updates can be done manually or are preset for
 your convenience. You get to preset updates and scans to your convenience. Scans are fast and effective
 and easy drag and drop if you want to scan specific files … along with nice reporting after scanning.

 BitDefender 9 comes with a lot of bells and whistles, some of which can be annoying but can easily be
 turned off. Various notifications via popups and email tell you that BitDefender has found a virus. I found
 it a little overkill but again, you can simply go into settings and turn those components off (last year we
 commented that you never knew the product was working, so this is a dramatic change in our opinion).

 The website isn't the greatest but is simple enough to get through the ordering process.

 Bit Defender 9 also provides free technical support but not by telephone, only via online chat and email.
 Of course we tested it the online chat service (twice) and were pleased with the speed of the response
 but the support people seem to use too many canned responses and did not really read our inquiries.
 After a couple times back and forth we did clear up the issues.

 I would be concerned by the lack of telephone contact if you had a more serious issue and needed to
 speak to a tech. Other than those slight issues, I was somewhat pleased with customer service.

    low system usage
    fast scans
    simple interface
    easy installation
    good "install and forget"
   Everything about this product, price and service are solid earning it an all around 5 Star
   rating for a $29.99 product.

   Downside: The main downside is the customer service. We ALWAYS like to see an #800 for service.

   Overall Rating:                   - Product Information - Buy BitDefender 9

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