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scholarship letters

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									Scholarship Letters:                                                                         Dear South Central Region,

Dear SPE South Central Region,                                                               This past October I was awarded a scholarship from the Society of Photographic Education
                                                                                             South Central Region to help offset the expense of travel and lodging while at this year's
Thank you so much for selecting me as one of the recipients of your                          conference in Wichita Falls, Texas. I am a graduate student at Louisiana State University
regional conference scholarship. The money was greatly appreciated and the                   and a third year member of SPE. I am always eager to attend the yearly regional conference
conference had a huge impact on me as a photographer. Your financial help                    and this year was just as informative as it was exciting.
gave me inspiration, direction, and new excitement in my work. I am looking
forward to the next conference.                                                              The weekend began with a trip down a Texas road to explore historic Archer City and the
                                                                                             bookstores of Pulitzer Prize winning author Larry McMurtury. Next on the agenda was a
Sincerely,                                                                                   panel discussion on the recently published book Texas Trilogy, Life in a Small Texas Town,
Kate Jenkins                                                                                 based on Texas singer/songwriter Steve Fromholz's legendary ballad, Texas Trilogy.
Senior                                                                                       Fromholz would also conclude Friday evening's festivities with a live performance in the
Texas A&M Commerce                                                                           Royal Theater. Saturday brought a number of lectures, discussions, portfolio reviews,
                                                                                             booksales and signings and closed with a lecture and discussion by the well-known and
                                                                                             highly respected photographer, William Christenberry.
Dear South Central Region SPE,
                                                                                             My attendance at the conference, made possible by my scholarship, proved to be beneficial
Kudos to all whom planned this year’s regional Conference in Wichita Falls! The              in many ways. It welcomed me into an environment rich with photographic knowledge,
unique programming events, “field trip” and lectures were not only enjoyable and             information and opinion. The panel discussion on Texas Trilogy, Life in a Small Texas Town
enlightening but also successfully emphasized the theme of the ARTifacts                     made clear the once foggy idea of how to take a project and shape it into a book comprised
conference. Being at the entire conference weekend was a privilege and I thank you           of imagery and stories. The conference also gave me the opportunity to learn new
for the opportunity to attend as a Student Scholarship recipient. I was able to meet         photographic processes and have my work viewed and critiqued by several professors and
significant image-makers for the first time and received valuable feedback from them         professional artists. Lastly, it allowed me to attend the lecture of William Christenberry. To
about my recent work. The highlights of the weekend for me were the lecture and              sit in a room and listen to his accounts of working with master photographer Walker Evans,
slide shows by William Christenberry and Robert Hirsch and I especially gleamed              hear the stories of years of artistic endeavors, and speak with Mr. Christenberry directly
valuable insight into making art from James Hoggard's lecture. His poetic lecture            about his work was a very special treat in itself. Moreover, Mr. Christenberry was happy to
provided a pleasing literary balance to an already stimulating conference. Again,            share his opinions and talk with me personally about my work and photographic journey.
thank you for the opportunity to spend the weekend with both local contemporaries
and to meet nationally acclaimed artists. My first attendance at an SPESC Regional           This year's conference experience was a success and has left me with a refreshed look
Conference was unforgettable.                                                                at photography and the photographic path stretched out before me--a reality that would
                                                                                             have not been possible without receiving a scholarship to this year's conference. I have
Sincerely,                                                                                   been blessed, enriched and am already looking forward to next year's South Central
                                                                                             Regional conference.
Alison Hahn
Graduate Student                                                                             Kindly and with Great Thanks,
Texas Woman’s University
                                                                                             Jacob Botter
                                                                                             Graduate Student
Dear South Central Region,                                                                   Louisiana State University

Thank you for the opportunity to attend this year's regional conference. I was
able to enjoy many great photographs in exhibits and presentations and hear the
thoughts of those that created the work. Everyone enjoyed Robert Hirsch's
collection of images and stories from his past and Steven Fromholz played great
Texas music. It was helpful to see other student work and get feedback on my work
during the portfolio sharing. This was a great chance for me as an undergraduate
student to speak openly with graduate students about their program. I was excited
to hear what they had to say and see some of the work that they produce. It was
very informative. I would like to add (though it is apparent) that by the collection of
photographs in the ARTifacts exhibit that our region has awesome photographers. I
am fortunate to be a student of Susan Dunkerley. I would like to say thank you to
those professors that go beyond being a great photographer and dedicate their time
to being great educators and people. Your hard work is appreciated. Thank you for
putting this conference together and for your feedback during the conference. I am
grateful for the chance to attend my first regional conference. It was a great learning

Amy Allen
Baylor University

                                                                                                         William Christenberry autographs book for UNT grad student, Jessica Cook.

                                                                                                                SOUTH CENTRAL REGION NEWSLETTER

                    From left to right: Mark Wittig, Rick Dingus, Luther Smith, Amy Holmes
                    George and Robert Hirsch at an open portfolio sharing in the lobby of
                    the Hawthorn Suites.
                                                                                                                spe                    THE SOCIETY FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC EDUCATION
                                                                                                                                                  fall 2004

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