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									   Press Release Song List
                              Embargoed May 15, 2007 10:00 PM
    2007 POP AWARDS

BAD DAY                       CHECK ON IT
Daniel Powter                 Sean Garrett
Song 6 Music                  Slim Thug
Daniel Powter                 Colpix Music, Inc.
Warner Bros. Records          EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.
BECAUSE OF YOU                Slim Thug Publishing
                              Beyoncé featuring Slim Thug
David Hodges
                              Columbia Records
Ben Moody
12:06 Publishing              COOL
Dwight Frye Music, Inc.       Dallas Austin
EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.     Cyptron Music
Smellslikemetal Publishing    EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.
Kelly Clarkson                Gwen Stefani
RCA/RMG                       Interscope Records

BEST OF YOU                   CRAZY
Dave Grohl                    Cee-Lo Green
Nate Mendel                   Gian Piero Reverberi (SIAE)
Chris Shiflett                Gianfranco Reverberi (SIAE)
Flying Earform Music          Killer Tracks
I Love Punk Rock Music        Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
MJ Twelve Music               Gnarls Barkely
Universal-Songs of PolyGram   Downtown/Lava
International, Inc.
Foo Fighters                  DANCE, DANCE
RCA/RMG                       Andrew Hurley
                              Patrick Stump
BEVERLY HILLS (2nd Award)     Joe Trohman
Rivers Cuomo                  Pete Wentz
E. O. Smith Music             Chicago X Softcore Songs
Weezer                        Sony/ATV Songs LLC
Geffen Records
                              Fall Out Boy
TREE                          DANI CALIFORNIA
KT Tunstall                   Flea
Sony/ATV Songs LLC            John Frusciante
KT Tunstall
Virgin Records                Anthony Kiedis
                              Chad Smith
                              Moebetoblame Music
                              Red Hot Chili Peppers
                              Warner Bros. Records
Mariah Carey                            Jerry "Wonder" Duplessis
Rye Songs                               Shakira
Songs of Universal, Inc.                Aniwi Music LLC
Mariah Carey                            EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.
Island Records                          JNR Music Publishing, Inc.
FEEL GOOD INC.                          Te Bass Music, Inc.
Damon Albarn (PRS)                      Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean
                                        Epic Records
Jamie Hewlett (PRS)
David Jolicoeur                         HOME
80's Kid Music                          Alan Chang
EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.               Amy Foster-Gillies
Gorillaz featuring De La Soul           Almost October Songs
Parlophone/Virgin                       Ihan Zhan Music
                                        Songs of Universal, Inc.
                                        Michael Bublé
Ray Charles
                                        143 Records/Warner Bros.
Renald J. Richard
Kanye West                              I'M FEELING YOU
EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.               Michelle Branch
Mijac Music                             Kara DioGuardi
Please Gimme My Publishing, Inc.        I'm Still With The Band Music
Unichappell Music, Inc.                 K'Stuff Publishing
Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx         Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
Roc-A-Fella Records                     Santana featuring The Wreckers
Sheryl Crow                             I'M SPRUNG
Old Crow Music                          T-Pain
Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.       Nappypub Music
Sheryl Crow                             Zomba Songs
A & M/Interscope Records                T-Pain
Sean Garrett                            LET ME HOLD YOU
Gipp                                    Brenda Russell
Rich Harrison                           Ernest D. "No ID" Wilson
Lil Wayne                               Chrysalis Songs
T.I.                                    No I.D. Music Publishing
                                        Lil Bow Wow featuring Omarion
Dam Rich Music                          Columbia/Sum
EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.
Money Mack Music                        LIKE WE NEVER LOVED AT ALL
Mutant Mindframe Music                  Vicky McGehee
Nelly featuring Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp   Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
Derrty/Fo Reel/Universal Records        Faith Hill
                                        Warner Bros. Records
LONELY                                    OH
Gene Allan                                Don Carlos Price
Bobby Vinton                              M. Semaji Music
Feather Music                             Ciara featuring Ludacris
Akon                                      Sho'Nuff/Musicline/LaFace/Zomba
SRC/Universal Records
                                          ONE WISH
LOSE CONTROL                              Fred Jerkins
Juan Atkins                               Rodney Jerkins
Richard Davis                             Ray J
Fatman Scoop aka Big Colorado             EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.
Curtis Lee Hudson                         Ensign Music LLC
Big Colorado Music                        Fred Jerkins Publishing
Deep Space Music                          Rodney Jerkins Productions, Inc.
Electro Groove Music                      Stop Trying To Copy My Music
EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.                 Ray J
Publishing Corporation of America
Spirit One Publishing                     PHOTOGRAPH
Missy Elliott featuring Ciara & Fatman    Daniel Adair (SOCAN)
Atlantic Records
                                          Chad Kroeger (SOCAN)
                                          Mike Kroeger (SOCAN)
MS. NEW BOOTY                             Ryan Peake (SOCAN)
Michael "Mr. ColliPark" Crooms            Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
D-Roc (Ying Yang Twins)                   Nickelback
Kaine (Ying Yang Twins)                   Roadrunner/IDJMG Records
Bubba Sparxxx
                                          PROBABLY WOULDN'T BE THIS
ColliPark Music                           WAY
Da Crippler Publishing                    Tammi Kidd
E W C Publishing Co.                      Irving Music
EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.                 LeAnn Rimes
Soar Loser Music                          Asylum/Curb
Bubba Sparxxx featuring Ying Yang Twins
& Mr. ColliPark                           THE REAL THING
New South/Purple Ribbon/Virgin            Kara DioGuardi
                                          Marti Frederiksen
Lynn Tolliver, Jr.                        K'Stuff Publishing                                 Sony/ATV Songs LLC
                                          White Pearl Songs
Cherry River Music Co.
                                          Bo Bice
Jimi Mac Music                            RCA/RMG
OG Music music, inc.                     RUN IT!
Black Eyed Peas                           Sean Garrett
A & M/Interscope Records                  Hitco Music
                                          Team S Dot Publishing
                                          Chris Brown
SOS                                 STICKWITU
Evan Bogart                         Franne Golde
Edward Cobb                         Kasia Livingston
Jonathan "JR" Rotem                 Robert Palmer
Embassy Music Corporation           Franne Gee Music
Here's Lookin' At You Kidd Music    Myia’s Koala Bear Music Publishing
Jonathan Rotem Music                Notting Hill Music, Inc.
Reach Global Songs                  Parchi Music
Southside Independent Music         Sony/ATV Songs LLC
Publishing LLC                      Pussycat Dolls
Rihanna                             A & M Records
                                    SUGAR (GIMME SOME)
SAVIN' ME                           David Byrne
Daniel Adair (SOCAN)
                                    Trick Daddy
Chad Kroeger (SOCAN)
                                    First and Gold Publishing
Mike Kroeger (SOCAN)                Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
Ryan Peake (SOCAN)                  Trick Daddy featuring Ludacris & Cee-Lo
Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.   Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic
Roadrunner/IDJMG Records            SUGAR, WE'RE GOIN' DOWN
                                    Andrew Hurley
SHAKE IT OFF                        Patrick Stump
Mariah Carey                        Joe Trohman
Rye Songs                           Pete Wentz
Songs of Universal, Inc.            Chicago X Softcore Songs
Mariah Carey                        Sony/ATV Songs LLC
Island Records
                                    Fall Out Boy
SHE SAYS                            IDJMG/Fueled By Ramen/Island
Howie Day                           TALK
HKD Music                           Karl Bartos (GEMA)
Howie Day                           Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
Epic Records
SO SICK                             Capitol Music Group
Ne-Yo                               UNFAITHFUL
Super Sayin' Publishing             Ne-Yo
Zomba Songs                         Super Sayin' Publishing
Ne-Yo                               Zomba Songs
SOUL SURVIVOR                       SRP/Def Jam/IDJMG
Young Jeezy                         UNWRITTEN
EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.           Natasha Bedingfield (PRS)
Young Jeezy Music                   Danielle Brisebois
Young Jeezy featuring Akon
                                    EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.
Corporate Thugs/Def Jam Records
                                    Gator Baby
                                    Natasha Bedingfield
                                    Epic Records
WALK AWAY                                  YOUR BODY
Kara DioGuardi                             Bigg D
K'Stuff Publishing                         Marcus "Pleasure" Cooper
Kelly Clarkson                             Jim Jonsin
RCA/RMG                                    Corey "Slick' Em" Mathis
WHAT HURTS THE MOST                        Diamond "Baby Blue" Smith
Jeffrey Steele                             Joseph "Blue" Smith
Gottahaveable Music                        Spectacular Smith
Songs of Windswept Pacific                 Black Boy Hatchet Music
Rascal Flatts                              EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.
Lyric Street                               Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
                                           Pretty Ricky
WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE                     Atlantic Records
Ryan Adams
Barland Music
Tim McGraw
Curb Records

Mike Shinoda
Kenji Kobayashi Music
Zomba Songs
Fort Minor featuring Holly Brook & Jonah
Machine Shop/WB

YOU AND ME (2nd Award)
Jude Cole
Jason Wade
Dimensional Songs of the Knoll
G-Chills Music
Jude Cole Music
Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
Geffen Records

James Blunt (PRS)
Amanda Ghost (PRS)
Sacha Skarbek
David Platz Music, Inc.
EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc.
Universal-Songs of PolyGram
International, Inc.
James Blunt
Atlantic Records

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