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									CAREER and VOCATION
Liz Greene                                                         About DR LIZ GREENE
The horoscope analysis “ Career and Vocation “ is about the
whole person, and finding something that can satisfy as many       Dr Liz Greene holds a PhD in psychology and is a qualified
parts of that person as possible. The following topics that this   Jungian analyst. She is also a leading international astrologer
report covers are listed below.                                    and astrological author. She is one of the main figures in
1: It describes what sort of work would suit the basic             modern psychological astrology and modern psychology of
temperament                                                        the subconscious. Dr Liz Greene is the author of many books
2: Goes into specific aptitudes and skills, based on particular    on astrology.
3: Deals with the issues of limitations and problems someone
might have to confront                                             About Dr Alois Treindle
4: Describes the attitude a person has toward success and
achievement                                                        Originally Dr Treindl studied physics and did his doctorate
5: It shows us what essential values a person needs to express     in experimental solid state physics. Founder of Astrodienst
in order to feel that they are making the best of their lives.     Zurich, the world ‘s foremost astrological computing service,
                                                                   today he is a computer programming expert and an
12 MONTH TRANSITS REPORT                                           astrologer.
Author Robert Hand
Knowing about your transits can help you to cope better with
crises and difficulties and to make the best of the
opportunities coming your way. The following topics that this      About Astro * Intelligence
report covers are listed below.
1: What would be appropriate in your life just now?                Astro* Intelligence psychological horoscope reports employ
2: What will next year bring                                       leading edge knowledge and technology to produce unique
3: Why is life a big struggle at the moment?                       and accurate astrology readings, in contrast to the very
4: Are there opportunities coming your way?                        limited “cook book” (and often self contradictory) approach        Dr Liz Greene     PhD
This Transit Report sheds light over the next 12 months upon       commonly found in computerised chart readings.
the mysterious qualities of time.                                  Dr Liz Greene’s rules of interpretation and her own text have
                                                                   been placed in an expert system developed jointly with Dr           The worlds foremost
PERSONAL HOROSCOPE CALENDAR                                        Alois Treindl. Because the system can “think” about
Author Robert Hand                                                 horoscopes in a very similar way to Liz Greene herself, a         psychological astrologer
This unique daily calendar based on your personal transits         chart reading is produced which puts the subject in the
offers information about the daily astrological influences         closest possible psychological focus.
affecting your life.
You know from experience that on some days nothing goes
right and on others everything seems to go your way. Why
some days you are depressed or sad, need contact or want to                                                                              PERSONALISED
withdraw and on others your mood is high.
In the Personal Horoscope you can read in advance about the                 ASTRO * INTELLIGENCE                                        PSYCHOLOGICAL
Transit that will influence you on a particular day or seek to
understand with hindsight why things happened as they did.
                                                                       PO Box 4322, East Gosford, NSW 2250                                HOROSCOPES
Whilst the 12 month Transit Report deals with the underlying         Order/Enquiry Hotline: 1800 811 360
influences of longer periods in your life, the Personal
Horoscope Calendar looks at each day separately, so both              Email
complement each other in an ideal way.                                Website:
This report is also available to order, for one month of
transits only.                                                                  ABN 26 288 307 832
About ASTRO*INTELLIGENCE                                         NATAL HOROSCOPE REPORT                                            RELATIONSHIP HOROSCOPE
Psychological Horoscope Reports                                  Liz Greene                                                        Liz Greene
                                                                 The natal psychological horoscope analyses the following          Why do we feel attracted to some people, and not to
Astrology and psychology can help you recognise and              aspects of your birth chart:                                      others?
further develop your own personality. The world famous           1: Your strengths and weaknesses                                  Why does love fade away in some cases and continue
astrologer and Jungian psychoanalyst, Dr Liz Greene, has         2: The main characters within your psyche conscious and           in others? Why does love mean happiness and
merged these two ways one’s personality and bought them          unconscious aspects of your personality                           fulfilment for some people and for others hate and
closer to many people through her books, lectures and            3: The psychological atmosphere during your childhood and         destruction?
personal counselling practice.                                   within your family                                                Psychology and astrology can offer many insights into
                                                                 4: Typical patterns in your relationships                         the inner mechanisms of relationships.
Now you can tap into Dr. Greene’s vast knowledge in the          5: Your way towards integration and development                   This report centres on the following topics
form of a range of personal horoscope analyses—thanks to         The text by Liz Greene is lively and thought provoking,
the extremely sophisticated modern computer programming          without jargon, and is psychologically very profound. The         1: What brings you together
technique known as artificial intelligence, which allows the     analysis is a serious discussion of an adult person’s issues in   2: What the two of you create
computer to “think” much like a human mind. It is the use of     life and it is therefore not available for children under 14      3: Your relationship and yourself
artificial intelligence, which distinguishes the
Astro*Intelligence reports from most other computer              YEARLY HOROSCOPE ANALYSIS                                         Psychology and astrology can offer many insights into
generated astrology reports.                                     Liz Greene                                                        the inner mechanisms of relationships. Such insights
                                                                 The yearly horoscope analysis, analyses the following             can help us to find our way through the often uncertain
Dr. Liz Greene’s expertise as a certified Jungian                aspects of your next 12 months using transits and                 sphere of love more consciously and with more
psychoanalyst allows her to reveal much that is missed in a      progressions                                                      alternatives and choices.
conventional astrological reading. By digging below the          1: Inner ups and downs with those individual inner situations
surface she uncovers the hidden forces in your psyche and        that are often mysteriously connected with corresponding          CHILD/INNER CHILD HOROSCOPE
identifies the archetypal patterns which govern your inner       events in the outer world                                         Liz Greene
and outer lives.                                                 2: Briefly hints at the areas of life in which outer events       The Child Horoscope is especially written for parents
                                                                 could happen.                                                     who want to enable their child to find and follow its
In addition Dr. Liz Greene gives you practical advice on         3: Inner changes in consciousness                                 own way right from the start. This report will point out
harmonising any conflicts and developing new paths to            4: Deeper individual meaning of the year                          tendencies, hint at potentials for development and
personal integration and more fulfilling personal                                                                                  indicate natural spheres of interest before experiences
relationships. Dr Greene’s reports are the only ones available   LONG TERM HOROSCOPE (6 years)                                     with the environment, social restrictions or other
which speak directly to you as an individual, not relying at     Liz Greene                                                        influences start to push or pull in another direction. It
all on stock phrases and time worn clichés to make their         In these exciting and challenging years at the beginning of a     also affords parents and teachers many insight towards
point                                                            new century, we are particularly attuned to the currents of the   understanding the behaviour of a child and Liz Greene
                                                                 time and able to respond more acutely, with greater hopes         uses her enormous experience and deep insights into
The reports are generally about 20 pages long (the Yearly        a n d        i n c r e a s e d         c r e a t i v i t y .      the development of the human personality to treat this
Analysis is about 40 pages) beautifully laser printed and        This period is different from the others because it happens to    matter with great care and sensitivity towards the
bound with attractive covers                                     coincide with the changing of the astrological ages. For the      parents as well as, most importantly of all, towards the
                                                                 first time in 250 years Pluto has entered Sagittarius, Neptune    children.
                                                                 is finally again in Aquarius, this time together with Uranus.     Topics are
                                                                 Each of us is touched in a different way by these collective      1: The child’s psychological type
                                                                 constellations, depending on the placements in the birth          2: Perspectives of development
          ASTRO * INTELLIGENCE                                   chart.                                                            3: The relationship with the parents
      PO Box 4322, East Gosford, NSW 2250                        Liz Greene analyses these individual connections and other        4: Important personality traits
                                                                 important transits and progressions for the coming years in       5: Emotional needs
   Order/Enquiry Hotline: 1800 811 360                           the Long-Term Perspective - Horoscope for 6 Years.                6: Fears
                                                                 She also explains what influences there are on the generation     For an adult, this report offers an “inner child” guide,
       Email                      group to which we belong, as well as the horoscope of the         valuable insights into patterns and processes of their
                ABN 26 288 307 832                               country where we live.                                            childhood.

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