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									The Speech Assignment
Determine the details and requirements of your controversial speech assignment. Ask yourself these
important questions:

      When, where, how long do I have to speak?
      Do you have to argue with the audience or other speakers afterwards?
      Who are your listeners?
      What are their social, cultural and educational backgrounds?
      How many?
      What is there attitude towards your point of view? Positive? They are not sure what to think?
      Which of the selected controversial speech topics are appropriate for the occassion?
      Which ones interest me and could be of interest for my listeners?

How To Research Speech Topics
Find all possible sides, statements and answers of the selected controversial speech topics. Research
and discover:

      Background information, new aspects or new questions.
      Disagreeing opinions, beliefs, arguments, values and policies.

To tickle your mind quickly: check out possible sub-topics or special angles of view of the list above.

Choose A Side
By now, pick out one controversial speech topic and take a stand. Your choice has to deal with the
assigment rules, the occassion, your personal interests and the reaction of your listeners. Ask yourself:

      What is my opinion, concern, belief about this controversy?
      And why do I think like this?

Develop Supporting Arguments

Research supporting arguments for your speech topics. Document your findings. Quote them correctly
in the citation format your instructor has required.

      Look for evidence - facts, examples, statistics and figures.
      Use - when appropriate - visual aids to illustrate and prove your central message.
      Also search for valuable quotations, definitions, and comparisons.

Study The Opposing Arguments
The next step is looking for arguments that disagree with the conclusions of your controversial speech
topics. Study them carefully, summarize them. Understatement is the best way to reply or attack the

Write a Speech Topic Statement
Formulate one single phrase - that's to say a contentious speech idea - in which you state the message
of your controversial speech topic very clearly. Keep it simple and attractive. Arouse them with a
powerful public speaking statement!
Examples of controversial speech topics statements are:
Global Warming Isn't A Threat
College Authorities Should Ban Hate Speech
Cameras In Courtrooms: Yes!

Or opposite sides of course if you like! By now you have learned how to create, write and develop
controversial speech topics.

      Abortion
      Acid Rain
      Adoption
          o Should interracial adoption be allowed?
          o Should single parents or gays be allowed to adopt?
          o Should adoption records remain sealed?
          o When is a parent too old to adopt?
          o Should the orphanage system be reestablished?
          o Should foreign adoptions be encouraged?
      Advertising
          o Should beer advertising be banned from television?
      Affirmative Action
      An Aging Population
          o Will an aging population be harmful to America?
          o Should Social Security be rescued?
          o Are nursing homes beneficial?
      Aids
      Alcohol
          o Should the health benefits of alcohol be promoted?
          o Is advertising liquor on television and radio irresponsible?
          o Do television liquor ads promote underage drinking?
          o Are Alcoholics Anonymous or rehabilitation effective?
          o Do children of alcoholics benefit from recovery groups?
      American Foreign Policy
          o Should the United States force democracy upon other nations?
          o Does United States foreign aid harm other nations and/or the U.S.?
          o Should China be condemned as a violator of human rights?
          o Did the Iraq War weaken the U.S.?
      American History
          o Are women and African Americans treated fairly in American history textbooks?
          o Have historians overemphasized the slavery issue as a cause of the Civil War?
          o Was it necessary to drop the atomic bomb at the end of WWII?
          o Did the antiwar movement prolong the war in Vietnam?
          o Was Christopher Columbus a hero?
      Animal Rights
          o Should animals be used for experimentation and research?
          o Should pets be neutered?
          o Is eating meat detrimental?
          o Is hunting animals morally acceptable?
          o Do zoos preserve endangered species?
      Birth Control
      Body Art
      Business
   Capital Punishment / Death Penalty
   Censorship
       o Can a city ban offensive art?
       o Should flag burning be banned?
       o Are stronger child pornography laws needed?
       o Should hate speech be tolerated?
       o Should government funding of the arts be restricted?
       o Are movie ratings effective in curbing violence?
       o Should television programs be censored?
   Child Abuse
   Cloning
       o Is cloning of humans ethical?
   Consumerism
       o Is consumerism killing the earth?
       o Are Americans becoming too materialistic?
       o Has the increase of large chain stores such as Walmart been beneficial to consumers and
           their communities?
   Crime and Criminals
       o Should violent juvenile criminals be tried as adults?
       o Can prison boot camps reform young criminals?
       o Is juvenile crime a serious problem in the schools?
       o Does television violence contribute to juvenile crime?
       o Are curfews effective and constitutional?
   Discrimination
       o Reverse Discrimination
       o Is affirmative action unnecessary and divisive?
       o Are women victims of discrimination in the workplace?
       o Have middle-class blacks overcome discrimination?
       o Is Hispanic poverty caused by racism?
       o Are Asian Americans a model minority?
   Divorce
       o Does divorce help or hurt children?
       o Should it be more difficult to obtain a divorce?
   Dress Codes
       o Are student dress codes a violation of civil rights?
       o Do student uniforms affect the culture of a school?
   Cosmetic Surgery
       o Is cosmetic surgery a good or bad thing?
       o How old should you be to get cosmetic surgery?
   Driver's License Requirements
       o Should school dropouts lose their driver's licenses?
       o Should the age requirement for driving be raised to 18?
   Dropouts
       o Should students be allowed to dropout from school?
   Drug Abuse
       o Should pregnant addicts be prosecuted?
       o Should the war on drugs be abandoned?
       o Should employees be tested for drugs?
       o Are the D.A.R.E. programs and other anti-drug programs effective?
       o Should students' lockers and belongings be searched for drugs?
       o Should student athletes be drug tested?
   Drunk Driving
       o   How should drunk drivers be punished?
   Eating and Food
       o Are Americans eating themselves to death?
       o Is vegetarianism a healthier way of life?
       o Is eating meat a moral way of life?
       o Is milk consumption harmful?
       o Are vitamin supplements beneficial?
       o Does our culture support eating disorders?
   Education
       o Should the government offer school vouchers?
       o Does tenure help or hurt the educational system?
       o Are teachers paid enough?
       o Should school start later in the day?
       o Is it more important to desegregate schools or have neighborhood schools?
       o Should students be allowed to choose the school they attend?
       o Is home schooling an effective method of education?
       o Should we have year-round school?
   Elections
   Environmental Preservation
       o Should recycling be required?
       o Is global warming a serious threat?
       o Are electric cars a good strategy for reducing air pollution?
       o Is America's drinking water safe?
       o Is nuclear power a viable energy source?
       o Is the EPA effective?
   Euthanasia
       o The case for or against assisted suicide
       o Do people have the right to die?
       o Should physician-assisted suicide be legalized?
   Evolution vs. Creationism
       o Should evolution be taught in schools?
   Flu Shots
   Foreign Languages
       o Why is it important to study foreign languages in school?
   Gambling
       o Is compulsive gambling an uncontrollable disease?
       o Should casino gambling be prohibited?
   Genetics
       o Should genetically altered foods be sold?
       o Could genetic screening of embryos harm society?
       o Will genetically altered animals benefit humankind?
       o Is DNA fingerprinting reliable?
   Gun Control
   Hate Crimes
       o Should there be special laws against hate crimes?
       o Should hate speech be tolerated?
   Health Care and Insurance
       o Should the government provide health coverage for everyone?
       o Has managed care hurt patients' rights?
       o Should health care be so expensive?
       o Are mental disorders the same as other diseases and should they be funded equally?
       o Is plastic surgery safe or necessary?
       o   Are there too many specialist physicians in the health care system?
       o   Is alternative medicine safe and effective?
       o   Can chiropractors help heal many ailments?
       o   Can mental attitude affect biological disease?
   High School Graduation Requirements
       o Should students be required to fulfill community service before graduating?
       o Should states require a minimum competency test for high school graduation?
   Holidays
       o Should we celebrate Columbus Day?
       o Should we celebrate Halloween?
       o Can we sing Christmas carols in school?
   Homeless
       o Is the extent of homelessness exaggerated?
       o Can shelters help the homeless?
       o Should the homeless be banned from cities?
   Homosexuality
       o Should gays be allowed to marry?
       o Should gays be allowed in the military?
       o Should school programs stress the acceptance of homosexuality?
       o Can sexual orientation be changed?
   Hunting
       o Is hunting animals morally acceptable?
   Immigration
       o Are illegal immigrants harming America?
       o Should America admit all immigrants?
   Land Use
       o Are we losing too much farmland to development?
       o Are wetland regulations fair to property owners?
   Marijuana
       o Should marijuana be legalized?
       o Should doctors be able to prescribe marijuana for severely ill patients?
   Media
       o Does the press exploit private tragedy?
       o Is there too much violence in the media?
       o Are movie ratings effective in curbing violence?
       o Does television violence contribute to juvenile crime?
   Military and Defense
       o Should we reinstate the draft?
       o Should women be allowed to go to war?
       o Should gays be allowed in the miliary?
       o Should the U.S. retain a significant nuclear arsenal?
   Motorcycles
       o Should people riding motorcycles be legally required to wear helmets?
   Music
       o Does popular music teach immoral values?
       o Why is music and fine arts education so important?
   National Language
       o Should English be the National Language in the U.S.?
       o Does bilingual education hold back a student's progress in the U.S.?
   Parenting
       o Should parents be held accountable for the actions of their children?
       o Should parents spank their children? (Corporal punishment)
       o   Does day care harm children?
   Police Brutality
   Prescription Drugs
       o Should we be able to get prescription drugs from Canada?
       o Is the FDA reliable and efficient?
       o Are the drug companies running up the cost of health care?
   Prisons
       o Should prisons rehabilitate criminals?
       o Do prisons create a criminal personality?
       o Will building more prisons solve prison overcrowding?
       o Can prison boot camps reform young criminals?
   Religion
       o Should women be allowed to be priests?
       o Should priests be allowed to marry?
       o Should we be strict about the separation of church and state?
       o Should the words "under God" be in the Pledge of Allegiance?
   Right to Privacy
       o Is the government infringing on our rights to privacy?
   Rights of Children and Teenagers
       o Should parents be informed of college students' grades or behavior?
       o Should students' lockers and belongings be searched for drugs?
       o Should student athletes be drug tested?
   School Safety
       o School safety - how much is too much?
       o Is juvenile crime a serious problem in the schools?
   School Year
       o Should we have year-round school?
   Sex Education
       o Should sex education be taught in schools?
       o Can sex education programs prevent teenage pregnancy?
   Sex and Gender Roles
       o Is growing up tougher for boys than girls?
       o Should men and women share domestic responsibilities?
       o Has women's increased participation in the work force harmed society?
       o Are women victims of discrimination in the workplace?
   Sports
       o Should professional athletes be looked at as role models?
       o Can competitive sports be unhealthy?
       o Should college athletic programs be reformed?
       o Has athletes' greed marred professional sports?
       o Should steroids be banned from sports?
       o Are professional athletes paid too much?
   Stem Cell Research
   Steroids
   Street Racing
   Suicide
   Tanning
       o Should tanning be banned for teenagers?
   Terrorism
   Transplants
       o Should we allow people to sell their organs for transplants?
       o Should humans be allowed to receive animal organ transplants?
     Video Games
         o Do violent video games cause violence in people?
         o Should video games be censored?
     War in Iraq

                                                   Bird Flu
                                                   Birth Control
Abortion                                           Body Piercings
Abuse Of The Elderly                               Breast Feeding in Public
Abused Women                                       Bulimia
Academic Dishonesty                                Cameras in Courtrooms
Academic Freedom                                   Campaign Finance Reform
Acid Rain                                          Capital Punishment
Addiction                                          Censor Hate Speech
Adoption                                           Censorship
Affirmative Action                                 Chain Gangs
Afghanistan                                        Child Labor
Africa                                             Church State Issues
Age Discrimination                                 City CurfewsCivil Rights
Aging Population                                   Climate Change Policy
Agricultural Policy                                Condoms In Schools
AIDS/HIV                                           Creationism vs. Evolution
Air Pollution                                      Cuba
Airline Safety                                     Dating Campus Issues
Alcohol Abuse                                      Death Penalty
Aliens and UFO's                                   Depression
Alternative imprisonment                           Dieting
Alternative Medicine                               Disabilities Act
American Education Reform                          Domestic Violence Drug Policy
Amnesty                                            Drunk Driving
Animal Experimentation                             Endangered Oceans
Animal Rights                                      Endangered Species
Animal Welfare                                     Espionage and Intelligence Gathering
Anorexia Nervosa                                   Ethnic Violence
Anti-Semitism                                      Euthenasia
Arab-Israeli Conflict                              Family Violence
Armed Conflicts                                    Fat Tax On Food
Arms Control                                       Feminism
Arms Trade                                         Foreign Oil Dependence
Asylum                                             Foreign Policy
Atomic Energy                                      Foster Care
Ballot Initiatives                                 Fraud
Battered Women                                     Gambling
Beginning of Life Issues                           Gangs
Bermuda Triangle                                   Gay Marriage
Bigamy                                             Gay Rights
Bilingual Education                                Genetic Engineering
Biodiversity                                       Genetically Engineered Foods
Biological and Chemical Weapons                    Genocide
Global Resources                              Racial Profiling
Global Warming                                Rain Forests
Government Fraud and Waste                    Recycling
Gun Control                                   Religious Right
Hate Crime                                    Reproductive Technologies
Health Care Policy                            Russia
Home Schooling                                School Uniforms
Homeland Security                             School Violence
Homeless in America                           Sex Education
Human Cloning                                 Single Parent Families
Immigration                                   Smoking
Infectious Diseases                           Social Security Reform
Inner City Poverty                            Social Welfare
Internet Chatrooms                            Space Exploration
Iraq                                          Stadium Taxes
Islamic Fundamentalism                        Stem Cell Research
Juvenile Crime                                Tax Reform
Language Policy                               Teen Pregnancy
Legal System                                  Term Limits
Littering                                     Terrorism
Marriage and Divorce                          Tobacco Industry
Media Violence                                Trade with China
Medical Ethics                                Transportation
Medicinal Marijuana                           US Budget
Medicine Abuse                                US War on Drugs
Minimum Wage                                  Urban Terrorism
Missile Defense System                        Vaccinations
National Tobacco Settlement                   Violent Video Games
Nonproliferation                              Voluntary National Testing
Nuclear Technology                            War Crimes
Organ Donation                                War On Drugs
Organized Crime                               Water Resources
Peace                                         Weapons Disarmament
Physician-Assisted Suicide                    Welfare Reform
Polygamy                                      Women in the Military
Pornography                                   Women's Rights
Poverty                                       Working Women
Prison regime                                 World Trade
Race Relations
List Of 200+ Controversial Speech Topics

Scan the list of controversial speech ideas below and select a few topics you like.
Focus on specific controversies within an issue. Every controversial or convince speech
topic has its own sub-topics with different contentious speech issues, questions and
topics for speech class. Consider this just as a start.

ADDICTION AND DRUGS - Alcohol Abuse, Children of Alcoholics, Drugs and Sports,
Medical Marijuana.
BUSINESS, FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Bribery, Budget Deficits, Credit Card Fraud,
Income Tax, Malpractice Insurance, Junk Bonds, Leadership, Direct Marketing,
Minimum Wage, Wage Price Policy.

COMPUTING, INTERNET AND MEDIA - Chatrooms Internet, Computer Viruses, Spam,
Cybercrime and Privacy, Harmful Media, Internet Hate Speech, Internet Pornography,
Media Violence, Television And Children, Violent Computer Games.

EDUCATION AND SCIENCE SPEECH TOPICS - Education Reform, Bilingual Education,
Ethics In Life Sciences, Creationism versus Evolutionsm, Dating, Campus Issues,
Home Schooling, Information Science, Intelligence Levels, Intercultural Education,
School Prayer, School Choice, School Uniforms, School Violence, Condoms In Schools,
Space Exploration.

ENVIRONMENTAL, NATURE AND ANIMAL - Acid Rain, Air Pollution, Animal Cloning,
Animal Experimentation, Animal Rights, Antarctica Research, Biodiversity, Changing
Weather Patterns, Ecology, Endangered Oceans, Endangered Species, Energy
Conservation, Global Resources, Global Warming, Oil Spills, Littering, Marine Pollution,
Noise Pollution, Pesticides, Rain Forests, Recycling, Vivisection, Water Pollution, Water

Beginning Of Life Issues, Birth Control, Euthanasia, Gender Identity, Genetic
Engineering, Human Cloning, Implanted GPS, Physician Assisted Suicide, Pro Choice
Movement, Pro Life Movement, Reproductive Technologies, Separation of Church and
State, Stem Cell Research.

FAMILY, MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE - Bigamy, Family Violence, Gay Marriage, Gay
Parents, Polygamy, Single Parent Families, Surrogate Mothers, Teenage Fathers,
Teenage Mothers.

FREEDOM AND CIVIL RIGHTS - Censorship, Contraception, Free Press, Privacy.

Imprisonment, Amnesty, Capital Punishment, Chain Gangs, Constitutional Issues,
Corporal Punishment, Crimes Without Victims, Criminal Justice System, Drunk Driving,
Gangs, Gun Control, Hate Crime, Homeland Security, Intellectual Property and Piracy,
Legal System, Peer Pressure, Speed Limits, Urban Terrorism, Welfare Fraud,
Wiretapping, Youth Violence, Zero Tolerance.

MEDICAL, HEALTH AND NUTRITION - Aids Testing, Alternative Medicine, Anorexia
Treathment, Artificial Insemination, ADHD, Bulimia, Burn Out, Depression, Dieting,
Food Labeling, Food Prices, Health Care System, Infectious Diseases, Medical Ethics,
Medicine Abuse, Passive Smoking, Plastic Surgery, Tobacco Industry.

POLITICS AND GLOBAL POLICY - Afghanistan, Armed Conflicts, Arms Control, Asylum
Policy, Ballot Initiatives, Biological And Chemical Weapons, Boycotts, Campaign
Funding, Child Labor, Cold War Politics, Immigration Laws, Farm Susidies, Iraq,
Islamic Fundamentalism, Militias, Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Weapons, Peace
Movements, Political Correctness, Privatization Of Social Security, Slavery, Terrorism,
United Nations, Voting Behavior, War Crime Trials, War on Drugs.

SOCIETY - Affirmative Action, Aging Population, Celibacy, City Curfews,
Demographics, Dropouts, Homeless Persons, Flexible Hours Of Labor, Inner City
Poverty, Integration, Moral Majority, Nonsmoking Areas.

WOMEN ISSUES - Breast Feeding in Public, Breast Implants, Feminism, Women in the
Military, Women's Rights, Working Mothers.


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Finding Speech Topics: Top 10 Sources
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Fear of Public Speaking Statistics
Bare fear of public speaking facts and figures on speech anxiety or glossophobia.
Famous Speech by Woman Public Speakers
Speeches by historical woman and their public speaking topics analyzed. Learn from it, because they are
good examples of education writing topics.

Special Theme Section on Global Crime
60 Global crime and transnational speech topics for an educational and informative public speaking
presentation on statistics, rates, forensics and more hot issues in the different parts and regions of the world.

 20 Terror Expert

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