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									Quick Guide to Rainbow Vacuum Rainbow POWER UNIT
THE MOST important thing “DO NOT STORE YOUR RAINBOW VACUUM ON THE WATER BASIN!” You vacuumed, dumped dirty water out, dried the water pan with a paper towel and Rainbow seems to sit so nicely in your closed when put together WRONG! After you have vacuumed there is still some moisture retained in the motor. Putting your Rainbow vacuum back on the water pan prevents the moisture from evaporating quickly and it gets into bearings and corrodes them so much faster. If you want have everything more organized in the closet – get the RACK. Rainbow POWER UNIT CLEAN SEPARATOR: Rainbow vacuum manuals say to clean it after every use. Maybe you do not have to do it after every time you used your Rainbow vacuum but in general – keep it clean. Use your old tooth brush or splurge – buy a new tooth brush for your Rainbow vacuum – make her smile. Clean separator is better balanced, separates water from air better and prevents dust and dirt from getting into the motor. Rainbow E2 owners (2 speed model) – manufacturer claims that you do NOT have to clean separator – so maybe you do not. But if you see it all dirty with stuff sticking out of it – common sense should prevail. Get a wrench, get it off – WASH it. Rainbow POWER UNIT WATER LEVEL: Fill the water pan with cool water up to the top of the plastic protrusion in the middle of the Rainbow water pan. Do not let water get too dirty as it looses its ability to trap dirt when too dirty and dirt gets onto rainbow separator teeth (yuck). Rainbow POWER NOZZLE BRUSH ROLL: Check Rainbow brush roll after every vacuuming. Sometimes it may have some hair or threads from carpet around it – cut them off with scissors or a knife. Do not just leave them sitting there “till next time”. Rainbow vacuum brush roll bristles will remain bent if you do not set them free right there right then. And then next time they may not work for you that well brushing and scrubbing your carpet. Rainbow brush roll bristles have to be long enough to a little bit stick out from the bottom of the nozzle. You have to feel a bit of vibration when “the bristles meet the carpet”. If Rainbow nozzle does not change sound and Rainbow brush roll keeps on spinning freely – either you did not put the Rainbow nozzle bottom plate right either Rainbow brush roll is worn and it is time for a new one. Rainbow POWER NOZZLE BELT: Belt is IMPORTANT (smile). Belt has to be replaced at least once in a few years. It may seem intact but it will eventually get stretched and when Rainbow brush roll needs this extra power from the motor so it can pick up that bigger piece of dirt from your carpet – belt gives, brush stops for a fraction of the second and Rainbow vacuum gets the blame Rainbow POWER NOZZLE CARPET HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT (Later D3, D4 SE Rainbows ONLY): Rainbow vacuum models with metal power nozzle bottom – there is a carpet height selector that does not do NOTHING (so me may argue but let them as this is my personal opinion and I have seen a few Rainbows). It simply opens or closes so me holes on the top of the nozzle. My guess would be that Rainbow vacuum manufacturer had to do SOMETHING in those days when competition started making vacuums with a carpet selector (actually very few managed to make any difference as far as improving performance by this selection ) . So you want to have it “selected” to the far side (towards the edge of the nozzle). Keep those holes closed. Rainbow POWER NOZZLE DUST BUNNY HEADQUARTERS (ALL Rainbows - even if nozzle looks different): In the Rainbow vacuum nozzle air passages leading to the wand (see picture below) gradually narrow and sometimes a dust bunny can be born there that just sits and does not

allow dust to pass through. When you feel that something is nor quite well even though Rainbow seems to work fine – take that bottom plate of the nozzle and see if “bunny” is there. Also have in mind that we service any Rainbow vacuum for a reasonable fee.

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