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cdl testing


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									 DPS Backgrounder: CDL Testing
Required Testing                       approved glass coating material.         the road test. Drivers successfully
    A Texas driver upgrading               School buses must have two           performing the required maneu-
from a Class C license to a higher     red alternately flashing lights and      vers are eligible for a CDL.
class license must take the Texas      a “School Bus” sign 8 inches in               The following factors are
Commercial Rules Test. A driver        height on the front and rear of the      some reasons that would result in
applying for a Texas driver’s          bus.                                     failure of the road test: having too
license for the first time must                                                 many errors; causing deductions
complete an original application       Skills & Pre-Trip Inspection             (more than 30 points); having or
for a Texas driver license and any     Test                                     causing an accident; driving
knowledge or skills tests required          The first part of the skills test   dangerously; not cooperating; or
and meet the requirements for a        is the pre-trip inspection, which is     violating the law.
CDL.                                   a pass/fail written test. Drivers
    All drivers must pass certain      who cannot pass this part of the         Hazardous Materials Endorse-
knowledge and skills tests de-         skills test will not be allowed to       ment
pending on the type of CDL and         take the road test. Drivers must               CDL holders who want a
endorsements they want. The            demonstrate that they have the           hazmat endorsement must pass an
knowledge tests are multiple           knowledge and skill needed to            additional multiple choice test
choice-type tests. CDL applicants      operate the vehicle safely.              that checks knowledge of han-
must answer 80 percent of the               The second part of the skills       dling hazardous materials as
questions correctly before they        test is the airbrake inspection test.    cargo.
can take the skills test.              Drivers must pass this part of the             In addition, CDL holders who
                                       test to proceed to the road test.        want a HME must complete a
Safety Inspection                      The air brake safety inspection          specific application, visit the
     Before the driver begins the      includes:                                Fingerprint Applicant Services of
skills test, the examiner will                Leak in the system                Texas (FAST), which is a vendor
conduct a safety inspection of the            Warning signals                   for DPS Crime Records to be
vehicle, including equipment                  Emergency brakes.                 fingerprinted on the card provided
requirements, liability insurance                                               to them at the driver license
requirements and registration          Road Test                                office, pay an additional fee and
requirements.                               Drivers must take a road test       be approved by the Transportation
     If the vehicle does not pass      in the vehicle they plan to drive or     Security Administration of the
inspection, the skills test will be    one representative of the same           Department of Homeland Secu-
postponed.                             class. Drivers who want to obtain        rity.
     The vehicle will be inspected     a school bus endorsement must
for the following: current liability   take the driving test in a school        Where to Get More Information
insurance, inspection certificate,     bus.                                          All the information necessary
two tail lamps, headlamps, two              The road test will consist of       to take and pass the required CDL
stop lamps, turn signals, horn,        the following maneuvers: Start,          tests can be found in the Texas
exhaust system, license plates,        smooth stop, backing, up-shifting,       Commercial Motor Vehicle
windshield wipers, rearview            parallel parking, merge, down-           Drivers Handbook, which can be
mirror, safety belts, side marker      shifting, and lane change, use of        obtained at any local DPS Driver
lights, side reflectors, mud flaps,    lanes, right-of-way, posture,            License office or online at
full service brakes, hydraulic         traffic signals, left turns, traffic     www.txdps.state.tx.us/forms.
brake, parking brake, clearance        signs, right turns and approach to            Hazmat and CDL tests are
lamps, hazard warning lights.          corner.                                  given at any DPS DL office.
Also, if applicable: reflective             The official conducting the
triangles, fire extinguisher and       test will guide the driver through
                                                                            Texas Department of Public Safety, revised 10/06

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