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									                     Information on Holistic Vets
This is a listing of holistic veterinarians in the DC Metropolitan area as we know
then. Pet Pantry Express takes no responsibility as to the quality of their
services. As always, you should interview the vet to make sure his/her
philosophies are in line with yours.

To search for a holistic vet in your area:

What is holistic medicine?

Listing of Vets in the DC area
Kim Danoff, DVM
Veterinary Holistic and Rehab Center
360 Maple Ave West, Suites A & B,
Vienna, VA 22181
(703) 938-2563

Carol Lundquist, DVM
Singing Stones Animal Wellness Centre
2238B Gallows Road, Vienna, VA 22182.

Dr. Lundquist also sees patients at:
Family Veterinary Clinic
1413 Defense Highway
Gambrills, MD 21054
(410) 721-4545
Veterinary Holistic Care
Bethesda, MD
(301) 656-2882

Jane Morse, VMD, L. AC.
Ballston Animal Hospital
5232 Wilson Blvd
Arlington , VA 22205
Phone: 703-980-2776
Jordan Kocen, DVM, MS
South Paws Veterinary Center
8500 Arlington Blvd
Fairfax , VA 22031
Phone: 703-752-9105

Pamela Grasso, DVM, CVA
Ashburn Farm Animal Hospital
43330 Junction Plaza Blvd, #172
Ashburn , VA 20147
Phone: 703-726-8784

Maureen McIntyre, DVM
Holistic Veterinary Health
PO BOX 157
Clifton , VA 20124
Phone: 703-449-9144

Monique Maniet , DVM
Veterinary Holistic Care
4820 Moorland Lane
Bethesda , MD 20814
Phone: 301-656-2882

Sara Monahan, DVM
Companion Animal Clinic
4285 Park Green Court
Fairfax , VA 22039
Phone: 703-322-1750

Anne Mixson, DVM
Del Ray Animal Hospital
524 East Mount Ida Ave
Alexandria, VA 22301
Phone: 703-739-0000

Anne Garrood, DVM
Great Falls Animal Hospital
10125 Colvin Run Road
Great Falls, VA 22066
Phone: 703-759-2330
Harold Alterman, VMD BS
Veterinary Housecall Acupuncture Services
3509 Sterling Ave
Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone: 703-823-5646

Finally, this is information sent to us by a customer about a holistic vet in
Arkansas she thought was very helpful. Here is the information and how it

The vet I use in Conway, Arkansas is Dr. Pat Bradley. She's a DVM and a Board
Certified Homeopathic Veterinarian (studied with Dr. Pitcairn.)

The way it works is quite simple; the client faxes or mails the animal's complete
vet records to Dr Bradley, fills out a preliminary questionnaire, then discusses the
animal at length (90 minutes) during the first appointment. Subsequent
appointments are scheduled as needed. If blood tests/other diagnostic tests are
done locally, Dr Bradley asks that a copy be sent to her. One thing I absolutely
love is that I can call with a question (or crisis) and will always get a phone call
back from her, no matter what day of the week it is.

She has treated my Sabrina, who was 8 years old, had been to every specialist
in Northern Virginia, was given stronger and more potent drugs which were killing
her, and who was so ill that the last specialist I took her to wanted to euthanize
her on a Friday. I found Dr. Bradley on a Monday and we took it from there.
Sabrina is still alive and kicking today and still under Dr. Bradley's care.

She helped my 14 year old Pumpkin live for almost a year after he was unable to
take medications anymore; my BamBam, who is psychotic and suffers from the
evil kind of stomatitis that required all his teeth be extracted....and who screams
and runs away from the pain of his mouth; a foster cat, Big Guy, who had end-
stage kidney failure; and most recently, she's helping me with Comanche, who
had surgery for a malignant liver tumor and whose prognosis is poor. We're using
homeopathy in an attempt to "distract" the disease.

Holistic Consulting
Patricia Bradley , DVM
2225 Prince Street #5
Conway , AR 72034
Phone: 501-329-7727
Fax: 501-329-7801

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