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					                                                                        E. Van Buren

                                                                        ASU at the Downt own Cen ter


                                                          5th Street

                                                                                                                                  7th Street

                                                                        E. Mon roe
Arizona State University
Downtown Center                                                               Heritage and Science
Located at 502 E. Monroe Street (Building C).                                 Park Garage                                       To I-10
Limited free parking is available.                                            A SU parking                                       SR-51
Call (480) 965-3046 for more information.

                                                          one way
Driving Directions                                                            Heritage and Science Park                         To I-17
                                                                              Arizona Science Center
   • From the East Valley, take I-10 West (Los Angeles)                       Heritage Square
     and exit 7th Street South.                                               Phoenix Museum of History

   • From the West Valley, take I-10 East (Tucson)                      E. Washington                                 one way

     and exit 7th Street South.

                                                                                                                                  7th Street
                                                          5th Street

   • From North Phoenix, take the Squaw Peak
                                                                              Civic P laza East Garage
     Parkway South to I-10 West and exit
     7th street South.

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                                                                                  E. Jeff                 Bank One Ballpark
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School of Extended Education                                           Located in Building A                                                   floor
   • Academic and Professional Programs                                       • A SU C lassrooms                                                2
   • Community Outreach Programs
   • Executive Director’s office                                         Located in Building C
                                                                              •   Academic and Professional Program s              2
University College                                                            •   Advanced Public Executive Program                1
   • Communications and Marketing                                             •   Arizona Prevention Resource Center Clearinghouse 1
   • Facilities Management and Space Planning                                 •   Classrooms                                      2, 3
   • Planning and Business Services                                           •   Joint Urban Design Studio                        1
                                                                              •   O ff ice of Youth Preparation                    1
Downtown Center                                                               •   Urban Data C enter                               2
   •   Reception
   •   Faculty office
   •   Advising                                                        Located in Building D
   •   Administration/Property Services                                       • Arizona Prevention Resource
                                                                                Center Distribution Center and Main Offices                           1

                                                                                                                                 Revised 8/2005