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   Copy Date for the December 2007 / January 2008 Issue:
                   Thursday 22nd November

Issue Number 130

                                                  November 2007


Clanfield W.I. October 2007
Our president, Ann Irvin reported on the very successful and
delicious lunch that members had provided after the christening of
one of our member's son, Matthew. After further business it was a
pleasure to welcome our vicar, the Reverend David Lloyd who
gave a most interesting and entertaining talk on the pilgrimage
route from Le Puy-en-Velay to Santiago de Compostela. This is a
journey of approximately 1000 miles. We learnt the history of this
pilgrimage route starting with the burial in Santiago of St. James
the Great, one of Christ's disciples. A cathedral was built at the
site by the Bishop of Le Puy and during the 10th and 11th century
serious numbers of pilgrims from all over the world walked the
route through France to the far corner of northern Spain. The
numbers of pilgrims declined until a revival took place in the
1970s. Now thousands of people of all nationalities and religions
take part each year.
Members were told that after much training getting used to
carrying on his back everything needed for the trip, the Vicar
managed three weeks hard walking through beautiful countryside,
staying in varied hostels and generally eating delicious meals,
before falling on the first wet day. Sadly he broke his ankle. He
had completed 250 miles. He plans to continue the journey in
stages, this time accompanied by his wife, Jenny.
Our next meeting is on Tuesday 18th November at 7.30 p.m. in
Clanfield School. The speaker will be Ken Betteridge giving a talk
entitled 'Madeira - not just a bottle of wine'. Visitors from Clanfield
and neighbouring villages are very welcome - contact Ann Irvin for
further details - 01367 810656.

The Children's Society
I will be counting the money in the blue plastic boxes in to which
people are kindly putting their loose change. Please can you get
them to me at Cavarige House or ring me and I will collect.
Thanks for your support.
                                               Liz Stevens 810255

Carol Singing
Last year a much smaller number of people went out singing but
we still raised lots of money for the work of The Children's Society.
Do you still want this village event to take place? If you do, please
put MONDAY 10th DECEMBER at 6.30pm in your diaries now. We
shall meet outside the Tavern. Song books will be provided. All are
welcome and it is hoped that we can have refreshments
                                                          Liz Stevens

       will be visiting Clanfield on
         Friday 14th December

     Come and see him at 5.30pm
       The Clanfield Tavern
     (and he’ll be bringing Father
Dear Clanfield Community
This academic year, 2007/08, we are aiming to become a Green
Flag School; the highest award in the Eco-School award scheme.
We have already done a lot of work around recycling, composting
and ways of reducing the schools’ carbon footprint but now we
need your help…We need to put together our Clanfield School
Travel Plan to encourage as many pupils as possible to travel to
school in a more sustainable way (e.g. walking, cycling or coming
by scooter).
Are you affected by the way in which our children currently travel to
Do you have any suggestions on how travel to and from school
could be improved?
If so please complete the slip below and return it to the Clanfield
School Office before the deadline.
Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal and for your
Yours sincerely
                                             Mrs Amanda Warwick
                            Clanfield Healthy Schools Co-ordinator

Clanfield CE Primary School Travel Plan

To be returned to:    Mrs Warwick
                      School Travel Plan Co-ordinator
                      Clanfield CE Primary School
                      Main Street, Clanfield
                      Oxfordshire, OX18 2SP
Copy and past this into word for a copy and then print






Clanfield St. Stephen’s
I don’t know about you, but my life seems to have been incredibly
busy over the last few weeks. I keep on thinking that next week will
be easier and it never is – I’m not quite sure how I used to manage
to hold down a demanding full-time job and do everything else! So
I am trying to take time out every day, just to go for a walk or to
play a bit longer with Matthew, because people are more important
than things or having a spotless house. Things have been very
busy at church this month as well, with lots of celebration –
baptisms, a new Church Bible and Harvest Festival. There has
been sadness too, as on Wednesday 3rd October we had a
beautiful funeral service commemorating the life of Elizabeth
Maxwell. She will be missed by many people and our prayers and
best wishes go to her family at this time.
Frequently observed at church this month were….
  Vicars called David. We are very fortunate in our vicar, David
     Lloyd, and he is now able to take our United Service with the
     Methodists on the 3rd Sunday in the ‘odd’ months (i.e.
     January, March, May etc.). This will also be a communion
     service. The first one of this pattern was on 16th September
     and we look forward to many more. David also took the
     service on 7th October, but more of that later. The one
     Sunday when David Lloyd wasn’t at St. Stephen’s, we
     enjoyed a lovely service led by David Battersby. I do
     apologise to those who were disturbed by Matthew’s gentle
     snoring at the back – he didn’t quite understand the sermon
     (he was only 7 months old) and he had a bad cold.
  Harvest flowers and fruit. On Monday 1st October, Clanfield C.
    of E. Primary School celebrated Harvest Festival at St.
    Stephen’s. They told us about how the Jews build temporary
    shelters in their gardens at this time of year to commemorate
    the escape from Egypt. They also sang some songs and told
    us about various harvest traditions. Everyone took part
    beautifully and it was a lovely service. Well done to all staff
    and pupils for their hard work. As a church, we celebrated
    Harvest Festival on Sunday 7th October and the church
    looked beautiful with all the decorations. Thank you so much
    to everyone who did arrangements – did anyone else spot
    the bread mouse in the porch?
  Babies. Our Matthew was baptised on Sunday 7th October (you
    will have realised by now that the service on the 7th was
    rather full of important events)! It was a fun and interactive
    service and our family and friends enjoyed it very much –
    thank you to everyone for making them feel welcome on
    Matthew’s big day. William James Edwards was also
    baptised later on that afternoon and lots of people came to
    celebrate with him and the family.
New to St. Stephen’s this month were….
  The new lectern Bible. This was dedicated on 7th October and is
    a handsome tome encased in glorious red. It is a New
    International Version Bible to replace the Good News Bible
    which was 30 years old and somewhat dilapidated. We are
    very grateful to Yvonne Cox and family for their kind donation
    which enabled this purchase.
  Tessa Kuin-Lawton dressed in her vestments as newly ordained
     deacon. Tessa was ordained on 30th September at
     Christchurch Cathedral and joined us on 14th October for the
     9.15am Holy Communion service to ‘help at table’. It was
     lovely to see her and we wish her all the best as she
     continues her studies.
Dates for your diary
Every Sunday: Everyone is welcome to come and join us for the
service. It starts at 10.30am every Sunday except the 2nd Sunday
which is 9.15am (or just listen out for the bells!) and there is nearly
always tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits to natter over afterwards.
Every Monday: Monday lunches are now in the new location of
Windmill Barn (many thanks to Rosemary Pocock). Soup and a roll
available 12 noon – 1.30pm. Come along and make some new
friends! If you are able to help make soup or to serve lunch, please
come along and speak to one of the helpers – many hands make
light work!
Sunday 11th November: Our Remembrance Day service will be at
10am taken by Rev. Tessa Kuin-Lawton followed by a short
service at the War Memorial at 10.50am.
                                                          Judith Hillier

Clanfield Pre-school


                Registered Charity No: 1119060

               Christmas Craft Fayre
                    Saturday 1st December
                                at the
                   Conference Centre, Clanfield
  Refreshments, Raffle, Storytime for the children,
                 Chocolate Fountain.
Stalls include- hand made crafts, photographs, cakes,
                  11.00am - 4.00pm
    For more details- contact Charlotte Schofield on 01993

Wise Memories - Taffy
Taffy was so nicknamed because his surname was Jones. He lived
in Bampton and he was a dealer in second-hand furniture and bric-
a-brac. His house and garden shed were full of the stuff,
everything from a second-hand table to a cut glass vase. It was
said that he would sell his own bed if he could see a profit in it!
This was back in the 1940's and 50's. If I ever had a moment to
spare or actually wanted something, I loved to pay him a visit. I
think it may have been on the occasion of my first visit, he took me
all around his house and in an upstairs room full of antique
furniture he began to enumerate the items and tell me the cost of
each. It went something like this;-
"That is a Victorian bureau, it has secret drawers and costs £5.
Next you see a grandfather clock in working order, that too is a
fiver, bookshelves £2 ..." and on he went. Then I noticed that there
was a little old man sitting wedged between two pieces of furniture.
He was wearing a bowler hat and a stony expression on his face.
He did not blink as I heard Taffy continue his itemisation with " and
that is my father in law, 98 and all his faculties." I think I would
have spoken to the old man but Taffy went on with his pricing of
items. I had half expected him to put a price on his father in law.
I made many other visits to Taffy's "treasure house" and bought my
first child's cot from him - a beautiful oak spindle-sided item much
in the style of windsor chairs. We also bought a large long
chesterfield settee for £5 which I still have. When Taffy delivered it,
to my disappointment it would not go through the front door and
turn into the sitting room, the angle was too sharp. Undeterred
Taffy asked for a saw and proceeded to saw out a mullion from the
sitting room window.
"Don't worry" he said, "I'll put it back!"
When he retired to live in a bungalow in Carterton, he still could
not resist the impulse to buy and sell and so the bungalow was
surrounded by second-hand wardrobes and chests of drawers. I
hope his long-suffering wife managed to keep his purchases
outside under the veranda.
Quite a few of us who lived in Clanfield and Grafton mourned his
                                                    Dorothy Wise

Resources Agreed Towards Flooding Action
Following the devastating July floods West Oxfordshire District
Council has re-iterated that it wishes to see action taken swiftly
and efficiently.
A full review is taking place and the Council has agreed to earmark
up to £75,000 for additional specialist engineering resources to
help identify land drainage problems, solutions and ownership
responsibilities. A further £50,000 is agreed for any urgent
clearance work on ditches and drainage which are the
responsibility of the District Council.
The Review started by identifying local issues of concern and there
have been many meetings with town and parish councils and
contact with residents. One of the concerns coming out of these
meetings is the maintenance of ditches.
The Council will be working with the Environment Agency, the
County Council, Thames Water and the NFU to identify and advise
landowners on bringing up to standard their existing ditch networks
and future on-going maintenance. Those landowners who refuse
to co-operate or are clearly placing properties at risk may find
themselves the subject of enforcement action to protect local
communities who have to suffer the devastating effects of their
homes and businesses flooding.

     Memories of Clanfield
                             by Frederick
William Farmer
The sales of the above book have resulted in the purchase of a
new Lectern Bible for St. Stephen’s Church. This Bible was
dedicated on Sunday 7 October 2007 in memory of my parents,
Winifred and Fred Farmer. I would like to express my sincere
thanks and appreciation to Maggie Fitzpatrick for the beautifully
written inscription inside the front cover and to everyone who
purchased a book and/or gave a donation. Copies are still
available at a cost of £4.50 each. I can be contacted on 01235
                                                      Yvonne Cox

Clanfield Pre-school
For children in the age range 2½–5 at the Methodist Church Hall.
Open every Monday to Friday from 8.45am - 2.45pm during term-
time. You can still phone either Jane Brown or Karen Cahill on
01367 810365

Clanfield Baby & Toddlers
Group is temporarily closed due to pre-school needing the venue
because of the flooding. Watch this space!

Women’s Institute
Meetings are held every second Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m.
in the Carter Institute. Notices giving details of the meeting will be
on display in the Post Office and village notice boards. All
welcome. Contact Ann Irvin, Thistle Dew, Bushey Drive Tel: 01367

Mobile Library Service
The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield every other Thursdays; by the
Church from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens Crescent 2:20pm to
Bell Ringing
Practice night each Wednesday from 7.30 - 9.00 pm at St.
Stephen's Church.
New ringers always welcome. Contact Tower Captain: Catherine
Bernard 01367 810587 or Deputy: Ian Kenworthy 01367 810577

      Snooker Club
6 pm – 10 pm every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evening, upstairs
in the Carter Institute. Contact Tony Harrison on 810449.

Every Thursday in the Carter Institute, from 6.30 until 7.30. £2.50.
Fun for all!

      Belly Dancing
Every Sunday evening in the Clanfield Institute from 7-8pm –
exercise with a difference! Suitable for all abilities; bring soft shoes
and a sense of humour!!
Monday Drop-in Lunches
Drop in to the Carter Institute every Monday 12.00pm - 1.30pm
(excluding Bank Holidays) and you can be assured of a warm
welcome! Homemade soup and a roll, coffee/tea and biscuits.
Contact John Greatrex - 810609

Historical Society
Meets on the third Tuesday of the month between October and
May at 7.30 pm in the Carter Institute.

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