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					Full day Packages

All full day packages and Half day packages include the spa experience (excluding mums
to be)

All full day packages includes lunch from our dining area

All Packages can be changed to suit individual clients

1       Four Layer Facial
        Scalp Massage
        Sea Escape Stone Full Body Massage:
        Hot and Cold Stones that relieves the body of tension
        Peppermint Sea Twist; Slimming body Treatment that stimulates,
        rejuvenates and purifies the skin
        Balneotherapy and Dry Flotation                                  €295

2       Four Layer Facial
        Scalp Massage
        Sea Escape Stone Full Body Massage:
        Hot and Cold stones that relieves the body if tension
        Manicure and Pedicure                                            €280

3       Four Layer Facial
        Scalp Massage
        Aroma Full Body Massage
        Honey Body Polish or Sea Spa Glow
        Dry Flotation or Balneotherapy                                   €265

4       Four Layer Facial
        Scalp Massage
        Full Body Aroma Massage
        Manicure and File & Paint for your toes                          €220

Golfers Day Package

Facial of your Choice
Aroma Full Body Massage
Indian Head Massage
Balneotherapy and Dry Floatation                                         €275
Bride to Be
Facial of your Choice
Scalp Massage
Full body Massage
Honey Body Polish or Peppermint Sea Twist
Manicure and Pedicure                               €285

Half Day Packages
1       Hydra Refine Facial
        Sea Escape Stone Full body Massage
        Dry Flotation or Balneotherapy              €180

2       Peppermint Sea Twist or Honey Body Polish
        Aroma Full Body Massage
        Dry Floatation or Balneotherapy             €180

3       Hydra 4 Facial
        Peppermint Sea Twist
        Dry Floatation or Balneotherapy             €175

4       Four Layer Facial
        Pedicure                                    €170

5       European Seaweed Facial
        Indian Head Massage
        Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage             €140

6       Full Body Massage
        Balneotherapy or Dry Floatation             €120
Hen Party Package

Hydra Dew Facial
Scalp Massage
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Balneotherapy or Dry Floatation                                                                        €140

Mum To Be
Facial of your choice
Back, Face and Scalp Massage
for Pregnant Ladies                                                                                    €110

                         REPECAGE FACIAL

Spa Body Treatments

Balneotherapy                                                 €50.00

Balneotherapy promotes relaxation as it soothes away minor aches and pains, releasing tension and stress leaving you
feeling healthier and more energetic. Increasing your bodies natural circulation

Dry Floatation                                                €50.00

A complete and virtually instant relaxation treatment, where the body is cocooned in a waterproof sheet and literally dry
float with no pressure point on the body as it is suspended in warm water (equivalent to one night sleep)

Peppermint Sea Twist                                          €65.00

Slimming body shaping treatment stimulates, rejuvenates and purifies the skin. It helps contour and firms the body making
it great for cellulite

Honey Body Polish                                             €65.00

Indulge the body with pure honey, almonds and fresh buttermilk. This is a marvellous body cleanser and finally a luxurious
seaweed cream is massaged into the body.

Thalassotherapy Seaweed Body Treatment                        €65.00

One of the best ways to mineralise and detoxify the body

Thalassotherapy Seaweed Body Treatment                        €65.00

One of the best ways to mineralise and detoxify the body
Sea Spa Glow                                                   €65.00

Sea spa glow creates a deep pore cleansing from shoulder to toe, removing rough, dry skin leaving it smooth and
refreshed. The skin is left silky smooth

Incorporate any of our body treatments with the dry flotation to enhance your treatment


4 Layer Facial (1 Hour)

This is an anti- aging treatment. Experience layer upon layer of pure fresh European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone & help
firm the skin                              €65.00

Hydra Dew Express Lift moisture Facial (30 min)

Express lift moisture facial provides immediate miniaturisation, delivers maximum results in the minimum of time.
(Oily/problem skin)                        €45.00

Hydra Refine Facial (1 Hour)

This is a pore perfecting facial which controls oil, rids the skin of impurities and helps to

eliminate future breakouts (problem Skins)

Renewal Facial (50 Mins)

This is a refreshing treatment for dry, sun damaged skin. It leaves the skin supple & younger looking. Results are
immediately visible. (Photo aged skin)     €50.00

European Seaweed facial (50 min)

Facial on the go! This is an express ticket to clean & healthy skin, leaving you feeling healthy & vibrant.

(All skin types)                           €55.00


     Sea Escape Stone Body Treatment (60mins.) €80.00

     Stone Therapy back Massage (30mins)            €50.00

     Back, Face & Scalp Massage (45mins)            €55.00

     Swedish Full Body Massage (55mins.)            €60.00

     Swedish Back Massage (25mins.)                 €35.00

     Anti-stress back massage (25mins.)             €35.00

     Neck and shoulder massage (25mins.)            €35.00

     Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (60mins.) €70.00

     Reflexology (45mins.)                          €70.00
   Scalp Massage                    €20.00

   Indian Head Massage (45mins)     €50.00


   Jessana Spa Manicure (1 hr)      €50.00

   Jessana Spa Pedicure. (1 hr)     €60.00

   Foot and leg massage (20mins.)   €20.00

   File and paint                   €20.00

   French Polish                    €15.00

WAXING TREATMENT (Patch Necessary)

   Full Leg Wax.                    €30.00

   Half Leg Wax.                    €20.00

   Underarm Wax.                    €12.00

   Bikini Wax.                      €15.00

   Eyebrow Wax                      €10.00

   Lip Wax.                         € 8.00

   Lip and chin wax                 €15.00

   Back Wax                         €35.00

   Chest wax                        €30.00

   Toe Wax                          € 8.00


   San Tropez Tan, full body        €60.00

   San Tropez Tan, half body        €40.00


   Day, Evening Make-up             €35.00

   Trial Make-up                    €30.00

 EYES TREATMENTS (Patch Test Necessary)

 Eye lash tint                      €12.00

 Eye brow tint                      € 8.00

 Eye brow shape                     €10.00

 Little Angels (9-16 Years)

 Little Angels Manicure             €20.00

 Little Angels Touch of Colour      €20.00
Spa Experience                                   €50

     Hydro Vitality pool

     The pool incorporates massage fountains, underwater seats and back massage jets.

     Individual hot slabs

     Ergonomically designed heated lounger's

     Foot spa

     Relaxation starts from the feet up with our ultimate foot treat

     Salt Grotto

     Infused with mineral salts to enhance breathing

     Outdoor Canadian hot tub

     Treat the body and the eye at the same time. Relax in our Canadian tub while looking out over Sheephaven bay
     enjoying the breaking waves

     Lifestyle Showers

     Combine the heat treatment with this unique shower experience invigorating the mind, body and soul with its
     seasonal fragrances and alternating temperatures

     Ice Fountain

     Using the ice together with the heat stimulates the body’s circulation to enhance the spa experience

Please take the time to read the following in order to ensure the smooth

                                running of your Spa Experience.

                            Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

                   Ensure all personal effects & valuables are stored in the lockers


                   Mobile phones must be switched off at all times while in the Spa.

  The Spa is designed for clients over 16 years of age, please refrain from bringing anyone

                                                       below this age.

 Please ensure that when it is time for your treatment that you have changed into the robe

           & slippers provided, if you are late your treatment time may be cut short.

         All prices are quitted in Euro and are subject to change without prior notice

  Clients who which to change or cancel an appointment are kindly requested to provide at

least 12 hours notice. A 50% charge will be incurred prior to 12 hours & 100% charge to a no


A 50 % cancellation charge will be incurred for any treatment or Spa programme not cancelled at least
24 hours prior to appointment cancellation with 12 hours or a “no Show” will incur a 100% charge.


We advise that swimwear should be brought and worn for all treatments, swim shorts for gentlemen.


Kindly advise us of any health conditions allergies or injuries, reservation. We have specially designed
treatments for expectant mothers.


Our Spa environment is one of relaxation and tranquility. Please respect all Spa guests’ right to privacy
and serenity.


We recommend that no jewellery be worn at the Spa. The spa management accepts no responsibility
for the loss of valuables brought into the Spa.


Gift vouchers are available at the Spa reception. These are non refundable and must be presented at
time of payment for treatment