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									    Holly Springs Parks and Recreation
         For all the ways you play!

  2009 Summer Camps

                    Registration Begins
  Residents: February 7       Non-Residents: February 21
    8am-12pm (or until full)     Normal Registration Hours
SNG Preschool Fun Camp
Age: 3-5 (must be potty trained)
Cultural Center
Drop off your child for lots of fun activities, including arts, crafts, games and much more! Bring a drink and a
Resident: $40
Non-resident: $48
Mon.-Thurs. Jun. 15-18, 9:30-11am            Course Code # 5650
Mon.-Thurs., Aug. 10-13, 9:30-11am          Course Code # 5651
Instructor: Stretch-N-Grow

SNG Curious Kids Nature Camp
Age: 3-5 (must be potty trained)
Cultural Center
Drop your child off for an introduction to nature and basic concepts
                                                                                                  p is a messy
through experiments and fun, hands-on activities. Bring a snack and drink.         S ummer cam         dress your
                                                                                   busi ness! Please         ire for
Resident: $40                                                                                   ropriate att
Non-resident: $48                                                                   child in app
Mon.-Thurs., July 20-23, 9:30-11am         Course Code # 5652                       these activit
Mon.-Thurs., Aug. 17-20, 9:30-11am          Course Code # 5653
Instructor: Stretch-N-Grow

Summer Camp at the Hunt Community Center
Age: 5-7, 8-10, 11-13
Hunt Center
Camp Dates: Jun 15-Aug 21
Join us for a fun, healthy, and active camp with new themes each week. Camps meet Monday—Friday, 7am-6pm.
Some of the weekly themes may include: Art Week, Splash Around Week, Run Around Week, Career Week,
Sports Week, and much more! Scholarships are available.
*For registration, you must have completed a registration packet for each child.
*Must register at the Hunt Community Center
Normal Weeks:                        Specialty Weeks (Art Week, Run Around Week):
Resident: $60/week                   $100/week
Non-resident: $72/week               $120/week
Bass Lake Nature Explorers              Bass Lake Nature Explorers               Mad Science Mini-Camps
Age: 8-10                               Age: 11-13                               Age: 6-12
Bass Lake Park                          Bass Lake Park                           Cultural Center
If you love nature and the outdoors     This camp will allow campers to ex-      Join us as we dive into the world of
then this camp is for you! Daily ac-    plore nature at Bass Lake Park and       science through these exciting mini-
tivities will include nature explora-   beyond! Daily activities will include    camps. We week will feature a dif-
tion, meeting live animals, nature      canoeing, fishing, arts and craft, and   ferent topic, with new activities and
crafts, fishing and canoeing. Most      nature exploration. This camp will       lessons! Must sign up for each week
activities will take place outside.     include field trips for in depth na-     individually.
Campers must bring lunch, snacks,       ture study, and of course, fun! Most     Prices per camp:
sunscreen and extra clothes. No         activities will take place outside.      Resident: $135
before or after care provided.          Campers must bring lunch, snacks,        Non-resident: $170
Resident: $100                          sunscreen and extra clothes. No
                                                                                 Week 1: Radical Robots
Non-resident: $120                      before or after care provided.
Mon- Fri, Jun 22-26, 8am-5pm                                                     Mon-Thu., June 22-25, 9am-12pm
                                        Resident: $100
                                                                                 Build your very own robot and learn
               Course Code # 4069       Non-resident: $120
                                                                                 about their use in the world!
Mon-Fri, Jul 6-10, 8am-5pm              Mon-Fri, Jun 15-19, 8am-5pm
                                                                                                Course Code # 5654
               Course Code # 4070                      Course Code # 4067
                                                                                 Week 2: Jr. Detective
Mon - Fri, Jul 20-24, 8am-5pm           Mon-Fri, Jun 29-Jul 3, 8am-5pm
                                                                                 Mon-Thu., July 13-16, 9am-12pm
               Course Code # 4524                      Course Code # 4068
                                                                                 Investigate crime scenes, finger-
                                        Mon-Fri, Jul 13-17, 8am-5pm              prints, and more!
                                                       Course Code # 4526                       Course Code # 5655
                                                                                 Week 3: Flight School
                                                                                 Mon-Thu., Aug. 3-6, 9am-12pm
                                                                                 Become a rocket scientist and ex-
                                                                                 plore space, rockets, and beyond!
                                                                                                Course Code # 5656
                                                                                 Week 4: Crazy Chemistry
                                                                                 Mon-Thu., Aug. 24-27, 9am-12pm
                                                                                 Experiment with bubbling potions
                                                                                 and more!
                                                                                                Course Code # 5657
                                                                                 Instructor: Mad Science

                “It is a happy talent to know how to play.”
                        - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Shakespearean Experience                Theater Camp Week 1                      Theater Camp Week 2
Age: 10-17                              Cinderella Meets Rumplestilskin          A play in a week! NC Idol
Cultural Center                         Age: 6-10                                Age: 8-13
Join us for an enchanting two-week      Cultural Center                          Cultural Center
encounter with the Bard of Avon!        Join us for a week as we create our      Join us for this year’s “NC Idol” as a
We’ll cast, memorize, create our        very own “fairly tale”. Come pre-        judge, a contestant, a detective or
own props and scenery, and PRAC-        pared as your favorite character or      one of the other characters in this
TICE to present! Join us this sum-      find one on the first day! A scripted    fun production. It is THE competi-
mer as we bring to life the Bard at     play is customized WITH the stu-         tion to end all competitions with a
his best!                               dents as they create, portray and de-    crime to solve.
Resident: $380                          velop characters and scenes. Weave       Visit
Non-resident: $432                      in a plot, some triumphs and foibles     for more information and to let the
                                        and an ending nobody will forget.        director know the part you want to
Mon, - Fri., July 13-24, 9am-3pm
                                        Students will have the opportunity to    play! Performance on Friday at
               Course Code # 5649       dance, sing, write, and act!             3:00pm. $25 supply fee due to the
Instructor: Judy Owens                  Visit for      instructor.
                                        more information. Note: older stu-       Supply Fee: $25
Transformers Robot Academy              dents are welcome to join this class     Resident: $150
Age: 8-12                               with the opportunity to participate in   Non-resident: $180
                                        the production and to assist younger
Cultural Center                                                                  Mon.-Fri., June 22-26, 10am-4:30pp
                                        actors. Performance on Friday at
This camp is truly “more than meets     3:00pm. $25 supply fee due to the                       Course Code # 5660
the eye”! This is the place to be for                                            Instructor: We Act for You
kids that want to learn the basics of
robotics and how they can be useful     Supply Fee: $25
and fun. Using Lego robotics kits       Resident: $150
and computers, students will build      Non-resident: $180
simple robots, program them and         Mon.-Fri., June 15-19, 10am-4:30pm
watch them run. They learn basic                       Course Code # 5659
flow-chart type programming as          Instructor: We Act for You
they have a blast building these
space-age robots! Supply fee due to
instructor at 1st class (checks made
out to Explore). Bring a snack/
Supply Fee: $25
Resident: $175
Non-resident: $210
Mon., - Fri., July 20-24, 9am-1pm
                  Course Code # 5576
Instructor: Explore Beyond School
Theater Camp Week 3                        Theater Camp Week 4                      Wild and Wonderful Webkinz®
“It’s My Line, isn’t it?” - Improv         Musical Theater Camp                     Age: 8-12
Age: 9-14                                  Age: 8-14                                Cultural Center
Cultural Center                            Cultural Center                          Join us for a magical week of won-
The Improv Summer Camp will fea-           A two week camp culminating in a         der in Webkinz®-ville! Each camper
ture kids having fun and increasing        production for friends and family.       designs and makes a bedroom/house
their confidence while learning funda-     Students will perform “Aesop’s Fa-       and landscaped yard for their favor-
mental acting skills that include:         bles” a fun and entertaining produc-     ite Webkinz®. Throughout the
movement and voice, improvisation          tion. Specialized lessons for students   camp, we learn about online fun and
and storytelling. Real life skills like    interested in directing, stage man-      safety with your Webkin®, how to
creative thinking, self-confidence, lis-   agement, sound/lighting design, and      make unique accessories and cloth-
tening, brainstorming, team building,      more. Best of all, the children will     ing, and will have a blast with fun
empathy and communication will be          get a chance to showcase their           hands-on activities. At the end of
further developed all in the guise of      newly developed skills when the          the week, we perform a small play
fun and laughter! At the end of the        camp culminates in a production.         with our new houses and outfits,
week-long session, family and friends      The camp’s big show will be com-         with a cast of only webkinz®. Sup-
are treated to a performance led by        pletely produced by campers and          ply fee due to instructor at 1st class
professional actors starring the           open to all parents and friends.         (checks made out to Explore).
campers in their very own Improv           Auditions will be required for cast-     Please bring a snack/lunch.
c o m p e t i t i o n .       V i s i t    ing; however, all children will be       Supply Fee: $25 for              part of the production. $35 supply       Resident: $175
more information. Performance on           fee due to the instructor.               Non-resident: $210
Thursday at 3:00pm. $25 supply fee         Supply Fee: $35                          Mon., - Fri., July 27-31, 9am-1pm
due to the instructor.                     Resident: $245                                             Course Code # 5658
Supply Fee: $25                            Non-resident: $294                       Instructor: Explore Beyond School
Resident: $120                             Mon.-Fri., July 20-Aug. 1
Non-resident: $144                         10am-4:30pm
Mon.-Thur., June 29-July 2,                               Course Code # 5662
10am-4:30pm                                Instructor: We Act for You
                Course Code # 5661
Instructor: We Act for You

          The most wasted of all days is
              one without laughter
                           - E. E. Cummings
                           Registration Information
Registration Dates
• Beginning Feb. 7 Walk-in registration will begin for Holly Springs Residents. Registration is held at the
  Hunt Community Center, located at 301 Stinson Ave. from 8am-12pm. Camps are filled on a first come-
  first served basis.
• Beginning Feb. 23 Walk-in registration will begin for Non-Residents at any staffed Parks and Recreation

Registration Process
• Each participant must have his or her own registration forms. Forms can be picked up at any Parks and
  Recreation location.
• Spaces for campers are filled on a first come, first serve basis. In the event that the week(s) you desire is
  full, we will place your child on a waiting list for the week(s) requested and you will be notified if slots
  become available. There is not guarantee that you will be placed in a slot if you are waitlisted.

Payment Instruction / Fees
• Payment Options include cash, check (payable to Town of Holly Springs), Visa or MasterCard, and money
•   Payment in full is required at time of registration.
•   To qualify for resident rates, you must reside within the Municipal Town Limits of Holly Springs.
•   To qualify for multiple children discounts (For Hunt Center camps only), you must register all children at
    the same time.

Late Fees
Parents who are late picking up their children will be charged $10 for every 15 minute time period they are
late. Late fees must be paid prior to the next day of attending camp.

For information and eligibility requirements for scholarships, please contact Julie Tew.

Registration Forms
Registration forms must be completed for both the Hunt Center and Bass Lake Camps. Form must be
turned in at time of registration. Form can be picked up at any facility.
                                     Summer Camp Policies
Refund Policy                                   Sick Children                                    Basic Facility Rules
• 100% refund/transfer if Department can-       If a student is not feeling well enough to       •   No running inside facilities
cels program.                                   participate in the summer camp program,          •   Campers will not be allowed to use
                                                the student should stay home. Any child              telephones
      Hunt Center Summer Camp                   who has the following symptoms within a          •   Do not interfere with another group’s
• Refund/transfer requests must be submit-      24hr. period is not permitted to attend the
ted in writing to the appropriate Programs                                                           activity
                                                program:                                         •   When working on arts and crafts,
Manager by June 15, 2009.
• Refunds requested after June 15, 2009 will    •   Temperature over 100                             maintain a clean work area and take
not be refunded.                                •   Vomiting                                         home your projects daily
• A $15 service charge will be assessed per                                                      •   Foul and abusive language towards
child/per week for all refunds.                 •   Diarrhea                                         counselors or other campers will not
                                                •   Eye irritation                                   be tolerated
          Bass Lake Camps and                                                                    •   Make sure borrowed supplies are re-
         Cultural Center Camps                  •   Sore Throat
                                                                                                     turned at the end of the day
• Refund/transfer requests must be submit-      •   Rash                                         •   No eating or drinking except in desig-
ted in writing to the appropriate Programs      If a student becomes sick while at camp,             nated areas
Manager at least 14 days prior to the start     the child’s parent/guardian will be asked to     •   Do not bring toys, games, CD players
of the camp participant is registered for.      pick up their child. If the parent/guardian          or MP3s to camp
• Refunds requested less than 14 days prior     cannot be reached the emergency contact          •   Campers should not bring money with
to the camp in which the participant is en-                                                          them unless given permission to do so.
                                                will be called.
rolled will not be refunded.                                                                         Parks and Recreation Staff are not
• A $15 service charge will be assessed per                                                          responsible for money brought by
child/per week for all refunds.                 Drop-off & Pick-up
                                                Parents/guardians are required to physically     •   No street shoes allowed.
Non-Discrimination Policy                       enter the camp facility to pick-up/drop-off.
The Town of Holly Springs Parks and Rec-        The Hunt Center Camp provides E-Z drop-
reation Department does not discriminate        ff and pick-up at the back of the building. If   Discipline Policy
on the basis of race, color, national origin,   someone other than the child’s guardian          The Holly Springs Parks and Recreation
sex, sexual orientation or disability in em-    will be picking them up, let the camp coun-      Staff are dedicated to a discipline policy that
ployment opportunities or the provision of      selor know in writing that morning.              is neither humiliating nor degrading. The
service, programs or activities.                                                                 town reserves the right to remove a child
                                                                                                 from the program at any time. The follow-
Lunches / Snacks                                Lost Items                                       ing is a guide for use in correcting problem
Each child is responsible for providing their   The Town of Holly Springs Parks and Rec-         behavior participants.
own nutritious lunch / snack including a        reation Department is not responsible for        Step 1: Warning/Reminders—We remind
drink to camp daily. A microwave is not         any personal items lost or stolen at our         the child of the rule they have broken and
available for camp use.                         programs.                                        tell them what the consequences will be if it
Clothes                                                                                          Step 2: Withdrawal of privileges—The
Children should dress appropriately for                                                          child will lose time from a fun activity. Ex-
                                                Some camps require field trips. A blanket        ample: He/She will lose 10 minutes from
camp. Play clothes that can get dirty, with
                                                permission form on the Registration Appli-       free time or swimming.
sneakers/gym shoes and socks are required.
                                                cation must be signed in order for your
No sandals or bare feet allowed.                child to participate in field trips. You will    Step 3: “Pink Slips” - The child’s counselor
                                                be given a list of planned trips in advance.     will send a note home which will explain to
Photography Waiver                              Verbal consent will not be accepted as           the parent/guardian the rule that was bro-
Pictures may be taken of my child while                                                          ken. It must be signed by the child’s par-
participating in Town activities and may be                                                      ent/guardian and turned in when they re-
used for program publicity.                                                                      turn the next day.
                                                                                                 Step 4: Expulsion from Camp—If a child
                                                                                                 continues to break the rules the par-
                                                                                                 ent/guardian will be asked to meet with the
                                                                                                 child’s counselors to discuss other ways to
                                                                                                 help guide their child toward positive be-
                                                                                                 havior. The Program reserves the right to
                                                                                                 dismiss any child from the Program who is
                                                                                                 harmful or a threat to the well being of
                                                                                                 other children or staff.
Holly Springs, NC 27540

                           Need to get in touch with us?
   (919) 557-2496                   (919) 567-4000               (919) 557-9600
  900 Bass Lake Rd.               300 W. Ballentine St.         301 Stinson Ave.
Hours of Registration:           Hours of Registration:      Hours of Registration:
Mon—Sun: 8am-Sunset              Mon—Thurs: 9am-9pm           Mon—Fri: 8am-8pm
                                     Fri: 9am-5pm                Sat: 8am-12pm
                                    Sat: 10am-5pm                  Sun: Closed

                          For ALL
                            the ways
                                  You PLAY!

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