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									                             Country visited   Sudan
 AGL Back to Office Report
                             Date              18 – 22 August 2003

                             Traveller         N. H. van Leeuwen
                                               Senior Technical Officer, AGLW
                             Purpose              Represent FAO in a Conference on Water
                                                  Deliver a keynote lecture

                             Follow up            Transmit information on the preparation of a
                                                   Water Harvesting workshop in Eritrea
                                                  Provide the FAOR with information on the
                                                   Water Harvesting workshops and the
                                                   Vallerani techniques

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                             cc                AGL List

                                               Mr. A. T. Bin Yehia, FAOR in Sudan
                                               Mr. M. Albraithen, ADG/Reg. Repr. Cairo
                                               Mr. M. Bazza, FAO-RNE
                                               Mr. B. van Ommen, TCAP
                                               Traveller's chrono
                                               AGL Reg. 1

                             Registry Code     LA 6/1

This report has been authorized by Director, AGL, for distribution as indicated above. Date: ___________
                               DUTY TRAVEL REPORT


                                   18 – 22 August 2003


                                  N. H. van Leeuwen
                              Senior Technical Officer
                Water Resources, Development and Management Service
                       Land and Water Development Division


At the invitation by His Excellency the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, the
reporting officer was delegated by the Director General to participate in the Conference on
Water Harvesting and Future Development in Sudan that took place on 19 and 20 August. He
presented a keynote lecture on “Water Harvesting, Food Security and Poverty Alleviation”
and established contacts with participants and with the FAO Representative on matters of
common interest for future collaboration.


At the invitation by His Excellency the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, the
reporting officer was delegated by the Director General to participate in the Conference on
Water Harvesting and Future Development in Sudan that took place on 19 and 20 August.
The reporting officer prepared and delivered a keynote lecture on “Water Harvesting, Food
Security and Poverty Alleviation”. Contacts were made with a number of participants from
Sudan and from neighbouring countries that may result in future collaboration in the field of
water harvesting and small-scale irrigation.

2. CONFERENCE ON WATER                    HARVESTING          AND     THE     FUTURE       OF

The Conference was organised by the UNESCO Chair in Water Resources in collaboration
with the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, the Ministry of Higher Education,
Science & Technology and the Ministry of Animal Resources & Fisheries. The main
objective of the Conference was to raise the national awareness in Water Harvesting,
exchange experiences and identify programs and projects to achieve food security. The
conference was held under the patronage of his Excellency the President of Sudan.

The conference was attended by a large number of participants mainly from Sudan.
Participants were also coming from Egypt, Yemen, Ethiopia, Uganda, Eritrea, South Africa
and Belgium.

In addition to the opening and closure session, the presentations were organised in six
sessions around five major headings:

   The concept of Water Harvesting and the role of Information Technology in Planning &
   Climatological parameters and Water Harvesting potentials,
   National, Regional and International experience in Water Harvesting,
   Economical, Social and Environmental Impacts of Water Harvesting,
   Legislation, laws and Institutional Set-up in Water Harvesting.

The full programme is attached as annex 1. The Reporting officer presented a keynote lecture
on Water Harvesting, Food Security and Poverty Alleviation that was received by the
audience with interest. The full paper and the corresponding PowerPoint presentation are
available from the reporting officer upon request. The schedule of the Conference did allow
hardly any time for discussions but in between the sessions expressions of interest with regard
to this contribution were received from a number of participants.

The reporting officer explained to some participants the modalities for the organisation of the
in-country training workshops on Water Harvesting for Increased Agricultural Production that
are being organised by AGLW. With a participant from Eritrea he discussed the lack of
progress with the organisation of the training workshop in that country after the preparatory
visit by Ms. Beernaerts earlier this year. This person requested additional information to be
able to investigate and pursue the issue locally



The officer reported to the FAO Representative in Sudan and briefed him about the Sudan
workshop and provided him with a copy of his keynote lecture, the corresponding PowerPoint
presentation as well as the conclusions and recommendations of the workshop (see annex 2).

The FAO Representative showed a lot of interest in the organisation of one or more national
training workshops on Water Harvesting and requested that more information be sent to him.
He is also interested to know more about the Vallerani mechanised Water Harvesting


With an Indian expert working in Eritrea, the reporting officer discussed the ongoing AGLW
project for the preparation of course material for a roving training workshop on Smallholder
Irrigation. At present this preparation has reached a stage where a review by future users is
required before proceeding with the finalisation. Contacts should be maintained to possibly
have this expert to review the materials.


The reporting officer also renewed contacts with a Sudanese Consultant in agro-meteorology
who could possibly be used for missions in relation to the in-country workshops on Water

Interesting work was done in the nineties on the soil and water conservation comparing three
small catchment areas in Cape Verde and reports and/or information should possibly be
available from Mr. Botero in the FAO Forestry Department.


Monday 18 August 03

06.00   Departure from Veynes en Dévoluy by train,
08.30   Arrival Aix en Provence
08.45   Departure bus for Marseilles airport
09.15   Arrival Marseilles airport
10.50   Departure flight AF 7663 for Paris
12.20   Arrival Paris
13.45   Departure flight AF 508 to Cairo
19.15   Arrival Cairo

Tuesday 19 August 003

11.30 Departure flight SD 101
14.00 Arrival Khartoum

Wednesday 20 August 2003

09.00 Participation in the Conference as per attached programme and presentation of a
      keynote lecture on “Water Harvesting, Food Security and Poverty Alleviation”.

Thursday 21 August 2003

      Report writing
15.00 Mr. Bin Yehia, FAO Representative in Sudan
20.00 Departure from the Hotel
22.10 Departure flight LH 589 to Frankfurt

Friday 22 August 003

05.15   Arrival Frankfurt
09.35   Departure flight LH 5742
11.15   Arrival Marseilles airport
11.25   Departure bus to Aix en Provence
11.55   Arrival Aix en Provence
14.24   Departure train for Veynes en Dévoluy
16.31   Arrival Veynes en Dévoluy.

Annexe 1 Programme of the Conference

Annex 2 Conclusions and recommendations of the Conference.


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