short personification poems by theonething

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									      Personification Poem

           I live in a beach shed

     I can see a table and a hovercraft

      I can hear the waves crashing
          and a madman dashing

     I have a woodworm called Neville

           I am 70 redwoods old

   I remember my screws coming loose
         and the noise of a goose

       I am afraid of German towels

       I dream of Ronseal woodstain

             I heard a whistle

I do not understand the use of Palm Springs

        My name is Woody Canvas
        Personification Poem

           I live in a little beach hut

           I can see waves crashing

       I can smell salty air and seaweed

I have a secret little sister (called body board)

           I am only young at heart

      I remember the first wave I caught

             I am afraid of sharks

  I dream of catching huge waves in Hawaii

I heard nothing, there was silence on the beach

   I do not understand a sea with no waves

          My name is Wave Catcher
         Personification Poem

    I live in a glass jar on a wooden bench top

      I can see huge creatures in all colours,
              standing staring at me

 I can smell oils, perfumes and sometimes sweat

I have a very stiff back from standing here so long

              I am as old as the hills

    I remember a time when I was stood tall
          in the forest with my family

   I am afraid of being stuck in a banana split
      and given to one of the mini monsters

 I dream of being in a tequila sunrise in Mauritius

       I heard a rumour that this beach bar
             here in Pwllelli is to shut

  I do not understand why I never made it to a
              1st class 5 star resort.

     My name is Ursula the Cocktail Umbrella
       Personification Poem

          I live on the promenade

   I can see the sea lapping on the shore,
     children playing and adults arguing

        I can hear the seagulls crying
          and the brass band playing

        I have a bolt made from gold

    I am from the age of happy holidays

 I remember when I was always chosen first

          I am afraid of the winter

I dream of being restored to my former glory
        and being used on the pier

   I heard that the beach is going to close

I do not understand how I have lasted so long

           My name is Deck Chair
     Personification Poem

             I live by a cave

 I can see the sea and waves crashing,
    Boats bobbing and a pier rocking

   I can hear children playing nearby

    I have a fossil hidden inside me

            I am forever old

  I remember when I was much bigger

I am afraid of the rough sea shrinking me

        I dream of being picked!

 I heard children playing, picking others

    I do not understand why not me?

           My name is pebble
         Personification Poem

     I live at 12 Sweaty Close by the beach

  I can see the front gate (of 12 Sweaty Close)

      I can hear Sarah asking where I am

    I have some leather from a cow’s behind

       I am coming up for my 3rd birthday

        I remember my time in the field

           I am afraid of Sarah’s foot

          I dream of Sarah’s other foot

              I heard once, a bell

I do not understand why I was left and not right?

            My name is Abandoned
    Personification Poem

I am a traveller, temperature controlled

          I lived in a cold box

  I can see sand, my basic component

          I can hear the tide

        I have internal bubbles

      I am infinite and recycleable

        I remember being sand

  I am afraid of losing my sharp edge

 I dream of being a tinted windscreen

            I heard laughter

I do not understand why I was cherished
          and then abandoned

       My name is Amstel Bottle
        Personification Poem

I live by the sharp, craggy rocks on the penisula

       I can see glistening water, ships,
          buoys, donkeys and vessels

         I can taste the salt of the sea

        I have a spiral wooden staircase

            I am as old as the tides

I remember pirates pillaging and smuggling rum

        I am afraid of becoming useless

    I dream of guiding ships home to safety

        I heard the caw of the seagulls
              and roar of motors

I do not understand when my lights won’t shine
                  (power cut)

       My name is Beam the lighthouse

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